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  1. The SJW cucks, feminists, leftist and the rich powerful elites give cover to oppressors of Sikhs. Take for example in punjab the likes of akali dal aka badal dal and sgpc, congressi captain amrinder singh working hand in glove with the killers of sikhs in the indian establishment. The indian establishment working hand in glove with the british establishment elites. All these groups are the elites all of them are in it for themselves they dont care about Sikhi or Sikhs as long as they can live their lives in comfort and luxary its all good. Most of indian Sikh political leaders are in all but name the brahmin pundit priests of what hindu brahmin priests were during Guru Nanak Sahib's time. So they have no interest in rocking the boat or changing the status quo they dont want to sacrifice these days when in actual fact Sikhi is all about sacrifice. The word sacrifice comes up so often in gurbani in SGGS Ji that its amazing that we have forgotten. Sikhi is sacrifice of ones everything which was the key to domination and power and liberation from this life to the next in accordance to gurmat. in 1700s Sikhs had nothing to lose so they were killed freely by oppressive invaders and regimes so they too killed freely the soldiers and political agents of those regimes. If we look at todays world some do sacrifices by doing jail time punishing those who harm sikhs, some sacrifice by giving up wealth to look after fellow Sikhs, some sacrifice their ego, some sacrifice their greed, some sacrifice their rage, some sacrifice their lust. Every Sikh needs to learn how to sacrifice not only will it make you a better Sikh spiritually but also allow us to become more dominant and confident in tackling issues on the real world.
  2. its the way the real world works the aggressor will always out win the passive even in nature and animal kingdom Being submissive allows the dominant to dominate you. When Sikhs are confident and dominate then Sikhi and Sikhs win all the time.
  3. Kashmir's muslim population is largely is all about islamyat not kashmiryat at all. Even before 1947 during the Sikh empire days they were brutalised by their fellow muslims, the afghan empire invaders who ruled over them with a iron fist and so they sought help and invited maharajah ranjit singh's forces to invade and liberate them which he did. After the Sikh army took over kashmir things were good until hindu dogra general gulab singh wanted his jammu hindu's settled in kashmir and have political power in kashmir and then they started to kick off again not allowing non-muslims to be equal citizens of kashmir...and so rest is past history. And we come to present day times....Kashmiri Sikhs were left alone since the Khalistan militancy was going on. I guess the muslims didnt want the wrath of militant Punjabi Sikhs armed with ak47s gunning for them too not just the indian state. After Punjab's militancy quietened down in the mid 90s then regional geo-political wings started to change. The taliban had taken over afghanistan and jihadis around the world flocked there as a safe haven for islamic terrorism. The taliban government then started to send its al-qaeda type global pan islamic jihadi's to kashmir to attack indian army and non-muslim civilians probably on the request of pakistani ISI. Then came america's secret discussions with taliban about wanting a oil pipeline. The Taliban refused to do a deal after many talks in new york and so things headed for a war. America needed a pretext to invade and get that oil pipelines in so they plotted as did the cia's agent osama. Meanwhile things were kicking off again between india and pakistan both conduct nuke tests and embolden by nuclear power status nawaz sharif (former prime minister of pakistan) and his pakistani ISI sent jihadis on mass to occupy some parts of indian kashmir and again hostilities resumed over kargil in 1999 which lead to an indian tactical and military victory and withdrawl of pakistani and jihadi forces from indian kashmir. American president bill clinton visits india and to bring attention of situation in kashmir the islamiyat jihadi's massacre 40 kashmiri Sikh civilians (anyone notice a pattern emerging here? targeting of gurdwara's and sikh civilians over kashmir?). India blamed pakistani ISI, and pakistan blamed RSS. But the pattern is clear its always islamic jihadi's who targetted Sikhs like this. Then 9/11 happened the perfect pretext was laid for america to invade afghanistan and destory the terrorist taliban regime and after invasion the taliban govt crumbled most of the leadership fled to its founder, funder and sponsor daddy pakistan. The pan islamist jihadi pipe from afghan to kashmir came to a shuddering halt. They were pre-occupied with fighting NATO forces. Then america opened up another front in iraq and so they flocked over there. Then they opened up another front in syria and the jihadi m0rons flocked there and same happened in libya. Kashmir was neglected and so again things are heating up again as NATO and america looks to withdraw from afghanistan maybe pakistani ISI will try to revive the terrorist jihadi pipeline to kashmir again. Modi has formally incorporated kashmir into the union of india. Indian flags are flying over state buildings there. The pakistani ISI is frustrated, the terrorist islamiyat mullah molvi's are frustrated so they look for easy targets. They striked at innocent afghan Sikhs under the IS-K / haqqani network as a way to get to india. But indian establishment dont give two f*cks about what happens to Sikhs. So the only thing the frustrated Islamic ummah achieved is angered the Sikhs of the world. The Sikhs need to wise up to regional and geo-politics of how the real world works. And so those brothers in muslim dominated areas they can start to make preparations for what to come eventually.
