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  1. you're right ! i noticed this earlier today too ! Isn't that suspicious.... The day I post this message, the article disappears from google, whereas it was on Page 2, number 11, for the past few weeks ! VERY STRANGE. Maybe a few people added the link to their site, and it alarmed Google and was interpreted as something wrong... maybe it will take some time to reappear... The SikhNet thread is still on page 2. Maybe we should link to that one instead. It has the same article in it. The AKJ.org thread is also still on page 2. Interestingly, on MSN.com - the BCSikhYouth article is NUMBER O
  2. I just saw your blog.... hehehehehe... unfortunately, doing it five times will not help more.... it would be better if you just did it one time because that one link will seem more important to Google when it goes through your website ... if you want to make it more noticeable to google you could put it between <strong > and <em > tags as well as <h1 > tags... but that is about it .. the rest is up to google :lol:
  3. Recently the Sikh youth of BC published a news article about Kim Bolan The article is located here: http://www.bcsikhyouth.com/2006/media-tyra...-sun-kim-bolan/ Within a week, there was something interesting happening on Google.com When you type in kim bolan in the search bar of Google.com, this article comes on the top of page 2, ranking number 11 out of about 33, 000 sites. Now, if all Sikh websites linked to this article and the text of the link was Kim Bolan, we could make this article be the top link when you type in Kim Bolan. What is the advantage of that? 1) It will be an embarr
  4. The same is the case in BC. Many of the Gurdwara committees in BC are corrupted and only follow their own will. Before some of them used to be panthic but now they are just completely betraying the youth.
  5. Gatka is a 39 inch fighting stick (soti). Shastar Vidya is the art of weaponry / art of war.
  6. Dear bhainjee, Vaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa Vaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!! Congratulations on your decision to take amrit and wear a keski. May Guru Sahib ji bless you with chardee kalaa and naam daan. Your questions are not stupid. Firstly I'd like to ask - where do you live? If you live in Canada, there are many stores in Surrey and in Toronto which have Sikhi related items. And most major cities in North America have at least one Punjabi or Indian fabric store where you can purchase dastaar / keski material. I don't think that the fabric is any different for men / women, but the styles are u
  7. Chaupaee Sahib as in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ਮੁਖ ਭਾਗ 12 मुख भाग 12 CHAPTER 12 ੴ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ॥ ੴ सतिगुर प्रसादि ॥ The Lord is One and He can be attained through the Grace of The True Guru. ਕਬਯੋ ਬਾਚ ਬੇਨਤੀ ॥ कबयो बाच बेनती ॥ Speech of the poet. ਚੌਪਈ ॥ चौपई ॥ Chaupai ਹਮਰੀ ਕਰੋ ਹਾਥ ਦੈ ਰੱਛਾ ॥ ਪੂਰਨ ਹੋਇ ਚਿੱਤ ਕੀ ਇੱਛਾ ॥ हमरी करो हाथ दै रछा ॥ पूरन होइ चित की इछा ॥ Protect me O Lord ! with Thine own Hands all the desires of my heart be fulfilled. ਤਵ ਚਰਨਨ ਮਨ ਰਹੈ ਹਮਾਰਾ ॥ ਅਪਨਾ ਜਾਨ ਕਰੋ ਪ੍ਰਤਿਪਾਰਾ ॥੩੭੭॥ तव चरनन मन रहै हमारा ॥ अपना जान करो प्रतिपारा ॥३७७॥ Let my mind rest under Thy Feet; susta
  8. vaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!!! hanjee gurmukh pyaareo literally every day a new person learns about bhai parminder singh ji, bhai charnjit singh ji, or bibi rena kaur ji, and becomes inspired. this is the greatness of guru sahib that there is so much energy, so much truth, and so much purity in guru sahib's gursikhs. vaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!!
  9. Singh jeeo, vaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh!!! Please visit http://www.damdamitaksal.com for information on the history of the Taksal. thank you, vaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!!!
  10. THis movie is going to be WIICKKKEDDDD ... just like Sahibzadey Please everybody support them and buy LEGIT copies of the DVDS
  11. Vaaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa Vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh!!! khalsa jeeo, There was like a transition this weekend - new committee at the gurdwara sahib was taking over for the old committee - and there were some... err... a lot... of technical difficulties (major sarcasm while trying not to do ninda) Maybe now they've shut off the live broadcast... or maybe it is just offline for other reasons.. i'm not sure.. Guru sahib kirpa karan. But the smagam has been absolutely amaziinggggggg :TH: :wub: The keertan darbaars on friday, saturday and sunday, the sri akhand paath sahib, the vi
  12. IT'S NOT OVER YET!!!! SIMRAN AT 7PM (PST) TONIGHT !!!!!!!! AND FINAL ARDAS OF THE SMAGAM !!!!! LISTEN LIVE AT http://www.dasmeshdarbar.com
  13. vaaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh!!!!!!!! SAADHSANGAT JEE THE KEERTAN PROGRAM AT GURDWARA SAHIB DASMESH DARBAR WILL BEGIN AT 6:30 AND YOU CAN LISTEN LIVE AT http://www.dasmeshdarbar.com PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY GET AUDACITY FROM http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ and RECORD IT ON YOUR COMPUTER INTO MP3 FILES... PLEASE AND THANK YOU... vaaaheguroojeekaakhaalsaa vaaaheguroojeekeefatheh !!!!!
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