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  1. Tailors in my city are garbage lol But Thanks I'll make some calls tomorrow or monday :D Can't believe I didn't think of that haha.
  2. I was wondering if you guys knew a place to buy patkas online. All mine have ripped and only have 2 in my rotation for school! haha I tried contacting GoSikh because my measurements for my patka are 21x24 (I'll have to recheck but I believe this is correct) And most places make patkas that are square shaped. If anyone knows where I can buy some online could you post below. It's hard living in a city without a significant Sikh population. Thanks!
  3. Hi thanks actually I knew all of these words :D lol I try to with my parents but my confidence level drops when I dont know a word for the sentence. My dad would instantly say "TENU PUNJABI ONDHI NE?!" Makes me feel like <banned word filter activated> to be honest, because my sisters have picked punjabi up from when they were kids and had NO ONE to speak english with. I can't even ask him words english to punjabi because he doesnt speak much english to begin with. Punjabi is the only language I speak with him but even then I don't see him much and when I do I am busy with schoolwork etc. (He works late hours along with my mom who comes home around 7) Thank you I will take the time to look them over!
  4. Throughtout my life I haven't been good speaking punjabi. Being born a punjabi my parents thought that I'd learn naturally with them like my sisters did, but the problem was that my sisters didnt speak english with anyone so they didnt need it when they were young. Its hard for my parents to teach me directly too cause of the language barrier. I speak Full english and a little punjabi, they speak full punjabi and a little english so its hard to ask them what something means and how I say it. Now I'm 15 and want to step it up and learn and become one with my culture because I kinda feel far from it. What are some ways I can learn punjabi online or at home (books, etc.) I'm moving back to Brampton next year and plan to find a teacher to help me progress but for now i'm in a punjabi-less city lol Tips?
  5. Can anyone find me a Punjabi Documentary I wanna show my dad one that isn't in English Thanks!
  6. brings a tear to my eyes when the man is looking in the mirror with his hair down... I do the same... just wondering what it would be like
  7. Man this guy has alot of questions lead him to this site I cant answer them but im sure someone on here will be able to lots of educated sikhs
  8. ...... man I cant wait till I acquire more knowledge on computers and the internet....
  9. woah the video looks well done as a teen, I thought it looked fun included things that teens or even kids like but adds in kirtan and bani etc. too bad i dont live near :D
  10. Thank you Feels good to hear that. by the way I thought in Sikhism there isnt a hell that Earth is hell and heaven
  11. I am only 14 and do have thoughts of suicide at times but never ever on a large scale. Be around more people personally I am in a house alone for 5 hrs a day keep your busy with good things and obviously pray
  12. I have always thought this for some reason but Couldnt he just go to a Gurdwara and get food from the langar? I would love to donate, I tell my parents to all the time.
  13. would an android app that lets you view videos sikhi related like prayers work? only in the 9th grade but i think i can tackle this one :D
  14. There really shouldnt be anything wrong with this its disappointing that your parents are angry This shows how sikhism has evolved from past generations that still believe in the caste system You arent doing anything wrong right now shes sikh and your sikh but your parents are wrong they are looking at the color of her skin and where she is from. There is a couple at my local gurdawara that is wife white and husband indian they both are now happily sikh with 2 sons :D Like above said choice is yours. I would have a big conversation and convince them that their wrong and show them what the Gurus said about caste system/segregation of race. Hope all goes well :D
  15. so swimming cap over patka? ill try that our swimming lesson in school is only for a week so thats good, i wonder if i could skip it
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