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  1. There' like 8 main people but including there cousins and other associates around 20 to 25 some of the younger ones hang out near a train station near my house which my Lil bro takes daily to school the main ones all know where I live too so it's a really crappy situation for me I no for sure they gave guns
  2. I'm from Canada brother thanks for your advice I really appreciate it please pray for me today bro wen u get chance it would mean a lot to me
  3. Yes bro me getting outta town right now is the only option I'm gonna get back into Sikhi my family don' deserve this if they beat up my dad or bro or shoot my house or my pet, is my biggest fear then for sure my rents will call police only 2 ppl r willing to physically stand up for me both apney n it really means a lot to me n I feel like crying that I have to give up my whole life here but I think moving is the only way n the city I'm planning to go to has a very big sangat and lots of Gurudwaras
  4. Im from Canada and I'm 23 I really don' know what to do except leave my city and live with family on another province I am 1000% certain this is karma for wat I did
  5. WJKK WJKF there is a gang of mostly Muslims after me and I'm fearing for my life I'm in debt to them and I cannot afford it they threatened my family as wll I can't go to police cos if I snitch there cousins will come for me and my friends all have careers and aren't about that life apart from 1 guy wat should I do I'm feeling stuck with nobody to turn to
  6. Seems like. Typical stupid Hindu cultural practice
  7. disowning your kids over drinking and drugs is something i am very against. These ppl need help and disowning them and leaving them to the streets is just awful. I knew one punjabi girl since I'd say Junior high she was always very respectful but you could tell she's the type to fall in peer pressure. In high school days she was quite attractive and had alot going for her i remember but alcohol and cocaine ultimately became her downfall. Her parents found her doing lines in her room or something and they kicked her out. Last I ever heard of her was that she roams around downtown and goes to homeless shelters and is on even harder drugs. It's a real shame these ppl need their families support to tackle issues like drugs not fend for themselves
  8. I was wondering a few days ago as Sikhs we are supposed to be tyar bar tyar all the time and supposed to carry our Kirpan on us but how effective is Kirpan in this day and age? A lot of people have guns and what not so should we as Sikhs be required to carry guns as per our religion in countries where it is legal to carry a fire arm?
  9. when they move into the sikh areas do they start acting aggressive towards sikhs or just turn the place to a dump
  10. Lol we're not close to Sweden but belie me there are places in Canada (most notably Alberta, Montreal) where Muslims are running wild and have no regard for the law. There were riots couple years back between Arabs and Jews in which a jewish family including old man was beaten by a mob. Also some pakistani gang bangers made a music video and the comments were riddled with anti punjabi hate and mind you this was shot in a town with a majority punjabi population. Luckily though its mostly the Goreh on the receiving end of this gangs. Truedue is passing a bunch of weird laws that appease minority communities like the anti Islamophobia law where criticizing Islam will result in hate speech and also the new law where if you call a trans person by the wrong pronoun (calling a transitioned female who was born male a he) you could go to jail.
  11. i dont watch cricket myself but alot of pakistanis were driving around town yesterday honking there horns and waving flags they even went to a majority punjabi/sikh area i didnt hear about any fights though
  12. Isn't southall the uks Surrey? Local singhs musta smash d the <banned word filter activated> afterwards
  13. Once Muslims population increases in our Punjab there's gonna be guaranteed more problems like drugs gangs grooming of native Punjabi girls ect this happens anywhere there are is a large population of Muslims in non Muslim area
  14. I don't know why you always gotta lie and try to slander the Canadian Sikh community. It's your Muslim brothers that are most hated in Canada not Sikhs lol
  15. A new movement needs to be formed which promotes unity and brotherhood among all Sikhs and focuses on the revival of Sikhi. We beat Afghans, Mughals, the british in battles why are we being bullied around by these ppl? if a movement like this happened we could sponsor it from abroad ect and operate the same way as some of these muslim sects do ie focusing on the youth, preaching brotherhood, being more proactive community instead of barley being reactive. You need to be aggressive to win and Sikhs should have this sort of mindset untill everyone becomes a sikh or untill we have our own homeland
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