  4. 2013 - Nairobi, kenya : In an al-shaba somalian jihadis attacked westgate shopping centre and kill many non-muslims along with a Sikh grandmother and her grandson after they were identified as non-muslims.
  5. 2003 NWFP - a 6yr old Sikh pakistani girl was kidnapped by a tribal muslim who abducted her and forced converted her to islam. Whereabouts of this girl to this day are unknown 2007 - KABUL Afghanistan: Around 100 angry Afghan Sikhs carried a coffin to the United Nations headquarters in Kabul on Monday, accusing Muslims of stopping them cremating the dead man. 2007 - NWFP Pakistan: Umbrella Mujahadeen organisation and local Jihadi gangs harass and force tribal Pasthun Pakistani Sikhs in tirah valley, orakai, and swat regions to pay jizya or convert to islam many of them were forced to fight for these groups against other jihadi groups however vast majority of tribal Sikhs were forced to migrate to other regions after hundreds of years living peaceful with pasthun muslims.
  6. Yup all relevant attacks but i'm talking recent attacks within living memory of elderly Sikhs who maybe still alive so from 1947 onwards. We know partition massacres however the Sikhs retaliated in many cases during the troubles in punjab so lets go beyond 1947 and see where Sikhs did not retaliate as it seems 1947 was the only time Sikhs retaliated on mass in India. There was one or two incidents recently but I need to find those details will list soon.
  7. Small list i've made from top of my head so far 1980s - UK: grooming of Sikh girls and sexual exploitation and conversion by mostly pakistani muslim gangs 1990s - UK: Violence on the streets attacking of sikh gurdwara's and sikh youths by hibz-ut-tahir and al-mahajaroun salafi muslim gangs in southall leading to clashes in slough and southall and birmingham. Violence probably inspired by the hinduvta attack on babri masjid so them lumped sikhs in with hindus for attack. 2000 - Kashmir India: 37 Kashmiri Sikhs massacred shot dead lined up next to wall of gurdwara sahib and pumped full of bullets by jihadis. 2003 - Kashmir India: 6 Kashmiri Sikhs were murdered some of them women attack was attributed to jihadi's. 2007 - UK: Sikh girl in Leicester was groomed and gang raped and abused in moghul darbar restaurant. Sikh youths retaliate by storming the restaurant and beat up the accused muslim rapists and get sent to jail along with the rapists. 2010 - UK: Muslim groomer and rapist attacked a Sikh girl leading her to request help from Sikhs when police failed to charge the muslim guy with rape the Sikhs descended on luton roads and blocked them in peaceful protest. EDL founder tommy robinson also came down to lend support to the inaction of the police. Eventually muslim guy was charged with rape. 2013 - UK: Bow gurdwara was fire bombed and it burnt down. Maharajah's beadhi was done and sroop was martyred in a previous attack. Attacker was described as a black male (religion unknown). The attacker has never been caught. 2017 - Germany: Gurdwara in essen germany was bombed by ISIS salafi turkish german teens. some Sikhs were injured by luckily no one was killed. 2019 - UK: Slough gurdwara was invaded by a black muslim guy shouting allah hu akbar accusing Sikhs of idol worshipping before attacking the sewadaars and being forcebile ejected. 2019 - Afghanistan: 20+ Sikhs and hindu afghan poliiticans were massacared by isisi salafi jihadi attack on their car convey 2020 - Afghanistan: 27 Afghan Sikh men, women and children were massacared by isis salafi Jihadi in attack on 500year old kabul guru hari rai gurdwara. ISIS jihadi claimed in his video testimony it was on behalf of whats happening in kashmir. 2020 - UK: Armed Muslim attacker attacks derby guru hargobind gurdwara looking to send political message about india and kashmir.
