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  1. Sangat Ji... It is getting have hard... I have blind faith in the powers of Waheguruji but today the dr. Have said they can not help my sister anymore... It make me think what have we don't wrong and why has Waheguruji done this to her... She is only 39 and has two small children. Sangatji... Please do mool mantar Jaap and ardas for my sister... Your sister to make a speedy recovery regardless wha the dr. Have said.
  2. Sangat Ji... Can you all please help and do a ardas for my sister health. she has lymphoma cancer and has a scan tomorrow to show her tumour has shrank. We pray to Waheguruji that this is the case else the consultant has said there is nothing else they can do. My sister is not even 40 and has two very young kids and is a very good person. Please help me Sangat Ji. Thanks you.
  3. SSA Sangat Ji... Sangatji my sister has cancer and is now loosing hope.... I have explained to her if she asks Waheguruji for help lm sure she will get better... Can l ask that you all do a ardas for my sister to recover quickly as she has two small kids . Thanks you.c
  4. SSA to you all... Just a quick question... why are there differect types of ardas... I have a Guthka Sahib which I have used for years and there is a line "Bola Jee Waheguru" but the other day I was reading an ardas on the net and watching a ardas from Bangla Sahib Gurdwara on the TV and it has the Jee missing also they said some other things. Which ardas should a Gurusikh do??? or does it not matter as long as you do it from the heart? Thanks for your help Confused.com
  5. @Kphull... Thanks for your answer too,,, Im a beginner so was unsure... and there is no need to say sorry.
  6. @Gurooo... Thanks... it was just a question that was at the back of my mind for a while... maybe this was not the right place to ask it.
  7. @Gurooo Thank you for the answer... it's just a question that has been at the back of my mind for a while so I wanted to ask it.. but looks like it was not the right place to ask the question.
  8. @ Kphull... What? I did not know my question was a Islamic one... how did you know? are we sure you are not ? as Im a true son of Guruji... @ Kaljugi - I did it around 6pm.... but was not sure if it was correct.. as sunset around 4.30pm.. Thanks all for your help...
  9. Sangat ji SSA... Just a quick question with the clock changes in the UK, what time should I listen or do Rehraas sahib ji now as Sunset is 1 hour early ? Hope you can help? Also when is a good time do Sukhmani Sahib ji too.... Many Thanks Your Brother.
  10. Guru Nanak Dev Ji De Parkash Divas Diyann Lakh Lakh Vaiayan to you all...
  11. Im confused.com.... Think Im just going to ask someone at the gurdwara...
  12. Thanks for that but at work I dont think I can wash my feet to my arm or behind my ear as I can take my tuban off... but thanks for telling me what it is.... many thanks... I will try and do what I can best... and ask Waheguru for forgiveness...
  13. Thanks.... What is Panj Inshnaana?.... sorry dont know? Also I will try and do as much bani as I can without getting in trouble at work...
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