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  1. Just like to say that }--SikhSangat.com and W!N--{ is of the best things that has happened to me...in my entire life. i came here for about 2 years ago...with doubt and disbelief. now, i have faith. i just hope that Waheguru ji can give the strength to Gursikhs, so that people like me can be helped. Don't leave us alone....i still need you all..very much that is. I hope whatever has happened, is fully worked out and the sangat can again get bliss.
  2. this should happen in some pind... :umm: just thinking..
  4. Theek He Ji, wait till wednesday..i have very little time before that.
  5. Sumone Ji, Could you help ssk with the translations // nr. 29? Could you post the translations of that particular // online, so all of us can get some knowledge. (tell me if you are going to, as i was thinking of looking into Giani Narain Singh's Steek in about 2-4 days, but if you already got Dr Jodh Singh's translation..that would be better)
  6. So is it a fact that most of the universities/colleges in USA are headed by 'liberal people'?
  7. Harmeet Singh Ji, That's not what i said. I said that Pairi Bindian wale Akhar (the last ones in the modern Gurmukhi alphabet) didn't exist before 1850s. What you mentioned are called 'laga matra', and they did exist. However, no adhak is found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. I just read r.singh's post, and it is useful information for anyone who reads. Good post Jio!
  8. Mehtab Singh Ji, Bhai Gurdas Ji's works were edited by Bhai Vir Singh (or scholars at later period), also Dasam Granth from 1895. So, it can be that modern scholars edited them so that these works are made according to the (modern) grammar. I am not sure, but what i am trying to say is: i have read in a book at pairi bindian didn't exist before 1850s. there were only 35 akhars in Gurmukhi, not the extra ones.
  9. Yes, it is true. There are (as i have heard/read) no Pairi Bindian or Adhak in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. For more information read: Read 'Text Trivia' http://www.gurdwaramidhudson.org/gurfiles/...xt%20Trivia.pdf
  10. Sher_Panjabi ji, you have been posting some really nice articles in the past weeks. Please continue... :wub:
  11. A million man army these days is huge. Nowadays most of the wars are fought by tanks/aircrafts/missles..ppl just sit in their towers and play "playstation" <_< just that this time the shots wound real life humans. I think it's the second/third largest army in the world, after Russia (or China)??
  12. 1. No, pizza would have been for Gurpurabs and so on...it would be Pasta (without eggs) for langar. 2. It depends upon what kind of sangat you are in! In Europe, i think people wouldn't mind jeans or similar and wouldn't even look second time if someone is wearing a jean. However, in Punjab, people will start looking if you wear cloths that are out of the normal. Perhaps if jeans become normal wear in Punjab, ie also old generation uses jeans (in about 25-50 years), i don't think people would get any *lust* from looking at the fellow girl/boy. You see, the way we have lust for each other depends upon the psychology in our brain; if in a society everyone lived naked, i don't think they would have had lust for each other if they saw each other in that condition. Some "tribes" in Papua New Guneia/Africa do live that way. So my point is; if you (male or female) know that no one is going to get any thoughts or get offended if you wear that dress in the sangat you are in, then go on and wear it. If you visit a place where people follow different culture, and you see that the same dress would bring lust and cause problems for you, then wear something that is considered decent in those religious/cultural circles. So that way, it is relative what should be worn. Absolute rules, such 'only wear salwar kameez' or 'no jeans' can't be right in all situations. Just a note that this is only valid when we assume that our goal is minimum lust in the sangat where we abide. However, the panj kakkars or BaaNa are so-called 'absolute norms' that means, they are valid/prescribed in all situations, but that is because there is some other logic behind that and they have spiritual meaning; not that their use or abstinent is directed towards goals such as minimizing lust in the sangat. Just think of a supposed situation: in a distinct culture of some islands in indian ocean, wearing a kirpan/sword is likely to increase the lust of women towards men; would Sikhs ban the kirpan? no, because the kirpan is an 'absolute norm', ie should be followed in all situations. same goes for hair. However, the common dress we wear is supposed to be relative in above writing.
  13. I think that Mahavir and Gupat Singhni got good views. Not necc. banning jeans will solve the problem; some types of jeans can be ok, and some types of jeans wore by men can be equally "bad"..so i got you point. All in all, to quote you: 'more general statement' that both girls and boys should wear decent/appropriate cloths to the Gurdwara (infact all the times, however, that is like their personal doings and up to themselves). Secondly, girls and of course boys should keep their heads covered.
  14. Sangat Jio! Some days ago, news agencies reported that SGPC is planning to ban girls from wearing jeans, and re-enforce chunni (or keski, so head is covered). The thing is: jean-wearing girls can't properly do matha tek for the obvious reasons. I fully understand this point (head covering part and decent clothing..), however i also think that SGPC should asign job to some sevadars forming a task force who look after gunda type boys who go to Gurdwaras not to do bhakti, but are just looking after girls. At the same time: Gurdwaras are open to all, but only if those people obey the rules followed there. Like no smoking/alcohol. Similar this thing, that there should be no 'checking out' and those kinds of things at Gurdwaras (what ppl do outside is their business)... Any views?
  15. You are correct. I was thinking about a future scenario. (mostly likely liberal European countries...Holland, France, Scandinavia...)
  16. The history of Prachin Biran is neglected, and most of the stories related to them are just stories and very little 'facts' are known about them. Those who want to learn about this history should read these books: - Adi Bir Bare, Prof. Sahib Singh - Bir Darshan, Bhai Vir Singh - Authenticity of Kartarpuri Bir, Daljeet Singh - Pracheen Biran Bare, G.B. Singh (views against Raag Maala being Gurbani..) - Kartarpuri Bir De Darshan, Jodh Singh - Ahiyapur Wali Pothi, Prof Pritam Singh. Modern research by 'McLeodists': - The Making of Sikh Scripture, Gurinder Singh Mann - The Guru Granth Sahib: Canon, Meaning and Authority, Pashura Singh - The Goindval Pothis: The Earliest Extant Source of the Sikh Canon, Gurinder Singh Mann Apart from these sources, i really can't think of any literature about old manuscripts containing Gurbani, other than the catalogues published by British India Office, GNDU-Amritsar, Punjabi University-Patiala and other Sikh research institues on the Pothis kept in their libraries. Or, you have to personally go to those Deras/Gurdwaras where old manuscripts have been kept to get the history. I haven't read all these books, so i can't give any more details about the where-abouts of Baba Deep Singh ji's Birs.
  17. Well what happens if some government policy (in the future) says that no one can disallow same sex marriages, and in that sense they should be held also in the religious centers. Something like the Sikh turbans in France, where the state interfers with private issues. For US people this is very odd, but this is close to reality in some european countries. I have no firm opinion about same sex relataions/marriage, but for sure, i see that it is no compatable with 'Gursikh jeevan'. If two such people were going to marry in India/Punjab, as it is there personal business....i think the state shouldn't interfer there either. just as they shouldn't order 'religious institutions' to perform such marriages. the Gurdwaras should follow the commands from Akal Takht.
  18. Ok. So now the Panth has an 'official view' about homosexual marriage.
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