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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to the sikhitothemax Android app? It won't let you download the required files? The simplicity of it was beautiful and the fact that the Gurmukhi keyboard was displayed was lovely. Is anyone able to make another app just like it?
  2. Thanks. So you really think if Guroo sahib was here in human form, they would not be vegan? Seriously?
  3. Great topic, well done to the poster. This questions has been on my mind for some time now. I totally agree it is better to be vegan. Just wondering how many other Gursikhs are following a vegan lifestyle?
  4. Wow is this conversation actually happening
  5. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Sangat Tv Appeal

    Although I totally agree having another channel is a powerful way of getting the message across, I have to say 99.99999% of times I tune into Sikh Channel, Sangat TV and Akaal Channel all I see is old men talking, cheap adverts for just stupid things or kabbadi. Frustrates me every time. Not the best way at all to promote Sikhi.
  6. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Ever Order A Dastaar Online?

    This is great! The more choice in Dasataar websites the better. Are you able to change the picture on your website to that of a Gursikh?
  7. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Weird Noise

  8. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Tarna Dal Uk

    Well done guys, bringing up a topic from 2 years ago. Shabaash.
  9. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Convincing Parents To Stop Making Me Eat Eggs

    Vaheguroo Jee, I appreciate what you have posted Sat Jee but unfortunately there are no grey areas in Sikhi. There is no "oh I'll just keep doing that until I take Amrit". Mahraaj has given us a reason for everything. There is a reason why we don't eat egg and one should take it seriously rather than to continue consuming it until you take Amrit. The time for Maryada is now!!
  10. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Convincing Parents To Stop Making Me Eat Eggs

    Do whatever Punj Pyare tell you. Majority of Guroo Roop Punj Pyare will tell you not to eat eggs. Best way to tell parents to stop buying them is just tell them the smell is horrible!
  11. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Bebe Nanaki Jatha

    Has anyone got a contact method for the Bebi Nanaki Jatha from Birmingham? Preferably Bhai Narinderjit Singh? If so please PM with the details! Thanks
  12. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Dumalla Question

    @Sikh girl - Bhenji Dhumalla/Dastaar is for both males and females.
  13. Guroo Guroo Jaap

    Turbaned Sikh Men Take Their Fashion To The Streets

    Agree with others, dodgy characters. This Pardeep has made numerous insults against Akhand Kirtani Jatha and other Gursikhs. And where are the dhaaris? Seriously if anything it's encourging Singhs to shave more as it might make them look more 'tidy'. The "fashion" (and I use the term very loosely) is God awful. I have no idea how someone can like that sort of stuff. Looks very girly & gay, not what Singhs should be wearing. However, the comments under the article are nice for once.

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