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  1. Kanwarpal Singh Bittu(Dal Khalsa) attack on Sikhs by the police was unprovoked The Punjab government on Saturday evening ordered a magisterial probe into violent incidents in this industrial city that left one person dead and over 15 injured in a clash between police and Sikh protesters who tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh . One person was killed Saturday in police firing near Samrala crossing on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. The victim was identified as Darshan Singh. At least two others were in serious condition. Kanwarpal Singh Bittu of Dal Khalsa, told IANS that the police firing was unprovoked. "They suddenly opened fire as we were proceeding to the venue of the conference," . But police blamed the protesters for indulging in violence. "We tried to stop them but they attacked the police and tried to forcibly cross the barricades. They had come with full preparation and were carrying sticks and swords. To control the situation, police had to fire in the air to disperse the mob," a police officer said. Ashutosh and other deras in Punjab are the part of plan of the Hindu fascists of converting Panjab to Hinduism and bringing it within the Hindutva fold of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan. These deras are just a front for fascists for training new terrorists in all parts of Panjab.Ashutosh has been clear about his political stand,at his last function Hindutva was the main theme. At his last meet DJJS said their is no such thing as Sikhism,that 'Hindu dhrama' has many branches and so called Sikhs just a part of the great 'Hindu samaj'.It was also mentioned that there are some people claiming that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation, they said "these are agents of Pakistan and the West". Dal Khalsa would like to clarify that Sikhs are not Hindu and are a separate and independent Nation. Hate for Muslims or any other faith is against the core principals of Sikhism.Hindutava is not a faith it is plain and simple fascism we as nation should stand against it and join all those in opposition of it. Related Stories Curfew lifted from three areas in violence-hit Ludhiana VideoClick here for Video Dal Khalsa condemns the brutal attacks carried out on Sikhs on Ludhiana today,only a few days ago so called Bihari immigrants burned cars and commited loot and arson in broad day light but NO ACTION was taken by the Panjab Police or any Govt foce to control them properly.When the question to Sikhs protesting against a cult which is destroying Panjab and the Sikh Nation,Sikhs are fired upon by Govt forces and sadly one Sikh has died (Shaheed)and countless are injured some critical.Leading of from yesterday's press release warning Sikhs to unite and be vigilant Dal Khalsa would like to once again warn Sikhs that these are very critical times for us and we need to remain alert,vigilant and unite against any sort of anti Sikh activities be it from Police,Govt or the actual Ashutosh cult itself,in reality these are of one and the same of the Hindutva plan and ideology to destroy Panjab and Sikhism. Sikhs have every right to defend themselves as Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has stated and the agitation against Ashutosh and all other false Baba's Deras,Cults will continue.The Central Govt. and its stooges who are put as Sikh leaders are part of the parcel of this gameplan which is being played out in the last week against the Sikh Qoum.Sikhs have to realise and wise up to the conspiracy of destroying the Sikh Nation through various ways and means,the Sikh Nation has dealt with anti Sikh forces in the past when challenged and will without a doubt deal with any others that wish to launch attacks against it.
  2. look my sikh brother got shot by hindu terorists. every body saying it police fired at sikhs for no reason ,they were protesting peace fully
  3. we need protest to put pressure and raise the issue.even educated people follow babes
  4. clowns got back up :lol: .fact remains clown & co live in dreamland while all even all taksal groups in indian say sant ji is saheed including ram singh etc clown still like his fairytales about 2012:lol::lol::L::D:)
  5. hindu facists terorist assutosh followers attacks two youths one in bad shape other stable http://1.bp.blogspot...1600-h/sy+2.jpg
  6. you allways say sant ji is alive and he ran away from fight and is in hiding and now you are saying he gave his head. make up your mind clown
  7. The album has been received very well in Panjab and across the World and is played all day on most radio stations in the UK,and is found on every mobile phone in Panjab - Khalistan.The Babas,Deras,Sant Samajis with their own modified marayadas have to realise they DO NOT OWN SIKHISM OR THE SIKH QOUM sant samaj has multipal marayadas a fact, allmost every dera follows their own.so are preaching sikhi or diving sikhs.
