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  1. The Badal family are close to Ashutosh hence why the ludhiana pakhand meeting by Ashutosh was allowed. Several years ago panthic jathebandis gave proof of badals family visiting the dera of ashutosh. The then Jathedar of the Akal Takht for reasons known to him refused to take action and the pertition to this day lies in the offices. The land for the ashutosh HQ in Punjab was given to them free of cost by the badals when they were last in power at the behest of Gurdev Badal who is a keen follower of Ashutosh. The link between Ashutosh and the Akali Dal can also be gauged from the fact that the Ludhiana administration refused permission initially for ashutosh to hold his pakhand meeting. The Ludhiana North MLA Bedi then made a few phone calls to Sukhbir Badal who then ordered the Ludhiana administrators to let ashutosh hold his meeting. The rest is now history. edit: for S1ngh Veerji it dates back to 2002. The following story copied from the Tribune sums things up : http://www.sikhtimes...ws_121902b.html There were other similar stories in Awaze Quam and other panthic publications at the time. Awaze Quam used to keep a good archive of old papers in their loft type space a few years back. Feel free to approach them to clarify this story if you still do not believe what I write. You tell me what are we supposed to do when one family controls the decisions of the Akal Takht Jathedar? Are we not supposed to question the reasoning for them failing to summon the badals? There is one person on this thread who has throughout the day spoiled the thread by defending the badals. It is quite obvious who this is and the question arises why he is all out in defending the Badals and claiming I am writing propaganda. His propaganda whining is now getting boring and he has again spoiled the thread. Once again you have defended the badals. Sharam di gal ya ke you have gone all out in spoiling threads and defending badals. Why are you so interested in defending the badals and terming my posts against them and their appointed Takht jathedar as propaganda? There is a big difference between maligning the Akal Takht and 'maligning' the Badal appointed Jathedar. I have no qualms about writing the truth about the badal appointed jathedar but you appear to have problems with this. Please start your own pro badal thread and stop spoiling this thread knowing full well that admin will just delete everything.....which I suppose serves your agenda of having anti badal posts removed. Please go do some homework and stop spoiling this thread. Any person who defends badal and badal appointed jathedar has some dubious agenda.
  2. By the way I am not asking anything unique. So many states in india have pass such rule. Himachal Pradesh is next door to punjab NO punjabi can buy any land in Himachal Not 100% true. Half the posh houses in Kasauli are owned by Punjabis (mainly Sikhs). If Punjabis marry a girl from Himachal then they can buy land there. Also there was a change in law and anyone can buy a heritage property in Himachal now. The rules apply to al non Himachali's and not just Punjabis.
  3. The bihari migrants were rioting in Ludhiana last week over police inaction in registering FIR's where biharis had been robbed by gangs on motorbikes. They caused crores of damage and burnt vehicles of innocent people. In the end local Sikh youths got fed up with the Biharis and helped put down the riots. The police did not fire at the biharis or kill anyone. Then the other night the biharis were at it again (despite the curfew) and again caused damage. Once again the police did not shoot any of the biharis but did arrest a handful. Begs the question why fire at Sikh protesting peacefully against ashutosh pakhandi and not take any action aginst rioting biharis?
  4. The story in Ludhiana is that the Ludhiana administrators wanted to ban ashutosh from holding his pakhand program, however the Ludhiana north MLA - Harish Bedi was on the phone to Sukhbir Badal straight away...then sukhbir phoned the ludhiana admin and told them the ashutosh pakhand program would go ahead. Once again this shows how the badal family will do anything to appease ashutosh.
  5. The bandh is not being observed very well. Just spoken with a friend in Patiala and lots of shops are open.
  6. Not just Orbit, should target all buses run by those in the Badal junta. Libra springs to mind.
  7. 3 police wale injured. The DSP who shot Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh got attacked by a Singh with a kirpan. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The DSP was chased by Bhai Bittu with a Kirpaan. Was that Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu? No it was not, he is still in prison.
  8. Get something that uses SD cards and is HD, the SD card makes the camera light and it is easy to transfer footge to PC. However to edit HD you need a decent spec PC if you want to do things quickly. I like the HF200 from Canon as it has a large sensor compared to others and this produces better results in low light conditions.
  9. Mala, Yes those are the images reported to be those of Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Ji.
  10. and more by Baba Dhadrianwale and followers otherwise Dharamraaj is waiting!! time to sell another audi or face the music when you die. Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh was there for the Khalsa panth and it is the duty of the Panth to look after his family. I am sure Dhadrianwala will not shirk away from his duty here and will ensure the family of Bhai Sahib Ji is looked after. During the time of the misals mahan Gursikhs like Baba Jassa Singh Ahluwalia always led from the front and were prepared to fight against any injustice. Today we have the likes of Dhumma who have forgotten how Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji led from the front and gave kurbani for the Sikh panth. Instead aj kal de jathedar do too much talking and hide away when it comes to direct action. Boyth sharam di gal ya ke Dhumma DDT da jathedar banni fer da. Whats the point of being there if all his intention was to hide away once things kicked off? As Tippu Sultan used to say "better to live 1 day as a tiger than 100 as sheep". Dhumma is nothing more than a coward. He still has time to get off his behind in the morning and directly lead a jatha, he will not do so as to him the kursi of being a jathedar is more than giving kurbani for the panth.
  11. are you sure he has no daughter/s? i read somewhere he has two whpo are of marriagable age? Maybe so regardless his children need to be looked after fully by the Panth unlike what we did to the families of the 84 genocide and the families of shaheed singh. Now Badal will tell them to leave Ludhiana and like lemmings them will obey orders.The likes of Dhumma, Dadu, Rode and Dhadrian will then tell people how they led from the front and were shot at without any reference to the actual cowardice they displayed.
  12. Shaheed Bhai Darshan Singh Ji has two sons. It is important that the Khalsa Panth does not forget his sacrifice and ensure the family is looked after and receive all the help they need.
  13. At last someone realises what actually went on at ground level. The so called leaders conveniently melted away and were not at the forefront when the bullets were being fired. So all you shills for dhuma, rode and co stop trying to big them up as braves when we should be honouring those Singh who were really at the front and prepared to give their lives for the panth. It was ordinary Singh who led from the front and tried to get to the venue not the likes of Dhumma, Rode, Mokham and Dhadrian.
  14. The pictures sum everything up about the Akali Badal party. Sharonjit Dhillon sat like a kusra in his nehru suit.
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