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  1. Baaj group won by a margin of 200 votes, just over 6,000 people voted, which is a low turn out considering there are around 10,000 voters.
  2. Himmat Singh Sohi's Baaj group wins only time will tell what the effects are on the community. There was no trouble at the elections. The Baaj group has made promises to the Sangat, it is the Sangats responsibility to ensure these promises are kept. We must all be vigilant.
  3. I agree what a fantastic suggestion!! how about an added twist: You can only take the exams if the Sangat nominates you, based on your Seva in the Gurdwara and community.
  4. ^^LOLZ AT ABOVE POST^^^ isn't it the very essence of being "Panthic" to look at the injustice around us and condem it? To say with one loud clear voice that injustice against one is injustice against all? For are we all not the children of God? America is the worlds largest terrorist state. The subversive agencies that make up the neo-colonial silent empire are deep routed within the fabric of the America establishment. As others have said their history is marred with the blood of innocents. It's very Panthic to highlight such abuses least they befall us!! I dunno maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic, but I can't help to think that Sikhs where put here as guardians of the people much like the rangers in the LOTR, kings without a kingdom roaming the wilderness (of maya) forever seeking to protect that which is good.... Just a fun fact: GrimReaper joined: 19/07/10 Clarity joined: 18/02/11
  5. What an amazing story so inspirational, some interesting statistics too!! "A third of Cuba's 75,000 doctors, along with 10,000 other health workers, are currently working in 77 poor countries, including El Salvador, Mali and East Timor. This still leaves one doctor for every 220 people at home, one of the highest ratios in the world, compared with one for every 370 in England." Pretty impressive for a "third world country"
  6. I would like a quantity of quality babys also. Like one Gursikh said: "this generation has the Seva of building the Gurdwareh, the next will have the Seva of running them..."
  7. "Think these issues through. Don't reduce Sikhi to some passing fad that needs to be "marketed" to the cool people, or to those in-charge so they think "Aren't these Sikhs awesome?". To be honest, I don't need or want their approval. Progress DOES need to be made, but on our own terms - not to show-off to our "masters" so that they don't think we're savages or ignorants anymore. Sikhi deserves a lot more respect than that." this^^
  8. I understand where Ek0sikh veerji is coming from but I have to agree with other members that 'not voting' is quite a silly idea and shows a lack of understanding in the voting process. It would be impossible to get all the sangat to boycott the election, and whoever has the most votes will win, even if only 10 people voted the group with the most votes would win. I think the best thing to do is to use your vote wisely and vote for the group that you most believe in. For me, I personally like the group that has talked about accountability and transparency, in all of the history of Southall Sikh Sangat 1699 is the only group that has focused on making the committee accountable to the Sangat, which I think is really important.
  9. Just some facts to give a clear picture of the reality of the situation: *150+ police in full riot gear (TSG). *officers from Scotland yard. *a few CID police in plain cloths *100+ uniformed police. *300+ Singhs from upnorth and southall. *Gurdwara totally sealed off from all sides by riot police. *One Singh got hit with a branch not an iron rod by faujis who where inside the Gurdwara (faujis were 'security') (Singh was not seriously injured). *no one came out of the Gurdwara afterwards with kirpana, gandaseh or axes (150+ police in full riot gear, dont think it would have went down well). *Gurdwara window smashed with a brick by protesting Singhs (no one was injured). *there were no Singhs hiding behind Maharaj, they were sitting, a few gupt Singhs infiltrated the police block to ensure no beadbi took place, they stayed with Maharaj until Sukhashan then left. *no one died. *one Singh was arrested for throwing bricks. *there was alot of swearing from a few of the protesting Singhs, Singhs on the other 'side' also swore (remember we were all at a Gurdwara). *There were bricks under the stage, and sticks behind one of the doors (neither items were used). *Darshan Singh did not attend.
  10. What if Akaal Takhat is in the grip of Masands?? What is the procedure then?? If Akaal Takhat is no longer free what must we do?
