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  1. this faccbook page dont look no racist to me. no racisms talk is there they are just saying there turban falls off on roller coasters and needs tightening . It is a fair point. i will suggest all to join the group to tell people on education of how turban is important to us
  2. exactly & welll said bharjee, why sikhs dont look at history to lean what to do i dont know why. did any of the gurus complain like this, you would not see guru jees whinging on a forum. dasme patshah wrote a letter to the muguls telling them . think sikho ! how pwerful a letter that written with enough intelligence would effect the bbc
  3. innergear


    It is about purity, and keeping yourself on the rehat. Please tell us more about what you was doing when they told you not to be sucha?
  4. Congra\ts for what exactly? Have we shown humilty in this by putting a Sikh (Sonia Deol- Jaswinder Sidhu) off Sikhism alltogeter? The feeling getting from this post is that there are a few shouting and screaming like babies . Where is your Sikhism? If we react in anger have we controlled our 5 Chors. What do you think,?
  5. ok thanks http://www.ektaone.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=16:iphone-apps&catid=19:articles&Itemid=49 is it better than this app, i have these on my iphone. do you have any screen shots?
  6. Actually, I think he was asking for a source about the HUT meeting. I'd be interested in that, too. what you are trying to tell us is that this person ran away with a sikh lover, your post gives me the idea that this person is dresse in bhana somewhere in leeds leading a sikh life #! # if i dared to gloat about this to a muslim they would laugh in my face
  7. so R u making monies on guru shabad gurbani or does it go to charity? cn someone do panth dee sewa and make this for free?
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