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  1. I second humkire veer jee's advice to only five jee not to go anywhere. Thanks for always standing up for Gurmat.
  2. In my opinion, well educated naam bani vaale young singhs should go to Punjab to help organize the protests (only the ones who are willing to die for the cause). I think instead of doing protest in every city it should be done collectively in Chandigarh where badal can feel the heat. We should learn from the egyptian people how they were used to gather in thousands in Cairo, they stayed there until they got world's attention. They didn't achieve it without dying, I think hundreds died for the freedom but they didn't leave that square. Just imagine lakh or 2 lakh sikhs protesting in Chandigarh
  3. also lets keep on doing ardaas from the very core of our hearts in the lotus charan of Kalgidhar Pita jee to punish the malech and dushats, and commit to do 5 chaupai sahibs every day for the chardi kala of the panth. We should be able to this much for our brothers and sisters in Punjab.... Lets keep the momentum going not just to get Bhai Balwant Singh free but all the other political sikh prisoners free too like Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara, Bhai Bheora jee, Prof Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and other unsung heroes that are behind bars for so long.... Keep protests peaceful, instead of doing loud s
  4. N30singh Ji, be nice to your gursikh brothers. You are very smart and intelligent but not humble. This is what I get from your posts. Be the most humble first, only then you can influence others.
  5. Mokham Singh ji, there is no use in debating with this Balbir guy. He will confuse you and just use up your positive energy. He has been doing this for quite a few years on different forums. I don't know why sikh sangat admins are giving him this platform to give his twisted views. According to him, all the sant mahapurakhs, brahmgianis were just fake who did jaap of Waheguru Gurmantar. Admin ji, if he is successful in creating dubidha in just one young impressionable mind, i think that is big loss for us. Satnam shri Waheguru ji
  6. Sangat ji, California smagam is starting this wednesday and will be concluding with raen-sbaee on Saturday July 30th. Please come and join in the sangat and get laha. There will be plenty of amrit barkha of Gurbani keertan from jugo-jug atal Dhan Shiri Guru Granth Sahib ji and Dhan Shiri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. You have to be in the presence of sangat to feel the electric effect of Gurbani( especially when sung from both Guru Granth Sahib ji and Dasam Granth Sahib ji) Last year's raen-sbaee was out of this world. I can assure you it will be even better. Also I think there will be Amrit-Sinchar
  7. I just wanted to let the sangat know that California annual akhand keertan smagam has started this last Saturday and the main progarm starts on Friday July 30th and Raensbaee is on July 31st. There also will be Amrit Sanchaar too. This smagam is to celebrate Miri- Piri divas and also to remember the great shaheeds of the panth. Let us all join Gurmukh sakhis together and ask for our chardi kala so we can try to follow in the footsteps of our beloved shaheeds. First keertan program was this last saturday and it was just amazing, just out of this world. It reminded me of the old cali smagams wh
  8. Singhstah ji, I totally agree with you. Bhagat Naamdev ji is not doing pooja of krishan ji in that shabd. I have heard Bhai Pinderpal Singh ji say the same thing in one of his katha.
  9. A beautiful post !!! Thanks for the reminder what is important in life. Keep up the good work Bhain ji.
  10. Just write to them here on this site. We will pass the message to them. They don't have any official website. It will also help take the air out of vishav sarna samelan too. Thanks sangat ji.
  11. Sangat ji, just look at the beadbi going on under the noses of sarna brothers. Instead of stopping this, they are even encouraging this. Can you even believe it that they returned two sroops of Guru Sahib back to this chela ram guy and they are harrassing the singhs who did the seva of bringing the sroops from this mandir. http://www.panthic.org/articles/5239 If you are pained to see all this beadbi, then let us show solidarity with the singhs, show them support, everybody write something encouraging to these singhs so they don't feel alone. Let us do ardass and extra pathh for their chardi
  12. Congratulations to these singhs for keeping the khalsa spirit alive. Quantity of singhs doesn't matter, quality does.
  13. Come on my brothers and sisters. 153 views of this topic but no comment. I have started visiting this site for last few months and just recently signed up. When I saw these pictures and watched the videos, it hit me in the gut, Waheguru, so much beadbi is being done by this venomous snake, mahant sarna. What are we doing? We can write up to 18-20 pages on trivial matters and say nothing after seeing this. Don't say we are helpless, I think we can do a lot to get rid of this mahant. We can bombard the Akaal Takhat Sahib's jathedar with the e-mails and letters and put lot of pressure on them to
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