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  1. Trying to find links to the digitised Steek uploads for Dasam Granth Sahib by Pandit Narain Singh. I believe they were uploaded by Prabhjot Singh in past and I only managed to download the first two volumes. I believe there are 8 volumes in total. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
  2. Don't beat up on yourself too much brother. Try to stay optimistic and endeavour to do your best, little by little. Everybody has negative traits and habits but we have to keep doing battle with the the five thieves, they are powerful adversaries, but with Guru Mahraj ji's help we must keep trying. Try not to focus on your negativity but try to do good deeds, replace the negative actions and habits with good deeds and thoughts. This will require effort but with Wahiguru ji's grace everything is possible. Start with doing good action no matter how small and think good thoughts replacing bad ones. Slowly the bucket fills, don't rush and don't try to be someone you're not, but keep up your faith. Also seek medical help if you feel you require additional support. May Wahiguru bless you.
  3. Nothing to fear then, as there is no need for you or other modern reformation Singh Sabha Sikhs to continue bashing Niddar Singh and continually publicising his views of Sanatan Sikhi. Just follow what you believe Sikhi to be and stop doing nindiya of Sanatani Sikhs. GurFateh
  4. The Sarbloh site also connected to Niddar Singh is full of Gurbani and Spiritual aspect of Sanatan Sikhi. Please read if you desire explanation of the philosopical traditional side of bir ras.
  5. When I attended Niddar Singh's akhara I saw fit healthy intelligent youth, hardly druggies and alchi's. There were keshadhari and mona Singhs paticipating. He even stated that using drugs and intoxicants soley for the purpose of nasha was paap. However sukha as marayada was accepted as well as drugs in relation to battlefield use i.e painkillers etc. This is what I heard him say in relation to questions put to him, so I am only conveying what I heard. Niddar Singh mentioned Sant ji as Brahm Gyani, in relation to a question put to him, he did not in any way insult Sant ji.He did suggest that some people who claimed to be Sant ji's followers were not all genuinely motivated. Also I believe what I have heard from his genuine students is that a handful of students alleging to be a part of the akhara were misconstruing his views, and using drugs and alcohol for personal gratification rather than the context Niddar had pointed out regarding permitted use in specified circumstances.
  6. What Kaljugi "brings to the table" is his accepted interpretation and Niddar Singh his.Whichever ideology whether Sanatan or modern Singh Sabha is accepted by an individual, is interpreted as "truth". Please refer to the rebuttal of Kaljugi's article here http://shastarvidiya...article-is.html .
  7. Sorry I don't match your intellectual and academic prowess of mind, but yes I was referring to all your posts including your highly praised and flattered first post. Sorry but I don't agree with your opinions, you don't provide any evidence to prove your interpretation is correct and undisputed. Basically you have put forward your personal interpretation of the panktis Niddar Singh quoted, Niddar Singh put forward his Sanatan Sikhi viewpoints. His Sanatan views are inevitably not going to appeal to Singh Sabha interpretation mentality. As to the name of the art the full name title has already been mentioned and is inclusive of all the previous titles you mentioned from previous older websites.
  8. Having looked at both Niddar Singhs sites, I believe their is no contradiction in what is stated in his interpretation of Sikhi. He seems consistent in his beliefs,and the full title of the art in the SV site is "Sanatan Hindu Sikh ShasterVidya" which includes both the titles mentioned, and seems the fuller title name. You may not accept his interpretation and beliefs but he does appear consistent and methodical, quoting historical and scriptural references to support his views.
  9. Please read up on the hadh thorh challenge on the shaster vidya site, as you still seem to be ignorant of this concept and traditional custom. As I have previously mentioned in an earlier reply, nobody to my knowledge has yet come forward to take up this particular challenge (post #20 in this thread). You have been invited to the challenge by certain members on this forum as you continually dismiss and insult the vidya, whilst not actually ever having witnessed it first hand. And the sarcastic comment of YOU becoming the Ustad was directed just at you (post #33). Please stop making empty presumptions and carefully read the replies before making accusations.
