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  1. and if you think that was just a joke do us all a favor and get some new material cause that was not at all funny! I still cant believe I read this on a Sikh forum
  3. One more question, how do you change or remove the music from a video?
  4. Say "SIX SICK SIKHS" three times fast lol (btw I pronounce Sikh as SEEEKKHH I think its cause I grew up in US)
  5. Very useful software http://www.boilsoft.com/download.html
  6. That one didn't work for me but this one did http://www.boilsoft.net/download/avi_mpg_splitter.exe
  7. So I guess what I am asking is, How can I edit WMP videos, and only record the parts I want?
  8. My friend has to do a powerpoint project for school about bad leaders in history, and I want him to do Indria Ghandi cause I have so many videos. But I dont want to play the entire video just the part about Indria Ghandi, so I was wondering how to only play a piece of the video in a powerpoint? Fateh
  9. lol if Japman is busy you can take these guys
  10. Manleen sis, be strong, be a Kaur. I really really doubt they will touch you hair, because they are girls they probably think hair is really important. Just tell them, " I am really sick of your joking around, (lol btw when speaking english Sikh should be pronounced *SEEEKKHH*)I'm Sikh, and as a Sikh I am not suppose to cut my hair, or get tatoos, or piercings because we believe the body is beautiful as is(I usually find that non-Sikhs understand better when you tell them about the tatoos or piercings part also). So can you please respect my beliefs." After that just go back to your seat and relax, the rest is God's will. Remember IF they do cut your hair its not your fault, you didn't do it. And IF they do cut even a piece of your hair off, let them have it, just tell them loudly: "What do you think you are doing, stop trying to convert me into one of you, I dont follow societys norms like fools, I am not forced so shave my legs or cut my hair because of society, I am a Sikh. Look at you (and then laugh), you are like objects to these men, who put you on high heals, make you go though so much trouble for removing every single hair from your body, and metal through your skin. You guys disgust me." or something like that lol, I just want you to be confident and strong like the Kaur that you are. Yo bro foeva: Gurjeet VJKK VJKF
  11. Where do they have statues of the Guru????
  12. lol on the net all these KKK/skinheads have big mouths, but on the street around the so called scum (minorities) they are silent VJKK VJKF!!!!!!!!
  13. Just wanted to add, if more people know about Sikhs or even become Sikhs it wont affect the religion. Even if there is not even a single Sikh in the universe, or even if a single person doesn't know about the Sikhs, it wont matter. People benefit from religion, religion doesn't benefit from people. Maybe down here some people dont know of the Khalsa, but "up there" Akal Purakh knows all. VJKK VJKF
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