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  1. I know of someone who went through a similar situation... It's becoming a regular occurrence now. General advice for everyone, don't get married in India...lol And don't come under the illusion of keski wearing bibian..I'm not saying they are all the same, just that don't assume because she's wearing a keski or appears to know her bania she's rehatvan amritdhari, there's a lot of fakes out there these days... A lot of crazy women and men too.. You actually need to get to know them before going ahead with marriage
  2. How do you DO gurbani?..... do you mean when we recite it with love for guru sahib and understand their message and teachings and then put it into practice..... if you do that then you should jaap naam as much as you can...... or are you trying to say that waheguru is not our gurmantar and we shouldn't recite it and contemplate it in deep meditation, that instead reading banis are a type of naam japna and thats enough? This view i dont agree with, but to each his own. you're entitled to your opinion..... SO r u saying that u never actually sit down at amritvela and meditate on Gurmantar???? SO what does your amritvela routine workout to be like......do you just do your nitnem dia bania and thats it? I dunno man, whenever i dont do simran my day never goes well....lol
  3. Lolz bro, care to elaborate.... what has the number of ngo's and number of warplanes in a airforce got to do with this situation?? and what pressures are u talking about mate?.... and <banned word filter activated> is matharbhumi? i might not get along with ASKhalsa's posts on here all the time, but <banned word filter activated> man i dont think he's hating on India if thats what ur trying to say.... you're one silly, confused, hate filled indivdual.
  4. Bro, 5 on 1 man.....not a fair fight, no matter what you do how u supposed to fight back when u get jumped like that......the only thing you can do is try to defend yourself....try and id one of the <banned word filter activated>'s then jump them yourself....lolz
  5. LOL....... i personally dont mind these conversions at all.....fark it. Punjab's a lost cause anyways.... The people these church's seem to be converting aren't SIkh's in my book.......Let them do what they please. as you say "It burns every cell in my body to see some ugly gora stepping on my pavitar dharti"....Unfortunately your going to burn a million times over in the not too distant future....good luck buddy. STop Hating - start living bro.
  6. Hsingh68 is one confused dude...... Feel sorry for ya brother. So u are saying basically it's ok to commit kaurehit's and do paap(anything goes) cause u don't control it?.... My advice to u is do more naam simran and gurbani Abhyas bro, u will understand more urself.....we can't argue with someone who has preset assumptions and ideals....only Guru Granth Sahib ji can guide u....
  7. H Singh is right to some extent......see the thing is everything is in waheguru ji's hukam..good and bad deeds are done by us but everything happens to his will. thats why not all of us can be mahapurakhs....even though we might all be amritdhari.and want to do bhagti 24/7, it just wont happen until god wills it. everyone will be on a different avastha according to past karams, which are what govern what happens to us in this life. everything is perfection (who are we to judge what happens according to his will), sometimes we have to a suffer in this life for bad deeds in past life.... but thats when guru sahib come into the picture to guide us (if you listen to their hukam and put it into practise in your life, they will guide you to the path of righteousness) but then how much love you have for them and how much you are willing to sacrifice for them depends on your pichle karam as well...... Like take for example this amrpreet guy, he was amritdhari and the girl who he was having sexual relations with was amritdhari as well, im sure they both whant to live chardikala jeevans as much as we do. as amritdharis im sure they didnt whant to go against guru sahibs hukam, but at that moment in time they did what they did, even though they knew it was wrong. and now they will have to suffer for it no matter what they think (waheguru ji is just), what goes around comes around they will both regret their actions very soon. but this is were people go wrong and start blaming waheguru ji's will for the actions they perform, the thing is its our actions not god's actions that govern gods will, what will happen to us in our future, and will make us either closer to god or further away (karmi apo apni kai nede kai door....) if your amritdhari and commit a kurehit than your pretty much saying to guru sahib i dont need you im gonna do what i whant (manmat), good luck being on your own......you'll need it. When H Singh says "Some feel guilty some don't. It doesn't matter. Doesn't make one right and the other wrong. Whats is going to happen is going to happen" Your in a confused state mate. See the thing is even though we are living under gods hukam and will, we still have been given a capacity to think for ourselves unlike other beings on this planet, we can affect our own karam by doing ardas and following our guru sahibs hukam. otherwise their would be no need for religions on this planet no need for guru nanak dev ji to come and help us if they knew they coudln't affect us in any way whatsoever, we can make right choiches and wrong choices, as an amritdhari our choices should be governed by guru maharaj's hukam (you will understand their hukam the more gurbani you read and the more closer you get to guru sahib. we shouldnt follow our own mat.......we should live by Gurmat not our own manmat. and feeling guilty about our wrong choices is a privillage cause it helps us atone for our mistakes, much better to feel guilty after doing a wrong rather than trying to justify it using your own manmat..... it's not "what is going to happen is going to happen" it is how we live here in this life will affect what is going to happen to us in our future.....its all in perfection everyone will get what they deserve, some will get closer and some will make themselves further away from ataining enlightenment, depending on our karam in this life. thats why you can hear some mahapurakhs say that if your amritdhari and commit to following gurmat and have a understanding of guru sahibs hukam yet still choose to make the wrong choices than you will suffer more than someone who has no idea of how to live their life righteously. you can't blame our actions on waheguru's will, but rather your actions are to blame for what happens to you in this life and in your future. Waheguru ji are just and you will always get what's coming to you (according to past actions)... as amritdhari's we need to be Gurmukhs and live a jeevan which is centered around gurmat.....
