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  1. Watch sangat tv now communities come together!
  2. No I have just come from west bromwich a car and van was on fire, The gurdwara is fine thank god.
  3. Just come from west bromwich! Car and a van on fire whats the world coming to?
  4. Is it happening in London at the same time it's happening here in birmingham?
  5. This just shows a hole in security, times are changing and people have started to begin wars. The police are not always going to protect everyone. Shops can be replaced but innocent people are in danger, our gurdware are in danger we need to have high level of security in place so we can be prepared for situations like this. The news is spreading fast and help is going where it's needed. Waheguru.
  6. There is a video and there were complaints between Muslims and the gore, apprarently in the video the Muslim guy said that gore were calling them extremists and the Muslims then started saying your part of the BNP and then fight started. But I'm not sure so please anyone correct me I'm just seeing the video and peoples comments made by them who are there. They did look like chavs, smashing shops and intimidating people. I hope that they don't bring it down soho road because there are many gurdware around there.
  7. It's started in Birmingham the shop windows have been smashed. it's a riot against Muslims and White people it's spreading I heard. There is police and dogs everywhere The Muslims are standing up against BNP and the White people are calling them extremists it's just escalated.
  8. I have never seen anything like before, so correct me if I'm wrong but is he smoking some sort of pipe to bring out so much smoke? Why is he doing this? This is not a good image to set younger generation, they look up to the older generation to teach them right from wrong and if they see this sort of thing what kind of example will this set?
  9. Why do we have so many haters within Sikhism? What do these kind of people hope to achieve by spreading false parchar?
  10. He looks familiar, I think iv seen him on Sikh Channel.
  11. Excuse me when was I nasty to you? Find the post where I was nasty to you, also find the part where I said sorry. Show the comments where you think I insulted you I don't even know you neither do you know me. You don't have the right to call me two faced. Like you said 'freedom of speech' if you don't like my comments then what do you want me to do? I have never said anything bad to you or anyone else on here god is my witness. So our views clash but does that really give you the right to insult me? I don't like your attitude!
  12. There is nothing wrong with any of us, you posted a thread people gave you answers whats wrong now aren't we allowed freedom of speech? Or does it just work for you?
  13. You could also get done for copyright violation, for impersonating and taking some pic of another girl and having it as your own when clearly it's not of a 43 year old woman.
  14. @kally 'it's only a forum' It's a SIKH forum doesn't mean you can insult other people on here.
  15. LOL ^^ at that comment. Why does she ask such weird questions?
  16. Sikh tv shows programmes that are not even sikhi based, for example I seen once this kabaddi program where there were men wrestling with each other. Sikh channel shows this other program where daljit nirmala was present. This is the guy who was exposed for performing Hindu rituals in his home which was exposed on panthic website. Sangat tv I don't watch that much so I can't comment on that.
  17. Naamdhari people are a sect same as radhaswami they don't believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the living guru,so people will try and bend histroy for their own purposes and invent a 'human' guru to feed their own ego. I don't know who Ajalal Singh is so I can't comment.
  18. Yes then it's beadbi that's no different to taking Guru Ji saroop to a club and having the wedding there it's completly the same. Many people bring Guru ji saroop to houses but if beadbi is going to occur then no it shouldn't happen. That is my viewpoint if no beadbi will occur then it's fine, however if meat is stored and alchol then it's beadbi. It's would be like taking Guru Ji to a hotel to perform a 'sikh wedding'
  19. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. First of all i have never heard of a sikh wedding happning at home. Your friend must have a big house if the wedding is going to take place at home. It depends because if they are amritdhari and the house is pure no meat or any other stuff that's prohibited in Sikhism then that should be fine I don't see no beadbi to happen. However if they are not Gursikhs then that's a problem. Can I ask why are they having the wedding at home?
  20. Dustofthesaintsfeet commented on my post and I just answered back at that comment that's why I was confused because he stated that bhagat ravidass' was guru.
  21. I have not actually had any experiences where I have actually been to a Sikh funeral as such. From what I know I think the white sheets and wearing of white chunni is tradition. moh is one of the 5 evils which we should implement. I know it's hard to deal with when a family member dies but loud crying won't bring the person back why cry when you are not permanent yourself? In all cases we have to accept the will of god. We all have to depart one day but you got to have faith that the person has actually emerged with god if that person lived the gursikh way. It's the game of the lord and death is a part which we all have to accept. It's tradition and and beliefs based upon individual families I don't think it's Sikh related. If you live in the west midlands go to the gurdwara in Edward street west bromwich they have leaflet which you can take about how to deal with death and what is done it gives a lot of information . I hope I was of some help...
  22. Oh I am confused now because I know only the term Guru to be associated with Guru Nanak Dev ji up to Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The bani from different bhagats are in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji but how can bhagat ravidass have the same status as the word Guru? Wouldn't he have been mentioned in ardas as Guru too? I'm just confused about that sorry I'm learning each day.
  23. I don't know why such gurdwara are named 'Guru Ravidass' because he was a bhagat not Guru. I think people from a ravidassia background want to fit in and because bhagat ravidass' was from a chamar background they use that to open gurdware after him. I think they don't say Guru maneyo Granth in the ardas and they have their own jaikara the reason I know this is because I attended an akhand paat and it was at the guru ravidass gurdwara in soho road Birmingham.
  24. I'm not amritdhari but I can answer those questions. 1. To be honest people should know anyway since religious education is taught in schools but I'm not sure about the USA. obviously if I was from a different religion and saw someone wearing a kirpan I would think it's a religious symbol. If the neighbour is wanting to know what it is and what it represents why don't he just knock on his door and ask him. 2. Well it depends some neighbours are not the sociable type. Some people would rather remain private however if they would want to come over all they have to do is say so. 3. That's people preceptions of women. Many women today can do what a man can do e.g jobs. In Sikhism women aren't higher nor is a man women are considered equal to men. Without a women this world wouldn't exist. If he treats her bad he ain't a man. Respect should be a two way street give respect, recieve respect. Women back in the day were classes as second class citizens in some cases they still are today but that's individual familes tradition who think that have a boy is great but having a girl is a disaster. god should rightfully give a daughter but where there is a daughter god should give a brother. For some reason girls are considered expensive but if we all follow the teachings of the Gurus we wouldn't be in the expensive mess of drinking and eating meat at wedding parties and expect the girls side to pay for everything not right at all. We shouldn't have it in the first place. Tell him to treat his wife right I'm sure if he had a daughter and married her off he wouldn't like it if her husband was treating her bad.
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