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  1. Kanwarpal Singh Bittu(Dal Khalsa) attack on Sikhs by the police was unprovoked The Punjab government on Saturday evening ordered a magisterial probe into violent incidents in this industrial city that left one person dead and over 15 injured in a clash between police and Sikh protesters who tried to disrupt a religious conference of controversial sect leader Ashutosh . One person was killed Saturday in police firing near Samrala crossing on the Ludhiana-Chandigarh highway. The victim was identified as Darshan Singh. At least two others were in serious condition. Kanwarpal Singh Bi
  2. look my sikh brother got shot by hindu terorists. every body saying it police fired at sikhs for no reason ,they were protesting peace fully
  3. we need protest to put pressure and raise the issue.even educated people follow babes
  4. clowns got back up :lol: .fact remains clown & co live in dreamland while all even all taksal groups in indian say sant ji is saheed including ram singh etc clown still like his fairytales about 2012:lol::lol::L::D:)
  5. hindu facists terorist assutosh followers attacks two youths one in bad shape other stable http://1.bp.blogspot...1600-h/sy+2.jpg
  6. you allways say sant ji is alive and he ran away from fight and is in hiding and now you are saying he gave his head. make up your mind clown
  7. The album has been received very well in Panjab and across the World and is played all day on most radio stations in the UK,and is found on every mobile phone in Panjab - Khalistan.The Babas,Deras,Sant Samajis with their own modified marayadas have to realise they DO NOT OWN SIKHISM OR THE SIKH QOUM sant samaj has multipal marayadas a fact, allmost every dera follows their own.so are preaching sikhi or diving sikhs.
  8. http://www.emgonline.co.uk/news.php?news=8095 Sikh organisation Dal Khalsa Supports Babbu Mann and his new album ‘Singh is Better Than King’ “The Sikh name ‘Singh’ means ‘King’ but the reality is that today we as Sikhs are more then kings” said the Vice President of Dal Khalsa as the organisation is openly supporting the release of the album “We extends our support to Babbu Mann and endorses it alongside all units of Dal Khalsa across the world” said Vice President of Dal Khalsa International Sardar Manmohan Singh Khalsa from Southall, London “We ask you all to support Babbu Mann and
  9. they even torchered his dead body and paraded his body all around amirtsar.his sons said it southall gurugar, bad stuff
  10. dal khalsauk is supporting their work their youtube facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=179700576500#/pages/London-United-Kingdom/Dal-Khalsa-UK/95881811720?ref=mf well it seems their some support for these guys
  11. well mahli should know all about the rss as he a akali dal man
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