  8. WJKK WJKF ji, Bro it all comes down to u man......and how much regret and honestly sorry you actually are for your actions (think of it like this; if put in the same position now would you do the same deed again). Because before you did this deed you knew full well it was wrong. Not only you, but the offending partner is also 'amritdhari' (as you say), so you both had amrit from punj pyare so you know it was wrong (was Kurehit) yet you still did it. do you know what it means to be gurmukh not manmukh. You can't really plead ignorance as your amritdhari already......so basically jande hoi sabh kuch u still did what u wanted without one thought of what guru sahib would think of u. Obviously u have no faith in guru sahib cause if u did u would beleive they r hazar nazar all the time. they are always looking over u no matter what you think. personally im sick and tired of so called "amritdhari's" these days who have no morals but put genuine guru sahibs singh's & singhni's name through the mud by commiting these kind of acts.... ask yourself this, r u a genuine sikh or a pakhandi (of which aj kal koi ghaat nahi hagi), because if you r genuine in your repentance than you will be forgiven but if its just for show guru sahib knows everything hena. It's never as simple as just being given a tankah, then all is forgiven. We all have our karam's someone has to answer for them.... and we will reap what we sow... Goodluck with your struggles brother, i myself aint no saint....but i just whant to put out what i genuinely feel about your situation... sorry if i hurt your feelings bro.
  9. Wjkk Wjkf amritpal brother, i dont hold Khalistani viewpoints.......especially the view that it can be made in india in its current state... It's simple brother, in india the majority of people are definitlely not khalsa, how can there be a khalistan.... Most people over there are the most impure i have ever seen....I travel alot.. The most gundagi i have ever seen was in india.... Its a place of contrast though, The current inhabitants have no idea off what level of spirituality was once achieved on that land. i love visiting the historical gurdwara's there apart from that, not much worth seeing.... u guys take corruption and underhandedness to a new level...... there was once a time when men and women of that land gave shaheedi to protect their own and other families honour, knowadays they have no honour themselves.... Like i said (believe it or not) Indian society is in complete dissaray, everyone hates eachother (even pindan vich neighbours). everyone uses people like things they can use and throw away, no one respects eachothers mothers and daughters as they should. if you live in india and believe what i am saying is not accurate then ur deluded.
  10. India is full off complete and utter gundagi at the moment. men are crazy, dont know right from wrong anymore. the women are more slutty than 5 cent whores, they would have sexual intercourse with anyone or anything. recently found out a guy i used to know married a amritdari girl from india, who was supposedly amritdhari. Turned out she was just a <banned word filter activated>. I had trouble believeing him at first then he showed me the evidence of when he busted her red handed having sexual intercourse with someone else. completely filthy. Then there are people who stil live in fantasy worlds in their heads were they think india's fine...... i say stay away as far away as possible from india. Theres a reason why people their are in such hai hai mode at the moment over there, too much corruption and bad morals has led to a complete dissaray in society. They keep blaming others, but they dont know that goodness starts from oneself. They look at their neighbours bad acts and join in and do the same even though they know it's bad. uthai ta hun kuch nahi ban sakda.. its becoming hell on earth.
  11. Make sure u dont get used though, i've heard alot of stories of indian student girls using guys just to get citizenship n stuff....... most recently, just a couple of months ago a guy i know got married to a girl from India (arranged marriage). He was a virgin as well as a dumalla wearing amritdari, born and raised outside of india, this guy was in chardi kala. The girl was amritdari, Keski wearing and everything, he thought he could trust her just because she was wearing a keski, did paath beautifully...but just a week after the marriage he busted her having sexual intercourse with her own cousin.....How F'ed up is that... further investigating revealed a huge backlog of sexual misconduct....she turned out being a right <banned word filter activated> who had used being amritdari and wearing a keski as her cover for her other dirty sexual activites.....he forgave her on more than one occasion, but she went right back to her old ways at every opportunity.... Safe to say he's part of the Divorced mans club now... just make sure u don't join him. And this girl i talked to u about, is now on her way to Canada (toronto) as a indian student, she literally told my friend that she don't need him, as she is going to find someone else over here to get married to, apparently her friend did the same thing succesfully. (girls in India know that amritdari men are lookin for amritdari, keski wearing girls they are using this to their best advantage, it's weird how peolpe can have no fear of god and be so materialistic and do so much wrong just to get citizenship of another country). So as you can see its koor kalyug.... if you can trust her and know she is in the relationship for the right reasons stay with her....treat her right.... Love is priceless, its invaluable....just make sure its true though..... Goodluck with everything...... Plus always remember one thing only waheguru ji will give u true support all other relationships are koor... they are all in it for themselves... ant vich only waheguru will be there to support u, no one else will be there for u.
