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  1. We don't sell any Gatras for 3ft Kirpans just yet however, you'll start seeing some on our website fairly soon!
  2. Yes we do. Take a look at: www.sikhistore.com/product/patka-with-tassels/
  3. Yes, shipping from UK to USA is expensive. However, even with that taken into account, for someone in the USA, it is still cheaper to buy from us based in the UK rather than buying form US based websites.
  4. VJKK VJKF... We did some price comparisons today for Dastars and we thought we would share what we found to save you the time when your looking in the future! Hope it helps.
  5. SikhiStore


    You could open up an existing one to see how it is sewn together. Or you could just get a premade one... See our range at: www.sikhistore.com/category/gatrey/
  6. The Widow Colony is an award winning 74 minute film (available to buy from http://www.SikhiStore.com) that takes an in-depth look into the lives of the widows of the Sikh men who were killed in the anti-Sikh massacre of November, 1984. The film, directed by Harpreet Kaur, explores the suffering of these women, their battle for justice and their struggle for survival in India. "The Widow Colony – India’s Unsettled Settlement" by Sach productions borrows its name from the settlement in Tilak Vihar, on the west-side of New Delhi, which is locally called the Widow Colony or Vidhva Colon
  7. We sell these Kachera which are known as Barekaan Wala Kacherey or Rave Kachera. You can order online and we deliver worldwide: http://www.sikhistore.com/category/kakaar/kacherey/
  8. We've been selling dastars worldwide via our online store (www.SikhiStore.com) for over 2 and a half years now. Take a look and see. As Amritdhari Gursikhs ourselves, we struggled getting our items and online Sikhi Shops at the time as you say seemed a bit hit and miss. This is the reason we started SikhiStore. We are a professional UK based Sikhi Store offering low cost quick delivery (all orders placed before 5pm are posted out next working day) and we only stock good quality items we would use ourselves. As it was set up as a self sustaining service for the Sangat and not about making lo
  9. Maybe wait until they get a Hukamnama from the Gurdwara for the babies name and get that printed and framed for them? And maybe something like: www.sikhistore.com/product/ik-chota-bacha-sikh-nursery-rhymes/. Our little one loved that, we sing him them nursery ryhmes a lot.
  10. We sell these on SikhiStore. See: www.sikhistore.com/product/digital-finger-tally-counter-simrana/
  11. Not sure if it helps you but we stock Taksali Kirpans/ Sri Sahibs on our online Sikh Store. Can order online and have it delivered to you. Take a look at: www.sikhistore.com/category/kakaar/kirpans/
  12. They are normally made of dastar material of which there are 3 main types. Mal Mal, Full Voile or Rubia. We sell all 3 types online at: www.sikhistore.com/category/dastars/
  13. Not sure if this helps but we have some available on our website at: www.sikhistore.com/category/rumala-sahibs/ We'll be adding more soon.
  14. We stock the same material you will find in the high quality range of dastars at Sardar Pagri House in Amritsar.
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