  8. The main threat and attacks seem to be coming from islamic aggressors though there have been white far right extremists who also carried out attacks But the problem is that Sikhs will rally around and call out white anti-sikh extremist attacks openly yet when it comes to islamic attacks they go quite or give cover to islamic aggressors. So to the islamophiles and islamo-apologist Sikhs who get hoodwinked time after time by not speaking out against islamic extremism against their community because they are either afraid of speaking truth to power or sweet talked by muslim friends so dont want to offend them. Lets compile a list of worldwide attacks so that they can see the pattern of behavior of muslim on sikh violence since 1947.
  9. Good post. The line is drawn here...... we help those who come to us for help but we help our own always first. We only allow gurdwara's for our own religious services we respect others to follow what they want to believe but we will not let our guru's house become some kinda islamic or free for all den of propagation of non-sikh beliefs. We see all humans as equals and only judge the person by their character however the different ideologies people follow we can also judge them for that too. If a person follows satanism we are right to see them as worshipping the devil and partaking in things we consider sinful. If a person follows mainstream islam and they are taught that non-muslims are going to hellfire if they dont convert to islam and muslims will have to fight non-muslims in great battles for victory for allah. Then we can judge them as following a hostile ideology and understand that is what they are on and not be hoodwinked just because we may have good relations with the individual that the collective of them wont attack you or go against you when the right time comes for them to make a move. All the fake langari Sikhs like khalsa aid and all man them there are not doing any favors for Sikhi or their own salvation moreover they are only contributing to their own sins because Guru Nanak Sahib gave clear guidance how a hindu can be a "good hindu" how a muslim can be a "good muslim" that is not to follow the caste-ism that is not to follow quran and sunnah literally. The key to be a good hindu and good muslim in guru ji's message was to be like a Sikh that is how they would be saved. If muslims followed literally everything in quran and sunnah they would be committing sins according to hindu beliefs and if hindu's followed everything in hinduism they would be committing sins in islamic beliefs so the 3rd path of spirituality which is Sikhi was formed. So when Sikhs are going around cleaning masjids that preach quran and sunnah that show contempt to other religions and wish to conquest over them then they are showing their slave mentality its dhimmi status and servitude that muslim sunni's scholars and leaders get great satisfaction from. One should ask these mental sikh slaves of islam why are they not cleaning mandirs and offering their gurdwara's to have hindu idols to be worshipped if they are allowing muslims for namaaz and ifar parties.
  10. Man charged with Derby shop stabbing and temple break-in Mohammed Ibrar is due before magistrates today SHARE 56SHARES By Martin NaylorCourt Reporter 09:52, 26 MAY 2020 UPDATED11:44, 26 MAY 2020 NEWS Enter your postcode for local news and info Scene of an alleged stabbing in Normanton Road Video from the scene of an alleged stabbing in Normanton Road which is alleged to have happened at around 9am on May 25, 2020. Video Player is loading. Pause Unmute Current Time 0:00 / Duration 0:15 Loaded:0.00% Share Fullscreen THE SCENE IN NORMANTON ROADSubscri A 31-year-old Derby man has been charged following a stabbing in Normanton. Mohammed Ibrar was charged overnight with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm in connection with the incident which saw a 41-year-old suffer wounds at the Polanica shop in Normanton Road, at around 8.45am on Monday, May 25. Ibrar, of Cromwell Road, Normanton, has also been charged with burglary in connection with an earlier incident which saw a Sikh temple attacked. The Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara, in nearby Stanhope Street, was broken into sometime in the early hours and damaged. Ibrar is due to appear at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday morning, May 26. A police spokeswoman said: "Officers investigating an alleged stabbing and a burglary at a Sikh temple have charged a man. "Mohammed Ibrar, 31, of Cromwell Road, Derby, has been charged with wounding with intent and burglary and is due before Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court this morning. "We were called just before 8.40am yesterday (Monday 25 May) to reports that the Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara had been broken into some hours earlier. "Another call came in minutes later to say that a man had been stabbed inside the Polanica shop, in Normanton Road, Normanton. "On arrival, officers found a 41-year-old man with injuries. "The man was taken to the Queen’s Medical Centre for treatment and was later discharged." And in a statement released on Monday, Superintendent Gareth Meadows said: “I would like to thank the Sikh community and the local people in Normanton for their assistance with our enquiries. “if you have any information in relation to these two incidents please speak to the officers or contact us using the methods stated.” Please quote reference number 249 of 25 May for the break in and 257 of 25 May for the stabbing Facebook – send a private message to /DerbyshireConstabulary Twitter – direct message the contact centre on @DerPolContact Website – complete the online contact form derbyshire.police.uk/Contact-Us. Phone – call 101.