  8. http://www.emgonline.co.uk/news.php?news=8095 Sikh organisation Dal Khalsa Supports Babbu Mann and his new album ‘Singh is Better Than King’ “The Sikh name ‘Singh’ means ‘King’ but the reality is that today we as Sikhs are more then kings” said the Vice President of Dal Khalsa as the organisation is openly supporting the release of the album “We extends our support to Babbu Mann and endorses it alongside all units of Dal Khalsa across the world” said Vice President of Dal Khalsa International Sardar Manmohan Singh Khalsa from Southall, London “We ask you all to support Babbu Mann and inspire him more to make similar albums and songs to keep the 'anakh' and pride of the Sikh Qoum alive.The support given so far by fellow artists,fans and the entire Sikh Qoum is amazing and we ask you to continue this and buy the album legally” “Manmohan Singh Khalsa alongside Dal Khalsa International declare Tajinder Singh Mann - Babbu Mann an icon of the Sikh Nation & Sikh Freedom Movement of Khalistan and as said above Dal Khalsa UK will honour Babbu Mann when he comes to the UK” This album has awoken the Youth of Panjab as well as the Sikh Youths of the Western World with its simple yet deep lyrics which talk about Sikh Shaheeds,Sikh Pride,Sikh History, alongside the issues which are damaging the Sikh Nation from within false Baba's,Dera's alongside the forces which want to destroy Sikhism and Panjab - The Indian Hindutva State. As we all know Dhadrianwala and the entire so called 'Sant Samaj' are outraged at the album,along with their chele.Ik Baba Nanak Si is a revolutionary song which has touched upon the subject of Baba's using the red VIP light given by the Indian State to so called VIP's,it talks about Baba's which take money from the sangat in the name of 'Kar Seva' but use it on themselves,not only this it also mentions our sisters and mothers who flock to the feet of these so called holy men and see them as Guru or God. Dhadrianwala without any reason spoke out against Babbu Mann at one of his smagams,and used insulting terms such as 'Rode Pode' to describe Babbu Mann.Where as in the track Babbu has not mentioned any Baba,but one asks why did this song hurt Dhadrianwala? Another person who jumped on the Anti Babbu Mann bandwagon was Tarsem Singh Moranwali a renowned Dhadi and Kavishar.He called Babbu Mann a 'Saryeah Jah Gaiyyak' alongside accusing him of being a drug and alcohol abuser and claimed 'Moneh' have no right to talk about Sikhism or Sikh issues. As we have seen across the internet on videos,forums,radio stations and TV Channels Babbu Mann has the support of the majority of the Sikh Nation.Countless messages of support are regularaly heard on radios across the UK and other parts of the world for the album and Ik Baba Nanak Si. The youth of Panjab and indeed the Sikh Qoum in the majority can relate to the album as it talks about REAL ISSUES and raises REAL QUESTIONS and inspires Sikhs to fight injustice and remember thier great history. The only ones that are jumping around spreading hatered against Babbu Mann are the Sant Samaji's ,Dera Baba's and the Hindutva Govt backed leaders.Dhadrianwala,Sant Samaji's,Moranwali and co have to realise that their are Sikhs outside their small circle - which discriminates against our own Sikhs by calling them 'rode pode moneh koneh'.By making such statements people such as the above only push people away from Sikhi,we find it ironic that when the time comes to gather cash anyone is welcome but when it comes to talk about the Panth and real issues only 'they' have the right and no one else. Dhadrianwala had a red VIP light on his car and as of the last few weeks has now removed it. Navtej Singh and Harchand Singh who burned alive the dusht paapi Phoola Nang for his crimes against the Khalsa were moneh.So were Shaheed Bhai Jinda Singh and Shaheed Bhai Sukha Singh - would they have said the same about them when they did their seva for the Panth? Moranwali should be ashamed he sings about nang Phoola being burned alive by Navtej and Harchand Singh but when Babbu Mann sings a song on the state of the qoum and releases an album which is full of Panth Di Gal he flips and says he is a mona and drug abuser and so on. These double standards have got to stop the Sant Samaji's Dera Babas and Govt who are opposing this album need to now realise Babbu Mann is now an icon and 'heera' of the Sikh Nation as one Sikh leader has already said.His lyrics and songs are the heartbeat of what the grassroots people of Panjab feel,issues such as the Panjab language dying ,False Baba's,Sikhs being killed to the environment and preservation of Sikh History are all talked about.Yet the Dera Baba's feel the heat as they know the real base the grassroots of Panjab is awakening due to this album and that their businesses will very soon be shut down.They should stop with their anti Babbu Mann propaganda and focus on what Babbu's message is,where one can talk against Namdharis,Radhaswamis,Choota Saudas,Bhanyarehvalas these so called leaders choose to talk against a man and an album which speaks about the Panth and real issues. The album has been received very well in Panjab and across the World and is played all day on most radio stations in the UK,and is found on every mobile phone in Panjab - Khalistan.The Babas,Deras,Sant Samajis with their own modified marayadas have to realise they DO NOT OWN SIKHISM OR THE SIKH QOUM they have NO RIGHT to speak out against Babbu Mann or the album,to date Babbu Mann has spoken the truth and has not backed down.We salute his courage in keepin the Spirit of Sikhi and Panjab alive in our hearts from selling his land to make the film Hawayein to singing songs like Ashqan Di Line which talks about Choota Ithihas to 'Sardar' and now to Singh Better Than King and Ik Baba Nanak Si.We pray our brother gets more support and may he continue to speak the truth and awaken the Qoum like he is doing right now with his brave and daring lyrics. Singh Better Than King Launced in the UK by Children from Khalsa Primary School Slough,alongside Kumar Heera from the lengendary Heera Group UK Dal Khalsa UK announces that Babbu Mann will be honoured if he ever comes to the UK and it fully backs the album along with Babbu himself. Two Songs have been released by two other artists in support of Babbu Mann 'Sikhi Te Keher' by NS Chauhan CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD
  9. they even torchered his dead body and paraded his body all around amirtsar.his sons said it southall gurugar, bad stuff
  10. dal khalsauk is supporting their work their youtube facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=179700576500#/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Dal-Khalsa-UK/95881811720?ref=mf well it seems their some support for these guys
  11. well mahli should know all about the rss as he a akali dal man
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