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  1. Every time I am cleaning my kirpan or sharpening it, I cut myself somehow or another and not with the kirpan itself. I see it as a sign my shaster want blood so I apply that blood to the kirpan and then rinse off. Shasters are more than just a piece of metal with a sharp edge as most people seem to think.
  2. Its all over not just in India. They feel embarrassed by saying waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. They look at you like you've said something wrong. They prefer to say 'sat sri akaal' but can't even say that properly and say 'sass ree kaal'.
  3. They calling it seva but seems more like beadbi to me. Does anyone have the contact details for these people?
  4. Could there be a connection? As both shops where the incidents took place were cosmetics shops?
  5. If you thought drinking milk was bad from the way cows were treated.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ1EBjX0G9A
  6. Seems like your connected with the federation most likely your a son of 1 of the members, so can you please answer my questions. They lobby but what have they actually achieved? Which Shaheed Singhs family's have they helped?Please provide names so this can be verified. I personally know a few families that haven't received a penny from them. Also can you explain about why they are buying properties with money which has been collected to support these families? The presidents own relatives question of how he has got to own over a hundred residential properties. Can you also explain to the sa
  7. What do these lot actually do now? They might have done something before around 30 years ago.From what I have seen is that they own large amounts of residential propertys. They own a few right next to Sedgley Street Gurdwara which have been brought from sangats donations. Problem with our sangat is that they just blindly give.
  8. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/drug-racket-kingpin-names-punjab-minister-of-involvement-in-network/1216115/ Alleged drug racket kingpin Jagdish Singh Bhola on Monday named a Punjab minister of being involved in the racket, as Congress trained its guns on the minister and demanded a CBI probe. Bhola, a dismissed DSP of Punjab police, told media persons outside a court in Mohali that Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia was involved in the case, but police had hushed up the matter. Although he had named Majithia during interrogations, Punjab police refused to include his name due to the
  9. Not sure if this 1's been posted before but just seen it today. I think out of all the pakhandi's out there, this one tops them all. What a fool!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGuVWa8VUWM
  10. Gurfathe ji I went there a few months back, Its a very peacefull place in the middle of a jungle. One of the sevadars told me that Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib came their and said that this place is not for them and that another mahapursh will be sitting at this place in the future. (Rara Sahib is about 8km from there.) Baba ji are there all the time but they stay in their bhora sahib. If you want to have darshan then you should go on a sunday. They have got a website http://www.dhakkisahib.com/ where you get more information. If you want to listen to their divaans then you should go
  11. A new SIKH CLUB is starting for those aged 5+ at Nanaksar Thath Gurdwara, Mander street, Wolverhampton (in the tea hall), every SATURDAY from 13th April 2013 @ 3-7pm! This FREE club is being organised by sevedar to provide a FUN and FRIENDLY environment, for our younger SIKH community across Wolverhampton (AND other areas TOO!) POOL, SNOOKER, AIR HOCKEY..plus much MORE will be on offer, so please spread the MESSAGE!
  12. Just a quick question. Why have you listed lohri, holee, rakhar punniya and dussehra as important dates?
  13. http://content.met.police.uk/News/Eight-more-people-have-been-arrested-over-the-attempted-murder-of-an-Indian-national/1400012081246/1257246745756
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