  11. Vaahh Gurmukho!! what a clever little story that so beautifully relates to Sikhi Principles
  12. How can we be happy when our beloved Sikh brothers are fighting amongst themselves, Maharaj gave us all a brain and a tongue to resolve our issues, how can a loyal Sikh of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji the Guru that our Dasmesh Pita bowed to when they bestowed Gurgadhi be happy when Sikhs of the Guru fail to resolve their affairs with dialogue and resort to violence??? Did Maharaj not say that use the sword when all other means have failed?? Should we not attempt to resolve our affairs in a way that would be pleasing to our father? With humility, pyaar and respect for the opinions of others?? Let us not forget the sacrifice of our Gurus who always rose in the face of oppression! Our beloved Fifth Guru gave a great sacrifice because religion was being forced onto people, which was a crime; our beloved Tenth Guru gave great sacrifice because religion was being taken away from people by force, which was also a crime. Our Gurus may not have agreed with the religion of others but they gave their lives to protect the right of Choice and Freedom of Thought!! Should we as Sikh of those very same Gurus be oppressing our own brothers or respecting the right to independence of thought???
  13. To our guest, Steven, Thank you for coming to SikhSangat.com and posting you question about slavery. You have obviously conducted some preliminary research into your topic before posting, that much is evident by the fact that you have referred to our Guru with the proper title 'Guru Granth Sahib Ji'. In your research you may have come across the fact that Sikhs do not consider their Guru to be a mere text or book, and to say so would offend the sentiments of the Sikhs. Our current Guru is the embodiment of our ten previous Gurus. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji contains all the teachings and therefore the very essence of thought of our previous Gurus. Realisation of this thought liberates one from the clutches of Maya (worldly sin, vice & materiality) and the Five Thieves which are subservient to Maya (Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Ego). Our Guru is our everything, without which we would be nothing, less than nothing. The teachings of our Guru are for everyone. Our Guru loves everyone and our Gurus have made countless sacrifices for us. It is for these reasons that Our Guru has our utmost respect. All of our Gurus educated Sikhs about the value of equality, humility, humanity, hard work, selfless service and contemplative mediation on the oneness and omnipotence of God. To preserve these principles our Gurus instruct us as Sikhs to bear arms to battle against tyranny and oppression, not just of Sikhs but of humanity as a whole. Now to answer your question more directly, Slavery is a recursive concept that appears throughout the teachings of our Gurus, but perhaps not in the form you may have envisioned. Our Gurus constantly tell us that the whole of humanity is slave to Maya and the Five Thieves. The reason we are on this planet in human form is to realise God and become one with God, leaving behind the shackles that bind us to physical existence. The greatest Slave owner on the planet is the mind which enslaves us in futile pursuits and is forever concerned with material gain. This is the very reason that the slave trade existed in the first place. A few men sought riches and power. They themselves were slave to the very Maya they pursued!! In pursuit of that Maya they committed untold atrocities against their fellow man, the effects of which are felt to this day. Slavery of the mind has corrupted the thoughts of so many people, our Guru urges us not to waste this precious human form in fruitless pursuits, but to attain True Wealth – Naam, Vaheguru, which will liberate us from this slavery. If you attain Spirituality in life even though your body may be in chains your mind will always be free to remember God. Our Guru has given us so many gifts; everything that I have said above has come through realisation of the teachings of our Guru. As you can so clearly see I would be nothing but a slave without my Guru... All Hail Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji the Great Liberator of Humanity!!
  14. Admin Note: Before you blast your head off with anger, i would point out that non-sikhs do not have sufficient information or knowledge regarding Sikhs following Guru Granth Sahib jee as their living guru but not as some book. Instead of shouting in an uncivilized manner is easy to do but replying with calm head giving out information of importance of our scripture and answering the question posted by non-sikh seems to be hard task to you? Calm down and i would love to see your next post probably answering the question by thread starter & explaining it nicely why Sikhs do not consider GGSJi as book?
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