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  1. How can someone like user "confused and floating" post a wild comment saying "Gagan actually succeeded in raping girls" , yet not provide a single name or shred of evidence. It's like accusing someone of murder and not mentioning who he murdered. cut all the anonymitity rubbish and their honour excuse. What honour can there be in accusing a dead man of rape if he's 1) not here to respond 2) they themselves remaining in the shadows. I choose not to believe these lies..no proof.
  2. There is no Real hard evidence about any of these rape allegations. That text message read out in court has been Mis quoted here. he discussed an "attempted rape" with mundil in a text message. She interpreted it as rape and that was being discussed in the message in question. It was never proven that he carried out at attempted rape. It was mundils only life line to cling onto this attempted rape line in order to stand any chance of getting off. let's talk fact , mundil called it attempted rape, Not rape. The act itself didn't take place. Nor did any rape of any other gal take place. people
  3. At a time of mourning, people think they can post a sympathy message and hint that he may have deserved it or brought it on himself. A insult to his memory and to this thread. This is not what this thread was for? Mod Note: Topic closed, please feel free to create a new thread to pay tribute to the memory of veer Gagandip Singh Ji.
  4. And the slander of the dead begins. Some of the people posting on here with sympathy messages have themselves participated in his slander in the past. Whatever the reason behind the murder was, nobody deserves such a brutal death. To be bungled into the boot of his own car and set ablaze. Keep your wild theories to yourself. The conclusions will not be known for a while to come. The fault is of the murderers, not the murdered.
  5. Yes absolutely 100% correct bang on. But can we honestly say there isnt a organisation on earth that doesnt doesnt have those same two things said about it?? I couldnt think of any man-made organisation on earth that doesnt have those two very same factors being perpetuated about them simultaneously. 1) An organisation being Good. 2) It being a sellout/tainted I thought about it and thats the conclusion i came to. Most organisations i can think of have supporters of both camps. Thats just human nature. For every organisation there will be supporters and those who have doubts. Try it yours
  6. Different starter, same topic, different thread. Good luck to the BSSF with the parliament lobby. A great opportunity to communicate real sikh issues to people who have political power in this country. Please dont mention at the lobby the friction which exists between sikhs in UK when it comes to a dissagreement over Sant Bhindranwale or the fact that there is no unity among sikhs. We would be laughed out of parliament. Mention real issues please lol. Dont dignify her comments with a response, it only serves to kill morale. I will make one direct comment on something she said though, when s
  7. The sum of £100,000 of sangat's money is to be paid. Surinder Singh Purewal (General secretary) Prem Singh Dhandhi (Treasurer) handed over a 50grand cheque already. If these lot originally expelled himmat through their own actions, then it should be their own money which pays this compensation, not sangats money. Why should sangat's money be appropriated wrongfully to pay for their mistakes. Im sure purewal has the money since he is a ex judge. March 8th is their judgement day. They will be ousted. Since relations have turned sour with their old friend Malhi and a split is evident, he wont
  8. EDL is a recent phenomena which has gained alot of support from common goreh and few non whites in the UK. It is trying to go global. Naturally a movement of this type will attract large numbers of hate mongers and racists. However there is one side to this which is often overlooked. The increasing influence of militant islam needs to be put in check in the uk. Such organisations appear to slow down the progression of Islamicists such as Anjem Choudary the infamous Muslim cleric Nutcase. He has gone unchecked for years, allowed to say what he wants un-challeneged. Well not anymore, things ar
  9. The girl in the show has an obsession with the year 2010. She thinks because its 2010 its ok to wear short skirts and what not in the gurdwara. Its gonna be 2011 soon.... what will she regard as acceptable in the turn of the new year?
  10. He claimed Compensation. both sides are chorr and treat gurdwara as a business. I would like to see the current comittee ousted come next election, regardleass of weather they are like malhi or not.
  11. yaar heh shonki hathiyaara deh

  12. What photos? If there are photos then get hold of them and post them up here so we can all see instead of just sayin people in east london seen them. Otherwise these accusations are not easy to believe given the impeccable timing which coincides it with the elections.
  13. This attack must NOT go unpunished. They must be dealt with severely. Anyone with any information must post/update it to this topic immedietly. Its bout 4 hours away from London. Are there any people on here from the grimsby area? I will attempt to contact the Gurdwara and find out if there has been any past problems which may provide a clue to who was responsible!
  14. Ground water in punjab has arsenic levels which is abover the maximum permissable limit set out by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO). In south west Punjab it is as high as 28 times over the maximum permissable limit which is quite frankly LUDACURS !! Cancer has risen sharply with the heavy use of pesticides and insecticides in the region. This documentary prooves that the drinking water is not safe there. Hard Proof of water in punjab causing cancer! . Combine this with the recent results of the report on punjabs water being contaminated with uranium ( a radioactive element ) and u g
  15. why u frantically looking for proof of the arrest warrant ? like Indian media they are to be trusted on reporting the truth anyway. Dont hold your breath. There could be a warrant, we wouldnt even know about it until the point of his arrest. We will have to wait and see. Most things go unreported anyway in this imaginary democracy. The bhindranwale stickers/images being banned in haryana,chandigarh wasnt even given media attention apart from a little caption 1inch by 2inch box at the bottom of a newspaper. So i wouldnt be suprised if there was an arrest warrant. man died of a heart attack w
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