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  1. Would you like to organise a Sikhi Camp? Free Sikhi Camp Resources available at our Two Servers: http://rajkaregakhalsa.net/downloads.htm and http://sikhee.com/downloads.html RajKaregaKhalsa.Net & Sikhee.com The sites that were first in bringing you http://Youtube.com/Sikhi 33.4 Million views 15800 Subscribers View Gurbani with all of our mp3 downloads so you can easily read translations Translated Videos to easily learn Gurbani Punjabi & Gurmukhi learning resources Presentations, Games, Literature and much, much more... All available for free with no donations accepted in 16 years Raj Karega Khalsa Network
  2. Facebook.com/sikhee Like the above page and we will be bringing you Gurbani, multimedia, kirtan, videos and freebies...
  3. What evidence is there he was a "militant" ? Or was he gunned down by 17 cops purely for being a sewadar at the Gurdwara ? The amount of police that shot dead innocent people, then put a gun in their hand and rang the media for police PR is unreal. The journalists are as complicit as the police.
  4. Facebook.com/sikhee If you like to learn about Gurbani please "Like" us on Facebook. We're going to do our best to provide multimedia resources so please join us in trying to encourage the next generation to follow the footsteps of GuruJi's sikhee.
  5. Please post large images (minimum 1MB) ??? Can be related to 1984, Rajoana, Shaheedi photos, Police attacking sikhs, etc but MUST be a minimum of 1MB so that they can be used for posters to create awareness. This is a big weakness in our Qaum that we don't record incidents on video & don't focus on taking & distributing hi resolution pictures rather than these low res small pics we put online
  6. http://www.justgiving.com/khalsaaid-gurdspur-singhs http://www.justgiving.com/BSR Please post these links by any FB comments or by any videos Thank you
  7. She does not deserve title of "kaur" 5 years for kuri maar? In the west she would have got life sentence especially as it's a case in public interest to set an example. Just another proof that the law means nothing if u have wealth and influence in India
  8. Whether or not protests are peaceful, the Police will still fire bullets at Sikhs
  9. Sangat Ji, What value is conferring on Bhai Rajoana the "Jinda Shaheed" title when first Jathedar Sahib conferred the title of "Fakhr-e-Qaum" on those who bowed to the murderers of Sikhs? (Badal) On one hand Bhai Balwant Singh is saying he does not recognise the authority or constitution of Indian Government and states his Court and Government is Sri Akal Takht yet on other side Jathedar Sahib rather than give an ultimatum or deadline is doing bentiaan and pleading for his elders to please discuss like he is their secretary. (SGPC President > CM of Punjab > President of India) Why? Whilst the Punjab Police is busy arresting those organising the protests, Jathedar Sahib was quick to congratulate the Panth on the staying/delaying of the execution and telling Sikhs to cancel all protests. Why is Jathedar Sahib no longer wanting Sikhs to protest whilst Bhai Balwant Singh is still in jail? Sangat Ji ignore our "leadership" and stay as one and protest as one until the destination is reached
  10. Was reading through a good article by Jasdev Singh: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jasdev-singh-rai/death-penalty-in-the-land_b_1370903.html Underneath the veneer of Gandhi and cow protection is a State whose mindless cruelty against minorities is baffling to an innocent observer. Perhaps that is the ironic 'incredible' in 'Incredible India' the slogan India uses to promote tourism. Killer police squads and non violent sadhus, all in one country. We should try and counter these PR campaigns, produce 1984 videos and adverts with "Incredible India" theme. If it puts people off going and changes their views it will have an impact.
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