  10. A direct quote of yours was presented in a previous post and rebutted, please refer to that for clarification. I NEVER said that boxers wrestlers or cage fighters were INVITED TO COMPETE in shaster vidya akharas, however I still hold that these sports trained martial arts students,WHO WERE PART OF THE AKHARA, did spar in a controlled environment and were beaten by the Vidya. You are free to believe or disbelieve my account, it doesn't matter to me in the least. I do not have to prove anything, I have full shardha in the Guru blessed Shaster Vidya, if you have doubts, thats up to you to experience the art first hand. I have no desire to offend you, if this is what you feel I apologize, and wish you every success in your chosen martial art. I don't believe we have anything more to say than already exchanged. WahiguruJi ka Khalsa, WahiguruJi ki Fateh
  11. This reply basically shows your lack of ability and immaturity in holding an adult debate. You asked where you lied a, a direct quote of yours was presented and the correct stance given. Like I said the Vidya does not have to be proved or justified to someone as negative and insulting as you, if you wish to experience the art then hopefully, one day you may be blessed. If you do not want to accept the validity of Shaster Vidya that is fine,the art will continue to flourish without you, and doesn't require your validation. Contrary to your beliefs competition sports such as boxing are NOT created for battlefield, that is a blatant lack of knowledge and childish reasoning. If you don't know what hadh- thorh means please ask someone who speaks punjabi, or visit Shaster Vidya website and get an explanation from there. I sincerely hope that you may put your attitude to the test and attend one of the Akharas, or attend one of the demo's on Niddar Singh's international publicising visits. You will be made most welcome and if you beat Niddar Singh you can be the new Ustad of his students! I am not the one making you look and sound silly and childish you are doing a good job of that yourself.
  12. The claim that YOU MADE, that I had said, "satyanpujari claims it has bin used in form of competition which was inviting wrestlers boxers cagefighters to niddar singh's facility to compete against shastar vidya fighters both your guys claim can't be true" Again I reiterate I have never made such claims. my previous posts are up for everyone to see. However I have attended classes in the past, being myself sceptical, and the SPARRING in classes with students from various martial sports did occur, and shaster -vidya did defeat them. This is not brainwashing this is witnessing REAL events. I was not trying to insult you, just pointing out FACTS. The only way you can make a critical assessment is actually attending a class and witnessing the vidya yourself, and if you feel confident accept the hadh thorh challenge, (to my knowledge nobody has accepted this challenge as yet, and it is still open) I am sure you will be the first to be informed if Niddar Singh visits America. All the sports martial arts, such as cage fighting, wrestling, boxing are just that, SPORTS COMPETITIONS, Shaster Vidya is a battlefield training Vidya. therefore not a sport competition. What part of that simple definition don't you understand?
  13. Yubacitysingh you need to read the replies carefully before you quote people,I have NEVER STATED THE VIDYA HAS BEEN USED AS A FORM OF COMPETITION I said a cagefighter former boxer and wrestler were PART OF THE AKHARA , these people accepted the validitity of the vidya and were prepared to learn and train the art. Sparring in the form of techniques are practiced, and the vidya when I witnessed it was definately superior. The vidya is training with SHASTER PREDOMINANTLY, and training in the classical weapons is practiced as handed down from the lineage of Teachers as mentioned in a earlier post. If the art were to be used in training as in a battlefield it would only end in fatality or serious injury, so therefore competition is NOT USED. The students from other martial arts did not come to compete, but were witnessing the validity of shaster vidya IN THE FORM OF SPARRING, as compared to their respective schools of training.IN THE FORM OF SPARRING THEY WERE DEFEATED. They did not turn their backs on the vidya but continued to learn as they obviously saw something of worth to stick around.Nobody needs to prove the respected and proved shaster vidya handed down by our ancestors, especially to someone as negative and rude as you. If you don't want to experience the vidya first hand, and wish to make judgements by opinion rather than practice, then thats your perogative your the only loser. Please don't lie to make your erroneous claims, your only embarrassing yourself , and further undermining your arguments.
  14. ਪੰਨਾ 274, ਸਤਰ 12 ਮਨੁ ਤਨੁ ਅਰਪੈ ਬਿਸਨ ਪਰੀਤਿ ॥ मनु तनु अरपै बिसन परीति ॥ Man ṯan arpai bisan parīṯ. He dedicates his mind and body to the Love of God. ਪੰਨਾ 342, ਸਤਰ 9 ਵਵਾ ਬਾਰ ਬਾਰ ਬਿਸਨ ਸਮ੍ਹਾਰਿ ॥ ववा बार बार बिसन सम्हारि ॥ vavā bār bār bisan samĥār. WAWA: Time and time again, dwell upon the Lord. ਪੰਨਾ 342, ਸਤਰ 10 ਬਿਸਨ ਸੰਮ੍ਹਾਰਿ ਨ ਆਵੈ ਹਾਰਿ ॥ बिसन सम्हारि न आवै हारि ॥ Bisan sammhār na āvai hār. Dwelling upon the Lord, defeat shall not come to you. Balbir ji, The only one expert in mixing up the Guru- Vak is you The only preacher to spread false teaching and doubt is you. You continually defame such highly regarded Gursiskhs such as Bhai Gurdas ji, and the gyani katha vachaks of the Panth, your claims are unsupported and continually provoke and confuse undiscerning sikhs. If you don't agree with the historical and spiritual truth as it is presented, you are free to start your own dera but please dont use a Sikh platform to do so.
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