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  1. I have had to listen to it twice, it is very good indeed.
  2. lovely i would love to have more of thei veechar or bani to put on the net
  3. This is interesting, it is surprising that no one has asked why this pangti "dooja kahe simareeai jame te mar jai, eko simro nanaka jal thal rahia sama" is not is the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is actually only found in two places. one is the Sri Nanak parkash which is written by Kavi Santokh Singh Ji and the Bhai Bhanno Wale bir. For this reason soem people consider this to by Khari or Kachi Bani!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sahib Singhs Teeka is misleading as it has no uthanikas and no one understands why a certain shabad was recited or for what context. Gatha is Sanskrit for what we call Katha. Pandit Krishan Laal and Raam Laal came to the shelter of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji and brought with them Guru Nanak Dev Jis Sahaskritee Salok. Following this Guru Arjan Dev Ji blessed them and uttered the Sahaskritee Salok Mahala 5 to eradicate their burden and take them out of the cycle of rebirth. Once liberated they requested that Guru Arjan Dev Ji gives them some insight of God. At that point the Gatha was uttered. Funhe was recited on Guru Arjan Dev Ji's wedding day. Guru Sahib were asked to show their strength and uprooted a tree, his sister in law Harian was apologetic for not having complete faith in the Guru and this updesh was given to her. Her name is repeated again and agin in this bani as it was an updesh directly to her and the sangat on that day who did not have faith in the Guru Choubole is a bani by four sikhs in the presence of the Guru. The first ar father and son Samon and Moosan and secondly there is Jamal and Patang. The title of the bani comes from the concept that four people are partink in a direct and divine conversation with the guru and inbetween themselves. For more information just listen to the first two minutes of katha by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae who have uttered the uthanikas to all the granths. The language used in Gathe is Sanskrit and Prakrit while the other two are in Punjabi and Sindhi. All these banis appear after the shabads in raag as they are not composed in a specific raag or mishrat raag. All three are distinct are are different banis due to their updesh, location and timing. I hope that helps. If you need to know more then avoid the Teeka by Prof Sahib singh and have a look at the Amir bhandar or Faridkot Teeka
  5. Apologies for the lack of updates but I have been busy with the following collection of mp3s. Added over the last two days are 187 katha mp3s by Giani Jaswant Singh Ji Parwana. More to follow soon.
  6. Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji's Katha has to be the most influential and information rich katha found anywhere.
  7. Added today are keertan mp3s by; - Bhai Kultar Singh Ji Delhi Walae - Bhai Balbir Singh Ji Hazoori Ragi More to follow
  8. Added today are three books in punjabi by Giani Sant Singh Maskeen. The Titles available to download and read are - Chautha Pad - Teeja Netar - Prabhu Simran http://www.gurmatveechar.com/literature/browse/Punjabi_Books/Giani_Sant_Singh_Maskeen more to follow soon
  9. They are not the same Mahapursh. The ones in the video are Sant Mohinder Singh Ji Rara/Jarg Sahib Walae. Never seen the other one before so unfortunatly i cant fill any gaps
  10. This book is the translation of the Shabad Surat Marg and has been translated by the sevadars at Ratwara Sahib. All of baba Jis books will be on the website too i love baba jis divans and that is why over 300 of them are on the site and slowly i hope to get more
  11. Added today are two very good publications in English by Sant Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae - Shabad Surat Marg - Lights Immortal http://www.gurmatveechar.com/literature?browse=English_Books I personally really recommend reading the Shabad Surat Marg. More to come
  12. Added today are a number of Atam Marg Magazines from the years 2010 and 2011. More to follow
  13. Out of the nine types of Bhagti one is Acharan Bhagti where the Ist Dev is worshipped through Arti, flowers, Chaur Sahib, etc. There should be no issue about this. The Sri Nanak Parkash states the shabad in the Kirtan Sohila by Guru Nanak Dev Ji was opposing the worship of the Devte and not of God. For this reason the statue took form and fell at the feet of sri guru nanak dev ji. The Guru and God have no different. Avtar Na Janhi Ant, Parmeshar Parbhrahm Beant.
  14. There are three sodars. One int eh Sri Jap Ji Sahib, one in the sri Rehraah Sahib and one at the start of Veer Gujri Shabads. Chronologically the first one uttered is the one in the Rehraas whish Guru Nanak Dev Ji recites in the presence of the Nirgun Brahm whilst immersed in the Byas river. The second when Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji emerged from the river Byas and Bibi Nanaki asked Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji as to his recent whereabouts. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji stated he was at the door to sachkhand then Bibi Nanaki asked for a description and the Gujri Raag Sodar was recited The last one was uttered in response to the description requested of the doors to sachkhand by Sri Gorakhnath, Bhangarnath, CharpatNath and Bharthari. further details can be found int he uthanika granths of Pandit Sadhu Singh and Pandit Gobind Singh. Also in the Katha by Sri Maan Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae
  15. Added in the last two days were keertan files by - Bhai Kultar Singh Ji Delhi Walae - Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Rangila - Sant Amar Singh Ji Barundi Walae More to follow
  16. The Jap Ji teeka of Sant Gurbachan Singh ji is being converted into a pdf. It is the best teeka and the original jap ji sahib katha by Giani Thakur Singh Ji is taken from this teeka The tapes and spools can be found at mehta with some of the singhs there Yoy need to convert all the tapes and spools into mp3s, then use 'Magix Audio cleaner" to cut and clean each file into its various parts and edit the volume and background. (This is what takes forever. Then you will need to use the 'Lupus rename 2000' to rename your files catagorically so they are in an order then use 'Mp3tag' to change all the tags and type of audio file you have so that it can be used by all who download them. It is lengthy but it you can devote your time it will be worth it
  17. Singh I havent started it yet, i'm concentrating on all the guru granth sahib teekas first. The Garb Ganjani Teeka is very very good indeed. If you can do it in the meantime i will be very appreciative
  18. More Katha added by Sant Hari Singh Ji as well (over 80 files)
  19. The Katha is not sitting around it is with some singhs in India, the problem will be the cleaning again. It took me over three years to clean and seperate the bhai gurdas dian varan katha by Sant Ji and the other files such as the alternative kathas and krishna avtar kathas took another year. I dont have the time to really spend trying to do the dasam and other works. Hopefully someone else will take it upon themselves to do it in India but i personally do not think the recordings will see the time of day due to the lack of people who have actually listened to the sri guru granth sahib ji recordings however i will be getting hold of sant jis handwritten teeks on the sri dasam granth this year so will be hoping to get them into print
  20. The Katha has been recorded but so far i dont think many people will have time to listen to it as only a handful of people have found time to listen to the Guru Granth Sahib Katha completely so i dont see the purpose of putting this katha up.
  21. Added today katha by Sant Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhawae Walae. More to follow soon
  22. Baba Biram Das was a Virakat Udasi Mahapurkh. I have some literature somewhere and will dig it out for more information
  23. Added yesterday were teh following books/stteks - Second pothi of the Sri Dasam Granth Steek by Pandi Narain Singh Ji Lahore Walae - Gurshabad Alankaar by Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha More audio to follow soon
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