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  1. You do realize that goray say the exact same things about us right?
  2. Yeah becauese your a retard. To all the other posters no need to entertain this cowpiss drinking fool hes clearly a troll who thinks hes clever look at all his posts there all stupid one liners that barely make sense and have zero substance.In his head he thinks hes being clever and screwing with people who are here to have real discussion but in reality hes just a loser with no life think about how pathetic and miserable your life must be if you have to resort to being a internet troll to get your kicks. Just continue on with your discussions and just ignore this poor kid no need to respond to him with more than one line.
  3. Its no suprise you like trump all the cow piss drinking RSS/ShivSena types love him.
  4. I dont mean to offend this is a serious question are you mentally retarded by any chance?
  5. I got a few questions and am interested in the opinons of ppl more knowledgable than me in these subjects.Please note that im not doubting sikhi in any way as sikhi to me is by far the most logical and sensible religion(by leaps and bounds actually) but these are concepts that I've never really quite got my head around. 1.How did god create himself I dont grasp the concept of "Saibhang" how is it that god was always here.Athiests make no sense when they say the universe was created out of nothing randomly but who created god or as i said before how did god create himself? 2.If the purpose of this game is to merge back with god and thats what god wants us to do than why did he seperate us from him in the first place and throw us into this cruel and long game of millions of lives and deaths.Why are we even playing this game in the first place? and lastly this question really isnt as important as the first 2 but gurbani says that even some minerals and crystals have souls(correct me if im wrong) than if thats the case do celestial bodies like the moon the sun and the earth also have souls?
  6. can mods please check this singh1606 guys ip address pretty sure hes been posting here before under different usernames
  7. First of all were just assuming they were hindus how do you know they wern't just moneh sikhs? Secondly suppose they were all hindus when did I say that hindus visiting a gurudwara had contempt for sikhi? I specifically said hindus and hindu leaders who had malicious intent for sikhi. Now this is what you said "Majority of sangat in gurudwara were Hindus with their head covered n bowed in reverence, most of an age incapable of comprehending the hatred let alone the reason behind it." THATS why I said they should go pick up some books maybe that would help them understand the hatred(as u put it) a bit better NOT simply because they were hindus at a gurudwara. In the future please dont twist my words its not gonna help us see eye to eye any better. Now here is big issue im having with all your posts which is HUGE false equivalency during the period from 84-95 tens of thousands of sikhs were killed by the indian government,hindu mobs and the punjab police(under directions from hindus) how many hindus were killed during that period? 300 or 400 most likely even less(Note I'm not trying to downplay the deaths of innocent hindus any loss of innocent life is tragic just pointing out that the number of hindu lives lost was miniscule compared to the number of sikh lives lost) now this is were you'll bring out numbers from books written by hindus and information from hindu websites and hindu blogs with shamelessly over inflated numbers of hindu deaths at which point I'll cease responding to you because I'm not interested in playing he said she said with you I'm interested in FACTS. On one hand you have a majority quom of 966 million attempting genocide and persecuting a minority of 20million and yet that minority quom is the one spreading hatred simply when they point out the injustices they've suffered? Maybe it was the fact that Shaheeds Bhai Satwant Singh and Beant Singh were being honored in that Gurudwara is what got you upset maybe thats what you call spreading hatred. Well this may be a tough pill for you to swallow but until the earth is swallowed by the sun we will always honor our shaheeds and we will never forget there sacrifice. Isnt the fact that Indira Gandhi is remembered as hero by hindus all over India spreading hatred? Isnt the fact that the evil kutti has a international airport named after her spreading hatred? Isnt the fact the BJP supported RSS is spreading propaganda and trying to destroy the very fabric of sikhi in our own motherland of Punjab spreading hatred? Yet you have the audacity to come to a sikh forum and tell us sikhs are the ones with malicious intent and that were spreading hatred in our gurudwaras that is why I called you a snake. Watch the whole video. Shaheed Bhai Jaswant Singh Ji was tortured and killed by the Punjab Police shortly after he made that speech. If you truly dont have venom in your heart you should also check out the works of Ram Naryan Kumar(hes a fellow hindu as I said I'm only against hindus who have malicious intent towards sikhs and sikhi). I also noticed that in your post you conveniently avoided answering my question about if you though KP Gill was a hero or not hmmm I wonder why.... Yet after all this you come to us and tell us were the ones spreading hatred honestly it makes me wanna puke. Maybe u think that Shaheed Bhai Jaswant Singh ji was spreading hatred in the above video also. Now you will probably start spouting the usual bs of "times are now different what uses is bringing this all up now" and the answer to that is simple these aren't some events which happened 100 years ago were the perpetrators and victims are all dead THE MURDERERS OF OUR PEOPLE ARE STILL OUT THERE AND INSTEAD OF BRING THEM TO JUSTICE HINDUS WORSHIP THEM AS HEROS. I'm sorry but until you get the honesty to acknowledge that hindus have fu@ked sikhs over and are continuing to f us over to this day we will never see eye to eye.As for my kids hating your kids for there different beliefs no that will never happen though they might hate them because instead of helping us in our time of need there parents stood by and let our people be butchered not only that but because they swallowed government propaganda hook line and sinker. Siddartha you sound like a good person without a agenda(I may be completely wrong here but lets assume I'm not) but from the sound of it you want us to forget what happened in the recent past and turn a blind eye to whats happening to this day and just start singing kumbaya with you but if we do that the snakes within your community will ensure that sikhi goes the same way buddhism did in India
  8. I dont know why you guys are just asuming this guy is genuine. There have been plent of hindus whove come to this forum (and countless more in real life)speaking kind words but after just the tiniest bit of prodding they reveal there true colors and the poisen they have in there hearts. For all we know this guy could be jaspindjy using a different ip address but than again maybe im just being a litle paranoid.
  9. Why is it hurtful? Do you not recognize sikhi as distinct and separate or do you consider it just a part of hinduism I never said you as an individual did anything I was specifically talking about your people and your leaders(i.e hindus who have malicious intent toward sikhs and skhi) Pretty specific question for a 6 year old to ask your child is smart for 6 year old Another good question so why are you there if you think all those people hate you? Well maybe they should go do some research and pick up a few books the "reason behind it" would than become clear or should I say reasons as there are many. In this case history is remembered 84 and the bloody decade that followed was not that long ago Once again you have a smart child good for you and good for her No we dont its the other way around Oh please spare me the bs I've heard this bullsh!t a million times before.So your offended by the fact that we dont forget our history and still remember what your people did to us but your not offended by the fact that the hindu politicians who led hindu mobs to murder and rape our innocents are still walking around free to this day forget being punished they were given high level positions and top level protection from the central government.Your not offended by the fact that Gen Brar is seen as a hero by hindus everywhere for desecrating our holiest shrine. Your not offended by the fact that psychopathic mass murderer and rapist kp gill was seen as a hero by hindus everywhere for killing and raping our innocents(not saying gill and brar were hindus just pointing out that they are seen as hereos by hindus) Your not offended that our shaheeds who sacrificed everything for us are falsly labeled as terrorists by your people. Dont lie you probably thought of gen brar and kp gill as hereos yourself.People like you are the worst type of snakes you hide the venom in your heart behind kind words.
  10. Whatever weve been "taught" has been by your people and leaders and if you wanna be saddened by anything it should be by the actions of your community towards us. As for your so called friends who talk sh!t about you behind your back well they are probably not your real friends than. Sorry if i sounded blunt.
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