  11. The Sikh assassins are the glorious military commando's of the Sikh kaum and desh. When a true Sikh has given himself to Waheguru and is ready to do active service for Sikhi he no longer cares for this dunya has to offer no longer cares what anyone in this dunya has to say about them and will take part in shaheedi dharam yudh ops to take out tyrants who harmed Sikhs. Once a Sikh has reached that level of dedication and spirituality there is no turning back as they are determined to do ultimate sewa for Sikhi, These people don't go harming innocent civilians but oppressive villains who have sikh blood on their hands and thus they are gems of Sikhi, true lions true valiant soldiers who being honour and nobility to the panth.
  12. I wonder what would have happened had that muslim attacker come along when the gurdwara was open and he managed to get inside to attack the sangat. What would Sikhs have done if there was mostly elderly Sikh then it would have been a carnage as he had a knife on him and we know he stabbed some random polish white guy near the road of the gurdwara. But imagine it was full of angry passionate strong Sikh youths i reckon they would have killed him if they had any ankh about them and that would have been the just response to those who attack guru's house. Sikhs need to be reminded that those kirpans and shasters they keep in gurdwara are not just for show they are there to defend the Sikhs and gurdwara from attackers.
  13. The grooming and islamification of non-muslim lands and communities starts slowly. Before you know it you got this next https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/05/25/islamic-call-to-prayer-broadcast-on-loudspeakers-in-great-britain/
  14. https://sikhsiyasat.net/2020/05/25/muslims-offer-namaz-at-gurdwara-haa-da-naara-sahib-in-malerkotla/ completely disgraceful and shameful. When the hindu's turn up and want their idol murtee's worshipped at gurdwara sahib what they gonna say to them? show hypocrisy? discrimination against them? opening the pandora's box that guru sahiban's didnt permit themselves these m0ron fake sikhs are openly doing beadhi of Sikhi and gurmat.
  15. If you see in his hand he has a knife and also he looks afghan pasthun or pakistani pasthun he later on allegedly went and stabbed a polish guy near the gurdwara road. So there seems to be a copycat jihadi isis connection here with the islamic genocidal attack on kabul gurdwara and afghan sikhs. The hand written note he left behind seemed to suggest because of what india is doing in kashmir he retaliated by attacking the Sikh gurdwara to send message to india. The same thing a ISIS beast did he pre-justified the murders of afghan sikhs because of whats happening in kashmir by indian government. The jihadi minded muslims are justifying their attacks by mistakenly linking Sikhs with india they did the same in 1990s when they attacked Sikh gurdwara's in afghanistan and pakistan saying because one babri masjid was attacked many gurdwara's should be attacked too not just hindu mandirs.
  16. This is what happens when you are overwhelmed by muslim demographics unfortunately it only takes one spark, you think you living in peace and security with you friendly nice muslim neighbors and then all of a sudden some crazy power hungry outsider muslim molvi zealot rolls up in town starts to use quran and sunnah to justify their evil intentions on your non-muslim community and there starts the conflict and has done throught islams history of invasions, mass rapes, genocides and forced conversions. Same thing happened to yazidi's in iraqi and syria recently. The experience of kashmiri Sikhs is almost the same as the genocide of afghan Sikhs. Only a few steps away from full on genocide of kashmiri and pakistani sikhs. Daily Sikhs are harassed, discriminated and mocked and told to cut their hair to change their religion if they don't they get attacked. Their daughters and sisters groomed and blackmailed to convert to islam. Even the head granthi of nankana sahibs daughter wasnt spared. And if we speak about this oppression we are called islamohobic. Nonsense they are the sikhphobic scum who are oppressing and attacking our community not other way around. We are allowed to talk about our community's oppression under their hands. The day Sikhs do that to their community they can talk about islamophobia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4SCGes4rVo Muhammad azar alam the indian punjabi muslim who made alam sena the black cat indian terrorist group responsible for murderous thousands of Sikh youths in the 90s was caught trying to groom and convert Sikh youths to islam not long ago. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/Sikh-body-blames-former-DGP-of-conversion/articleshow/21147543.cms
  17. Indeed and this can be used as great propaganda to wake langari's and pro-islam khalistani's up to show the cowardice of not only the jihadi but also of todays Sikh that cant even defend his guru's house yet claims to be a khalsa. The hindu extremists are laughing and celebrating in social media comments and youtube. The pro-sikh hindu's are expressing their sympathy and hate for jihadi's. We can see when our own sikhs do not call out islamic attacks on our community but are all to happy to call out indian or hindu attacks then it shows their complicity in aiding jihadi attacks on our people. They do not have the balls to call out islamic extremists so we can label them as non-sikhs and treat them as such.