  12. i don't know, depends on how much u trust her...... i mean u only know her for 6 months. there's nothing selfish in wanting to be with someone who only will be with you...... u will always know that she was with someone else before u. and u did nothing wrong man......u saved urself till after marriage, all u want is someone who did the same....nothing selfish about that.... But then again if u know u love her, and the big issue being u know she loves u, then by all means continue the relationship... trust me in this age of kalyug its really hard to find decent girls man.....if u feel u can trust her enough to get married and share everything u have with her then go ahead... This thing about virginity and young kids these day's its not just a candian problem, its much worse in India (its just kept under wraps).......
  13. everything we do is governed by biological forces (everything is natural).....it don't mean we can do whatever, whenever...... That's were religion and ethics (morals) come into it.... ya know a spiritual enlightened being was sent to this world to tell us what is right and wrong...... Kaam, krodh, lobh moh hankaar. etc..... things we need to fight and bring under our control (even though they are all natural urges)...... Hate it when people make simple things idiotically complicated..... u know it, i know it....KAAM its only good if in the confines of marriage, basically all the major religious doctrines of this world subscribe to this. if u have ur own ideas then u have ur own ideas....... no matter what u say no one is going to tell u what u whant to hear friend....... but eventually through ur life experiences, u will learn when u get older why all this kaam nonsense was told to you when u were younger. Then you will have regret and only regret......regret will be your best friend.....lol you right now are in a period of your life where it's just all fun and games, trust me 35-40 years from now if not 20 you will have come a full circle and will be saying and thinking the complete opposite of what you are today......it happens. It hits you in the face, smackbang so hard when it does. when ur young ur bold, the most regret u will have is why didnt you do this/that girl last night?, why didnt i take her out?, why did i take that crazy one out?......when u grow up (mature) some mature quicker than others, u will understand why u weren't meant to do what u did (and it becomes easier to tell the difference between love and lust).....and trust me it makes u feel like shite cause u know u can't change nothing about how u lived. learn from bani if u want, if u don't, u will learn it the hard way anyway.....
  14. At least in punjab they do have some regulations which limit number of dekhas in certain areas, which leads to so called bribes/manpower to run their business over the other competitors in that area. The thing is if this Chadda guy hadn't run that store then someone else would have opened one in their place. And if we Ban liquor altogether (prohibition) this will lead to nothing but increase in criminal black market as with what happened back in the day when there was prohibiton in America. Out here in the west liquor stores can't sell to minors either (under 18's), but people still find ways to go around this rule......... it's the same stuff happening everywhere. Liquir store permits are meant to be brought aren't they, and i don't think there would be many things stopping someone to get a permit. Anyways when all is said and done, the man buying and drinking the stuff is at fault of drinking it - no one else. What we need to do as a society is to educate our people about these problems and the effects it has on oneself and their families and society in general. Being Sikh this shouldn't be a issue cuz if you are a sikh you would know that intoxicants are a big no no Guru Sahib taught us this centuries ago. We the punjabi people are fuelling this booming liquor business in punjab no one else.
  15. I don't get it......... Having visited India recently, i don't think that the alcohol supply is that great (compared to where I'm from), I mean like <banned word filter activated>? it's not like this guy's shop owners were going around house to house forcing their stuff down peoples throats....... Us Punjabi's are so fickle and blame stuff on everyone else but ourselves. The fact of the matter is most punjabi's are diehard alcoholics and drug addicts, if there wasn't a ponty Chada some other Fu*er would have been in his place to cater for the demand. What i want to know is what kind of measures are the government taking in terms of educating kids at youth level about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse..... Education is the best way to deal with this problem so our future generations don't keep getting involved in this alcohol and drug abuse lifestyle cycle..... Trust me it's not just a issue in punjab, alot of places in this world have problems with binge drinking and drug abuse. I guess for us Sikhs this stuff shouldn't be a problem as Guru Sahib Educated us to stay away from these things, i think these problems just shows how far most of youth in Punjab have come away from Sikhi and now are being paid their just rewards.......
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