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  1. vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw vwihgurU jI kI Piqh inmrqw swihq, smUh sMgqw dy crnw iv`c bynqI kIqI jWdI hY, ik Kwlsw pMQ dI cVudI klw Aqy srb`q sMgqw dy Bly leI mhwn j`p qp smwgm 23 PrvrI idn somvwr qoN – 13 mwrc idn sunIcrvwr q`k[ 13 idn gurdvwrw swihb AnMd gVu (krmn) ivKy ijnW iv`c bwbw blivMdr isMG nwnk sr krwlI vwly ivSyS qOr qy phUMc rhy hn[ bwbw jI hr roz svyry 6 v`jy qo Swm dy 7 v`jy q`k sMgqw qoN jwp krvwauxgy[ suKmnI swihb, jpujI swihb, mUl mMqr qy gur mMqr dy swrw idn sMgqw jwp krngIAW Aqy Swm dy hr roz 7 qoN 8 vjy q`k bwbw jI kQw kIrqn duvwrw sMgqw nMU inhwl krngy[ smUh sMgqw dy crnw iv`c bynqI kIqI jWdI hY[13 idn dy jp qp smwgm iv`c nwm jpo qy gurUu Gr dIAW KuSIAW pRwpq kro jI[ 23 February – March 13, 2009 6 am – 7pm Sukhmani Sahib, Mool Mantar, Gur Mantar 7pm - 8 pm Katha and Keertan at Gurdwara Anand Ghar 680 S Vineland Ave Kerman, CA 93630 (559) 846-6804 For more info contact (559)-479-0341 Email: gurmatkhoj@yahoo.com They used to have a website but I don't think it works anymore http://www.KermanGurdwara.com
  2. There's a jap tap smagam from Feb 23rd to March 13th in California
  3. You guys can read it from the pdf files Both Gurmukh and English versions are online at rampurkhera.net You can also listen to the audio files at sikhvibes.com English mp3 http://www.sikhvibes.com/kirtan/Gurdwara%2...chapter-069.mp3 Gurmukhi pdf http://www.rampurkhera.net/files/Se_Kinehiya-Pbi.pdf English pdf http://www.rampurkhera.net/files/sekinehiya2006.pdf I was just sharing that audio version of that chapter to one of my friends today.
  4. You mean to buy the dvd's right? Don't watch it online or buy pirated versions PLEASE BUY THE ORIGINALS and support them to make more If you want to buy it there's http://www.sikhdvd.com http://www.sikhgifts.com of http://www.dtfbooks.com http://www.sikhlink.net
  5. The Atam Ras Keertan recordings is one of my favorites mp3's of all time Downlaod video: Bhai Harjinder Singh SriNagarWale - Sabh Gobind He.wmv Watch video: Bhai Harjinder Singh SriNagarWale - Sabh Gobind He.m3u Bhai sahib Inderjeet Singh Khalsa - Bombay wale
  6. BHAI SATVINDER SINGH JI -GUR BIN GHOR ANDHAR Gur Bin Ghor Andhaar - Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Ji Hazoori Ragi at Fremont Gurdwara Sahib starting at 4:36 Gur Bin Ghor Andhar Sant Anoop Singh in Perth, Australia Another video of Bhai Harjinder Singh in two parts Gur Bin Awar Nahi (Part 1 of 2) Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Gur Bin Awar Nahi (Part 2 of 2) Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Gurnimit Singh Raj - Gur Bin Ghor Andhar
  7. Use searchgurbani.com to search Dasam Granth Sahib bani http://www.searchgurbani.com/main.php?book...age&page=95 If the link doesn't work go to page 95, it's the first Shabad on that page. ਖਗ ਖੰਡ ਬਿਹੰਡੰ ਖਲ ਦਲ ਖੰਡੰ ਅਤਿ ਰਣ ਮੰਡੰ ਬਰ ਬੰਡੰ ॥ Khag khand bihandang khal dal khandang at(i) ran mandang bar bandang|| The sword chops well, chops the forces of fools and this mighty one bedecks and glorifies the battlefield. ਭੁਜ ਦੰਡ ਅਖੰਡੰ ਤੇਜ ਪ੍ਰਚੰਡੰ ਜੋਤਿ ਅਮੰਡੰ ਭਾਨ ਪ੍ਰਭੰ ॥ Bhuj dand akhandang tej prachandang jot(i) amandang bhaan prabhang|| It is the unbreakable staff of the arm, it has the powerful luster and its light even bedims the radiance of the sum. ਸੁਖ ਸੰਤਾ ਕਰਣੰ ਦੁਰਮਤਿ ਦਰਣੰ ਕਿਲਬਿਖ ਹਰਣੰ ਅਸਿ ਸਰਣੰ ॥ Sukh santaa karanang durmat(i) daranang kilbikh haranang as(i) saranang|| It brings happiness to the saints, mashing the vicious ones, it is the destroyer of sins and I and under its refuge. ਜੈ ਜੈ ਜਗ ਕਾਰਣ ਸ੍ਰਿਸਟਿ ਉਬਾਰਣ ਮਮ ਪ੍ਰਤਿਪਾਰਣ ਜੈ ਤੇਗੰ ॥੨॥ Jai jai jag kaaran sristtee ubaaran mam pratipaaran jai tegang||2|| Hail, hail to the cause of the world, saviour of the universe, it is my preserver, I hail its victory. 2.
  8. Bhai Maninder Singh Ji Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji Live Aisa Gur Vadbhagi Paya Part 1 - Dilbag Singh Jagdev Singh Damdami Taksal Wale Aisa Gur Vadbhagi Paya Part 2 - Dilbag Singh Jagdev Singh Damdami Taksal Wale
  9. answer to your question posted on another forum
  10. Saturday August 09, 2008 7pm to 5am Gurdwara Kalgidhar Sahib 10011 Golden State Blvd, Selma, CA http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=Selma&am...lden+State+Blvd Please join the Sadh Sangat in commemorating the 300th Gurgaddi Divas of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and 16th Martyrdom Anniversay of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar and Bhai Gurjant Singh BudhSinghwale
  11. Hall behind main building is called Guru Tegh Bahadur Building Local youths should make the effort to come, especially if you live within a 45 minute radius now is the time to get started since everyone's out of school
  12. its ok veerji no problem

  13. thanks for the bday greeting bhenji. sorry i didn't notice it earlier

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