  18. The irony of it all is that he attacked a pro-khalistan gurdwara out of his misplaced hate for Sikhs over kashmir when these type of pro-khalitan Sikhs are the only ones that been having sympathy for kashmiri muslims. Out of all the gurdwara's to attack he had to attack one that has alot of militant minded Sikhs that go there, I'm guessing they going to be very angry right about now and wising up to the agenda of jihadi's.
  19. Disgusting but not suprised. Mars shal lah!!!! (all praise be to pagan arab god LAH) the evil extremists will celebrate. It didn't come as a suprise that a deranged follower of islam wont one day attack. UK gurdwaras were attacked by muslim gangs during the hindutva attack on babri masjid in india 1992. And Sikh youths hit back in gangs too. So this attack in derby gurdwara is obvious act of terrorism we just need to look at the patterns of behavior from the other attacks on gurdwaray in recent years from the year 2000. Now it comes upon the worldwide committee's of gurdwara's to wise up to changing political patterns of islamic extremists. If attack on chattisingpora kashmirir sikhs and gurdwara wasting a wake up call then attack on gurdwara in germany essen should have been and if attack on essen gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then attack on nankana sahib should have been and if atttack on nankana sahib wasnt a wake up call then the attack on kabul gurdwara should have been and if attack on kabul gurdwara wasnt a wakeup call then well what can we say Sikhs will be asleep forever and Sikh sangat will stop going to gurdwaray because they no longer trust gurdwaray commitee's to keep their families safe while in house of prayer. Same thing happened to christian and jewish communities in europe and see what happened to their congregations eventually they stop going church and synagogue and the faith slowly dies because of radical islamic violent attacks on them. It's a clear strategy and war on non-muslims people will try to be political correct will make excuses dont want to be accused of being islamophobic because they have loyality to muslim friends but truth is truth and you can't hide truth with falsehood.
  20. At the first instance it is always best to marry within your own background as long as you are both Sikhs and it should be encouraged to keep the biological diversity within sikhi strong. Castes should be shunned thats an anti sikh concept outdated and Sikhi was created to remove it those who want to keep castes are those very same people funding the drugs, castist songs and other social ill's of punjabi society. If however two Sikh people of different racial/ethnic/nation backgrounds want to get married there is nothing wrong with it.
  21. Mixed race marriage or inter-racial marriage or inter-caste marriage is not against Sikhi. Only inter-faith marriage is against Sikhi for obvious reasons. In terms of people of punjabi sikh background marrying those of non-punjabi Sikh background then there are often disagreements around culture and traditions. But the sikh faith is the main thing that should bind the people together. The only reason most of these marriages dont work is when people more interested in practicing and preserving their cultural ethnic baggage than Sikhi. If both partners are practising the values of Sikhi and put aside their selfish desires and non-sikh cultural stuff then most times than not these marriages can last.
  22. This documentary exposes Islams true origins. And surprise surprise Islam's true pagan origin and how it was changed over time like Chinese whispers. The kaaba in the time of muhammads life time was in petra in jordon
  23. yup it was her orders in the end that counts and she was head of state. In the released classified uk government documents in 2014 we can all see indira gandhi writes to Margret thatcher that those religious male Sikhs are the most dangerous basically painting baptised amritdhari Sikhs as extremists and terrorists. Yes indira you dumb sent to hell witch they became extremist after the massive terrorist attack beyond the likes of 9/11 on america you done on their holiest shrine what did you expect religious Sikhs to react?
  24. Yup probably a mixture of daddy issues and that nasty feminist streak most aggressive women have coming out. So with the 2 witches combining their political power in 1980s they wanted to appear more manly than men by launching murderous campaigns without question whereas most men of the time would be slightly more cautious approach. Indira launched the war on east pakistan creating bangladesh, did forced sterilization on the poorest of indians, operation blue star sikh genocide Margret thatcher did falklands war, tried to enforce the poll tax even on the poorest families, took away free milk from young kids at school, was mates with general pinochet of chile who was brutalising his own citizens who opposed him in the same way sikhs were being done in india. Launched several loyality terrorist operations against Irish catholic civilians
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