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  1. nice change to the usual things on Fb
  2. a gangland drugdealing thug shouldnt be allowed to continue money laundering at a Gurughar. When someone sells his soul & has no ounce of dharma left they believe the material world belongs to them alone. When the messenger of death comes to their door, they depart shrieking.
  3. This must be responded to with maximum protests for publicity. peaceful means for now. Sikh groups should warn justice department that officer should be sacked & criminal charges be brought against him otherwise communal tensions may boil over
  4. Http://rajkaregakhalsa.net Download section has a free flash app to learn punjabi. Works on mobiles, try it
  5. this topic was clearly meant as sucking up and point-scoring. there was no need to post it as similar topics have been discussed infinite times previously. the fact that its a Moderator doing it only shows how poor & inhospitable this forum has become. Singhstah don't sit in judgment of a large body of Sikhs who choose not to follow sikhi in the way you wish.
  6. i prefer pictures from my collection not be made public as its not a bragging competition. those who are messaging me have/are receiving full details & anyone is welcome to inspect the 1/2 pieces i do decide to sell first hand.
  7. many europeans stole artefacts from punjab in 18thC via the east india company. a lot of them ended up everywhere from hidden in mansions of private estates through to nailed on the walls of country pubs. ironically goray know more about our shastars than we do. there are regular arms fairs held in western countries, but even they are very well screened by westerners who pick off the best pieces offering HUGE amounts of money. my advice would be save up, buy 1/2 quality pieces from a recognised source rather than having a whole room full of tat. or, wait for apnay who have paid much higher pri
  8. I am selling some pieces from my puratan shaster collection. i'm offering first option to fellow sikhs else they will go on ebay for plenty more. all of my shastars are authentic and originally purchased from european collectors. unlike shasters i have seen on this site being sold that have clearly been married recently or tampered with, every shaster in my collection is in sleepy condition and battle-ready. all have correct patina, perfect balance, and even the koftgiri design confirming the age and location where forged as correct. if you are interested in an 18thC Indo Persian Tulwar plea
  9. both are traitors. they do not care for welfare of Sikh Dharam or common man. any real dharmik group brings people together but these groups are totally focused on political and divide people. they are gaining control over all sikh institutions and now rather than speaking on dharam they are political mouthpieces. this pushes sangat away and slowly all of punjab is becomming haircut while these people take their salaries home and do nothing. they are jats not sikhs otherwise they would do parchar & bring people back from clutches of fake gurus
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