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  1. Crews Investigate County-Wide Power Outage : San Diego http://www.10news.co...110/detail.html http://www.fox5sandi...0,6894078.story crazy day hmm i guess add arizona to it too http://www.kesq.com/news/29124205/detail.html
  2. @jaaggaa part 1: he mentions all the important dates next one to look for would be sep 11-13 now. supposedly elenin will be closer to sun it can be and that might cause sun to shoot out flares around 27th it theres a alignment including elenin and earth that might cause big earthquake similar to chile and japan. @genie ya saw that today 4.6 m and flooding in Pennsylvania this morning 100k evacuated let see what happens in end of sept.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdnkjI2rXu0 according to the above video, it has slowed down not broken into parts.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scZAOQNopok&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL part 1 http://www.youtube.c...h?v=uKkYZVEFs-c part 2 there are smaller snippets on youtube. just search I like to get views on this video according to sikhi views.. Its little lengthy but good watch. Take it with grain of salt. some points mentioned in the video: part1 elenin next major alignment sep 27 and then in oct. and so on safest place around denver airport (queen owns real estate right next to it) pt2 o b a m a will be in denver around that time full financial collapse will be around that time to divert the attention of the people (since "they" are aware of the such future event) Draco's background part 2 how humans came about (testing mixing the dna's) 5th dimension humans are just another testing phase All religion created by Illuminati Anarchy and much more..
  5. That would be great. If you remember the title of the katha, i can listen through it. Either way, your help is much appreciated.
  6. Dhaanvaad! Is there any katha by Sant baba Isher Singh ji Rara Sahib wale, Sant baba Gurbachan singh ji mention anything who laid the foundation of Harmandir Sahib ?
  7. The above katha states that foundation of Sri Harmandir Sahib was laid by Guru Arjun Dev Ji. If my memory recalls, Giani Thakur Singh ji and Baba Ranjit Singh ji Dhadrianwale has said, in their kathas, that the foundation was laid by Mian Mir. Can any one shed more light on this topic.
  8. Maybe: Gupt Singh - Simran http://www.mediafire.com/?9ddhtxi3bvjbdkd
  9. I have to agree with Harjeet. I have been, also, looking into these theories for some time. Recently in the newspaper, the inside guy in sadam's regime cameout and said there were no W M D. there never was. I lied and made the facts so saddam won't be in power cuz he personally didn't like him. And Amreka took those as facts and took over iraq. I havent gone through all the post but i read something along the lines'.. why amrekan troops are in afgahnistan there is nothing there'. Afghanistan: Oil, Opium, and LITHIUM. ("..$1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits in afghanistan. http://www.nytimes.c...14minerals.html) Iraq: OIL (Saddam was trying end oil trading in $)). Crisis in Middle East: Started by same group of people Eygpt: Mubarak was puppet or amreka til he refuses to go along with the idea of attacking I R A N. So, we see whats going on Middle East now The chaos will spread into every oil producing country in middle east. End result: Price of gasoline in amreka will be double. (saudi Arabia is running out of fuel per wiki leaks docs) Amreka is going to cheat the arabs with the deal they signed back in the late 70's and early 80's with Kissinger. So, they don't have to pay for those debt (paper)these countries were buying when amreka was producing/buying oil from them. Amrekans will be forced to tap their own oil reserve even places from where they were prohibited before by eco friendly laws/agencies (gulf coast New Orleans etc hurricane oil spills etc etc) since arabs wont sell oil to amreka and country will be chaos. Barrel will be around $200 and it cost $16/barrel to produce sweet crude. Dollar will be talk of past as world reserve currency by 2012 and new currency will be introduce. Prepare yourself by storing food, water and everyday medicine. And most important become shasterdhari. All this is happening inorder to get c h i n a, r u s s i a, i r a n and v e n e z u e l a on board with their ideas and beliefs. Just some facts/theories i came across not my opinions. Take it with grain of salt. And become SHASTERDHARI.
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