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  1. does anyone know why this was done? what reason??? was it a group is anti sikh?
  2. The things is, we didn't go into a massive investigation. We had a relative (cousin's sister in law) who knew the family and said they were a good family. Also, during the actual wedding day itself it turned out we had 2 or 3 other families that knew them and again they all said the family is really good. Then again how can you really judge a person until you get to know them. My biggest worry is all these stories i keep hearing about kuriya who do a 180 degree turn they arrive - i've heard stories if them running off, demanding money to leave, returning to india after a few months because t
  3. what stories its better to know what goes and what doesnt. everyone said the girl and her family are decent, wonderful etc but i guess those who find themselves divorced also thought something similar....
  4. I went to india this year and got married - arranged marriage. However, now i am having serious doubts about her and her motivies - i.e once she has the right to remain in the UK she'll be off. Its a number of things and her behavior generally. she isn't who i orginally thought hence my doubts. ofcourse its too late to do anything,,, but has anyone been in a similar situation, what advice would you give etc.
  5. I don't have much insight into this but i was wondering, do people in the big cities of punjab have a totally different outlook on life compared to people living in pinds? I've noticed that a massive number of people from the big cities like patiala or Chandigarh have a very western outlook on life i.e people tend to talk to each other in english or hindi rather than punjabi. parents don't bat an eye lid if their children have bf/gf , and pretty much everyone has servants etc. so how different would the mindset be of the average city person compared to someone from the pind
  6. I feel a sense of guilt whenever I think of my parents because I have failed to live up to their expectations. Their expectations have been pretty reasonable but I just cannot meet them. Its my fault, 95% of people could have been able to do this but not me. My mother was ill for years when I was younger and this placed a massive strain on everyone. Now that I am older I feel it is my duty to make them happy but I cannot. I am stuck in a job I hate, I feel that nothing whatsoever is going for me. My brother doesn’t care, he does whatever he wants to do without caring about the consequences. It
  7. Can anyone tell me what age students in punjab leave their secondary school and start college. In other words, how old will you be during your final year in school, I think this school year is know as +2?
  8. that is what I have heard as well, its prob just rumours. I hope its not true.
  9. Anyone know which Gurdwaras have stopped Langar because of the number of students from India attending the Gurdwara has meant they cannot cope with the number of sangat?
  10. Does anyone have any more detail about the married student (harjinder singh or harminder / harbinder singh) who passed away. This wife is trying to arrange for his body to be flown back to india. A massive thank to all those who donated and mentioned the couple in their prayers. very sad. It was mentioned around 10:30 on sunday at Havelock Road.
  11. Thought this would be a better place for this sort of post My dad and I went to India to find a bride. We placed an advert in the newspaper but we were nervous about arranging a marriage with total strangers. Through a relative of ours we managed to find a girl who I liked. Since we don't have much family in India this was one of two girls that i was introduced to via relatives - the other family we spoke to said no. I thought everything was fine and said yes and we did the sagan before I left, the plan being we would get married later this year. A few days after i returned the girl phoned a
  12. hi, There are good people and bad people everywhere. I don't want someone to mother me, but I'd like a girl who'll want to live with my parents, who'll teach our kids how to speak punjabi etc. I was just trying to understand what process most people go through to find a girl from india - like i said, i don't have much family there so asking my family to find someone for me isn't an option.
  13. I've had zero luck so far and now my parents are letting me to go to India and find someone from there. (I am from London) I am somewhat dubious about going to india and getting married because my parents don't know many people there and I believe my parents' idea is to advertise in a newspaper. So we would have no idea of what the girl or the family will be like, it will just be based on how they present themselves. Anyone know how best to go about finding a suitable partner in india. My parents don't know many people there so the traditional family route isn't really open to us.
  14. thanks for all the advice guys. I think it would be impossible to get to know her over a few months. I would just like to spend some time talking to her, just to see if we connect. cURRENTLy, i am not sure whether or not we would be a good match - she seems nice but i feel she is holding back her true personality - although we have only spoken twice so maybe its no surprise. I would just like to 'chill' with her, maybe spend a few afternoons with her to get a better idea. Otherwise its just a massive, massive risk. I don't want her to marry me unless she knows what i am like as well.
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