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  1. Off topic a little bit :BL: so advance apologies. But are there any Tabla - Jhoori classes and when? Sorry Ji
  2. If you think cutting 'hair and remove pagg' gives you a 'good handsome appearance' as well as making one more eligable to fit 'in norms of society', without being too judgemental except on what you have said; then Bhai Sahib Ji you have obviously not been blessed with the correct mindest yet required to even start to become a True Sikh of the Guru and so your name fits you perfectly :D In this life, for a Sikh, there is simply the Guru's way (Caring and Fearing what the Guru thinks) or Maya's way (What the World thinks. Maya is Guru Ji's servant that has the whole world lost in pointless thin
  3. Typical of an SGPC reaction. They must of been pre-occupied when this came out then way back then: http://video.google....65583266214816#
  4. Fundementally it's as simple as this... read what's written in the signature quoted from a REAL beloved of the Guru :L:
  5. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Peeran Da Peer Remix done by Inside Man aka Nikka Sev ft. Biker Singh Pardesi. Admin be nicer than usual and keep it in here for a day or so http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dvSmkdpFOx0 Free download of the track, here: Link
  6. The basis of the post Bhai Sahib was just to highlight the fact that people from other countries have gone over to contribute their two cents and may certainly still do so in some way shape or form. The rest of the case, well we all know how the game is always easily manipulated by misinformation as so on.
  7. There is some other information in a Khojee press post about a few more brothers from prior backgrounds fighting for the cause Link Here Bhai Dula Singh Ji The Brave Hindu brother, Bhai Dula Singh,who joined Khalsa fauj of Baba Jarnail Singh ji and became a Shaheed fighting for defense of Darbar Sahib in Operation Bluestar.He was just 17 that time. He had a Blue Gol Dastar on his head during the Battle.He was given this name by Santji! Dula means 'Beloved Son'. Bhai Hardev Singh Ji The Hindu Brahmin brother,Hardev Singh(Bhola Pandit) who sacrificed his life fighting
  8. For the more non-traditional peoples :happy: Khoti Sarkar Remix by DJ Double S.M - 3 Singh Mafia http://www.youtube.c...h?v=v-B4GRsm2ko
  9. Do not be so naive Bhai Sahib. During the 1986's +, Singhs and many a respected Panjabi went back due to various reasons from various places where Sikhs settled internationally, which resulted in them taking up arms. It has happened in the past, so why not in the furture? Who are we to know the inner character of anyone when we do not understand our own? :sleep: It's not Sikh News, it's more Panjabi vis-a-vis Indian news. 'Sikh' channel source there news from various news agencies in and outside Panjab. This is why news reports are heavily influenced by propaganda and taking the governments
  10. One addition to the above: Family educates themselves in depth about Sikhi while also putting this into action through Simran, Seva and Sacrifice - i.e. practically as well, not just a literature review . Thus practicing what they preach - i.e. no double standards. Day 0 You can't build a 'house' without strong foundations. :BL:
  11. Finally someone has been blessed with the Kirpa to upload this rare article. There were many others which have now (over the last 10 years) been removed from newspaper archives on the net. Some contain rare images also. Hard copies are rare to come by, Guru willing, some of the Singh's who have various bit's and bob's will be able to digitalise them for everybodies benefit as well as pictures that they have of some of the other beloved Singhs from that time.
  12. Hindustan Times: Link Here A global human rights advocacy group working for Sikh rights on Thursday called for international support after the Sikh high priests in Amritsar announced that the 1984 anti-Sikh riots across would now be called a 'genocide'. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, US-based International Human Rights Organisation's (IHRO) attorney in New York, sought international support to get the 1984 carnage of Sikhs declared globally as a genocide. The five Sikh high priests, led by chief of the Akal Takht, the highest temporal seat of Sikh religion, Gurbachan Singh, met in Sikh
  13. Lion Uprising Simran :happy: This will probably get moved to another section but feel that it should remain here as this is where most of the hits on SS occur. Anyways more on point, Lion Uprising Simran. Follow the video responses for the rest of the other versions Hey Vaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaheguroo http://www.youtube.c...h?v=tqOtEa0C0cY :D The rest are here: Kirpa Testa: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=0KOFxNwQNlc Lion Simran: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=waxZ-EVsZuc
  14. According to the local newspaper that get where daas studies. The four accused have been bailed. Maybe if the evidence was incriminating enough then this surely wouldn't be the case in the UK, but not entirely clued up on Law just yet. Maybe in a few more years. There is also a news report mentioning the names of the accused, however feel that it would be inconsiderate to post it as this will only increase the attempts to get in contact with them to find out the goss and gain some punjabi 'poamp' amongst friends in knowing them or supposedly what 'went down'. Thus this is a humble benti
  15. Rise Up - About mixed messages coming from the community http://www.youtube.c...h?v=P5ihvE0pA5k The Uprising - about 1984 November massacre http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hp_Ahsoh70A If you on FB don't forget to show your support to the Singh :D
  16. Not daas's usual kind of music, but it has grown on me as they say. Tune by the artist: Lion Uprising. Become a Fan on FB: FB link Back 2 Reality - Awakening the greater good within http://www.youtube.c...h?v=n--0QVqk0us Check out the video responses for the other tracks Direct download link here: Download 4 free Lion Uprising Vaheguru Simran coming soon :happy:
  17. Well reportedly it is the British Sikh Council who planned the murder. :lol: Hahaha, one hand they trying to difuse a 'problem' and on the other they getting stiched for it. So this is probably where the dirty game that many elders like playing comes into it, in the sense of naming names, dirty politics and settling 'differences'. Link
  18. Maybe because it's the B***s*** Broadcasting Company? :lol: Anyway supposedly the BKI did the hit on Rulda: SS Link
  19. Four arrested over murder in India Four men were arrested today on suspicion of murdering a high-profile public figure who was gunned down in India. West Midlands Police said the suspects, who are all British nationals, were detained in Wolverhampton, Coventry and Smethwick, near Birmingham, in connection with the murder of Rulda Singh last year. A police spokesman said two men had already been charged by Indian authorities in connection with Mr Singh's killing in Patiala, in the Punjab, last July. Mr Singh, 62, died a fortnight after being shot outside his home in Patiala on July 29
  20. New Shaheed Bhai Nirmal Singh Ji Chohla Sahibwale - original Jagowale Jatha upload. Khoti Sarkar - Barnala, Balwant & Longowal... Sikh Gaddars, Khalsa Vair aka Chaa da cup :lol: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=g9RtjdmwSlM Never forget that we have these kind of people still in the Panth and community today. Just look at the Gurduara situations and so on, some may even be family members. :ph34r: More to follow soon...
  21. Put simply it's because we can't recognise Vaheguroo in each other, ourselves and because of ego which results in us failing to respect each others views and opinions.
  22. Bhai Sahib the ones in the vid are the only samples available, the most IP have ever released to the public before any album launch. The other tracks stated in the information section for the new album on shaheedi.com are the tracks that we will not get to hear unfortunately until the album is released
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