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  1. Hi, I am currently thinking about moving to stoke on trent. I was wondering if anyone can help me, is there anyone on here who could inform me which are the areas to search for in terms of a good and nice neighbourhood within the stoke on trent area?
  2. gpav6

    Hair Loss

    @_Bald Singh_ I know of a company in the uk who give out hair loss treatment if that helps. Cured my sister's hair loss in 2 months. Please PM me for more info, i'm not advertising for anyone, just helping a fellow Singh out.
  3. Are there any Amrit Sanchars happening in the UK also could you list the dates and locations? Thank you
  4. University is a difficult time for Sikh girls and boys and peer group pressure means that its most often your closest friends that can lead you on the wrong path. This video illustrates the dangers faced by Sikh Youth in the UK and always remember WHO YOU ARE! WHERE YOU COME FROM
  5. If we don't carry on protesting he will be hung. There was no such news that he will not be hung, it's just that badal said he will do all he can to stop him being hung. If they hang him in delhi badal cannot do nothing to save him. So until he is released from prison, the protesting needs to carry on and keep the momentum up.
  6. You are 100% right. We will see now if This Badal dude will even do anything for Sikhs. When he was asking for votes, he was ready to do anything, now he has them votes he claims he is powerless in this matter. What a coward?
  7. Yes and this needs to be in the main events section. Try and get local Gurdwara's to arrange coaches to this.
  8. Well if you know the indian goverement then you may feel the need for this, there has been many times when sikhs have protested in the UK but when they go to India they have trouble as the Indian goverement think they are khalastani. This move is not somthing I am promoting but this is wise and protection against anything of that sort happaning. Please refrain from insulting sikhs this way as everyone can help Bhai Balwant Singh Ji and these people may have been trying to do their bit. Sikhs need Unity at this moment in time, we can save Bhai Balwant singh ji Listen to Dhadrian Wale's speach on sangat tv, came on about 15 minutes ago. Just amazing what he said.
  9. I think he will be hung if we don't take action. If nothing is done until the 28th of march then on the 29th sikhs should do morcha, if they do this then I strongly think he will be saved. Sikh's in the past have fought before, my question is why lose hope now?, if we let him get hanged the indian goverment may think sikhs are not people of action, we cannot at ANY level be called weak. This is the last chance to save a freedom fighter like this, we lost Sant jarnail, Sukha and Jinda and many leaders due them doing kurbania. We should not let this happen if we do we will be repenting. I have asked a fellow friend who has just returned from India, punjab if any effort is being done to save him and he said nothing is being done in India compared to the U.K, no-one has even mentioned it to him until he came to england. We need to save him, everyone can do seva to help him.
  10. Basicly the only way forward to save him in my opinion is to make him the leader of Akal Takht jathedar. Bhai Ranjit singh was also to be executed but they made him the leader and he was saved. If this is done, in my opinion he will be let free. If we let him get hanged we will never get this type of a freedom fighter again just like there has not been another Sant Jarnail singh ji Bindrawale again. Sikhs have done enough shaheedia now , now we need to save him. The only reason leaders are saying let him get hanged is because if he stays alive he will be a great leader and many leaders now will get left behind thats why many leaders are saying let him be shaheeded. Do anything just save him. I promise you If we don't save him we will regret it in the near future. What ever it takes , he needs to be saved.
  11. Well said, why should we be puppets of the system. Everyone has their right to their own views and it should stay that way, there should be no trying to tell people khalistan is wrong or right, theres no point, humans are naturaly stubborn, the people who don't agree with khalistan will one day agree with it and promote it , I guarantee that. The people who support khalistan are mainly the people who suffered in 1984 / had family/relative/ who the saw the masacre there or who belive in freedom of speach. I am neutral in the arguement/debate but I do agree with freedom of speach, so everyone who is saying if you belive in khalistan then your not a sikh is trying to promote oppresion of speach.
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