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  1. Install IpodLinux and unlock recording capabilities free of any hardware.
  2. that was by far the STUPIDEST comment i've heard on this forum... who the hell do u think u are? His comments shouldn't have been a shock, as we have so many radical members here.
  3. Mamma teri slah mangi ah mein?
  4. This maybe offtopic but bro, Kurtas, your pictures wern't and arn't funny. Almost lame.
  5. Agreed. He has a bright future in the Bhangra industry. Lehmber who?
  6. Singing is manmat? Wow, its appalling how you can relate a strip club to a group of kids singing in punjabi. Stop being a fanatic. This videos taken out of context, by someone wanting to stirr up some controversy
  7. So would you be content with him being imprisoned for life? Because thats as far as it will go if he is charged. They won't hang him like our shaheeds Sukha & Jinda, Satwant & Kehar Singh were.
  8. hahaha chargesheet?! Do we as Sikhs still have a false belief that the judicial systems that have failed us for 15 years will give us justice now? A true Sikh of the Guru would take it upon himself like Udham Singh did. It seems you are quite easily satisfied with the life imprisonment of KPS Gill.
  9. You were man enough when you was screwing about. Be man enough and take the responsibility.
  10. Do you honestly think this is the best place to learn how to make a parota? Its a no brainer, to go ask your mom or bibi.
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