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  1. I'd want to knock them out. Doesn't matter if they were Muslims or Sikhs or Hindus. Hasn't happened to me in ages but I've told myself next time it happens, I'm going to confront them about it, whoever they are. Hopefully, it won't come to blows but who knows. In fact, it's more annoying if they were Monne Sikhs as they are the last people you would expect of taking the mick out of you. The others, it's kind of expected. It happened another time too on the train. I was with another Singh and his wife and these bozos walked past and shouted 'Oh Singheh!! I actually looked back and was r
  2. How do you know they are Pakistanis though? I've had the same sort of experiences and it just makes you want to knock someone out. When some mona says 'Oh Singhhhe' in some crack addict voice. They single you out because you are a Singh and conceptualise you. But I've had this come from mona Sikhs as well and at times I can't tell if it's a Muslim or Sikh or whoever. One time I was in the car waiting for someone and some <banned word filter activated> pointed at me and shouted out 'Singh!!' and said alright and was laughing. I just blanked him, lol. And his mates were like
  3. Well what I meant by theist is the fact that you believe in God and I feel that is what it means. Anyway, believe me brother, there are a whole load of atheists out there who will think you are actually psychotic, brainwashed and closed minded, completely off your rocker for merely believing in God. I have atheist associates too. There is a difference between your atheist friends respecting Sikhi and believing it to be true i.e. that there is a God.
  4. Maharaj was against the use of siddhis for one's own gain and against them as a way of measuring how spiritual one has become. But in terms of Siddhis existing, Sikhi acknowledges them 100 per cent and sakhis of Maharaj themselves using them are widespread in Sikh history. Bani is itself full of references about Siddhis and that they come to the Gurmukhs. 'Sikhi demand we use our powers of reason and logic in everyday life'. An atheist would tell you that you are not using your powers of reason and logic in everyday life as you are a theist. Something to think about brother.
  5. I'm not trying to confirm Satan is an actual deity or entity but was just bringing up an interesting topic. There is nothing in Gurbani that says Satan is not real or real. I like to think I have a fairly decent grasp of the concept of Ek Onkaar and the mool mantar. Believing in and even understanding both does not exclude the possibility of there being some sort of entity i.e. Satan or Maya. I don't know if you believe in Saints, miracles, siddhis etc but one of the most famous worldwide revered Saints of recent times actually had a direct encounter with Kali yuga or Maya and it actually
  6. The problem is that these 'Gods' are not God but rather his helpers instead i.e they have certain duties to do. There is no point in worshipping or praying to them as they cannot give you salvation, only the God of Gods can. So that's why we pray directly to their (the God's God) God. These Demi Gods actually exist but serve no purpose to a Sikh or someone seeking the true goal i.e. being at one with the creator.
  7. People do see and experience them. But the Saints do not just so anyone for the sake of it, they use their abilities to put people on the right path.
  8. Genie my friend, I'm afraid you are wrong, the Hindu gods actually do exist as mentioned in JapJi Sahib. But we as Sikhs are not supposed to pray to them. There is a difference between believing in (as in believing if they exist) and not believing in them as in not believing that you have to pray to them.
  9. I've been meaning to make an analysis on this for quite some time. I have seen striking similarities between Satan as mentioned in the Abrahamic scriptures and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. At the end of the day, many of the great world religions have similarities in them. I won't do this now as I have not got the time but there does seem to be a personification of Maya as some sort of entity numerous times in Gurbani, and it seems to be more than a metaphor at times. I recall a tuk (passage) I read some time ago about how 'she' (Maya) was a helper at first but then turned into something else
  10. Things like this are so unbelievable to those without faith and 'rational' thinkers that they actually have to change history and re-write things to how they see fit. I say this because I recall the same topic being bought up about Baba Deep Singh Ji and how it actually says he was only wounded on the neck in a history book when clearly the Mughal account tells another story i.e. that his head actually came off and was still fighting. If you read Gurbani, you will come across Guru Ji talking about Riddhis and Siddhis. If you research what these Siddhis are, and you believe in what Guru Ji
  11. Kalsingh


    No, the Kalki Avatar would come at the end of Kali Yuga as per my understanding which is a long time away (see Dharmis explanation).
  12. Kalsingh


    Well you are obviously wrong as many of the posters on here are Sikhs and believe in prophecies. And please don't reply saying we are not supposed to believe in prophecies because there is no where in Gurbani that says that.
  13. Kalsingh


    Thanks for sharing Singh. The Muslims doing genocide of Christians in Europe could fit in with a Baba Vanga (search for her on google) prophecy. She says Europe will be controlled by Muslims. And I guess the rest fits in with Karni Nama. The timing is about right. Even in Hindu prophecy, it says there will be a golden age within Kali Yuga which will last for 10000 years. It is supposed to start about 5000 years after the beginning of Kali Yuga which is around now. I believe there is a Sikh prophecy that states there will be a mini Sat Yuga within Kali Yuga too. Do you know which two s
  14. Kalsingh


    Please share brother. I'm very interested in this sort of subject. You don't have to give away any names of any saints who have said this.
  15. Of course it's true that anyone can enter the Gurdwara. But for what? That's the point that is being missed here. Sinners and those looking for forgiveness and a way to reform are especially welcome. When open door policy at Gurdwaras ends up bringing all sorts of people into a place that is supposed to be respected, and those people are not respecting the Gurdwara, then that policy needs to change I'm afraid. Open door policy needs to be looked at and used in context. Let in all colours and all creeds and people of all religious backgrounds, but not any old fool or fools for the sake of
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