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  1. everyone has time to make a change. Even he could pack his bags to be with his family in the USA and leave the 2 bedroom flat he worked so hard for - its about letting go of some things to get what you really need and that is family - children
  2. I think our youth drives our youth away. We have a lot of love but we also feel we need to compete with our own. Instead of thinking 'interesting idea' we say 'no that is different to what I think therefore it must be wrong'. But you do have love in you which is why you wrote this post its just that you haven't shown it its just dug deep inside you and come out in this post :-)
  3. If anyone is planning to make a video in response I would recommend that you make it appear like a part 2 of the video and people click on it and watch the response. Then ask these idiots if its 12 o'clock.
  4. I'll try and sound more serious next time but I wasn't joking I was serious. Ban non keshdharis from the matrimonial service. You shouldn't be allowed to come to the Gurdwara and request to meet clean shaven people. But at the same time as someone mentioned above you have the separate problem continuing that a lot of people are moving away from sikhi and that's something that needs to be worked on as well. I think men in turbans always look good but like some mona men they don't care for their appearance generally and that is obviously not helpful but you should have enough love for your religion to want to a turbaned sikh over a mona anyday
  5. I guess then why not have a small protest or something at the local gurdwaras that only amritdharis should be allowed to be part of the matrimonial service. It might close down for a few months (LOL) but then amritdharis will also start to use it. Right now many amritdharis I know don't need the service as they have their 'sikh societies' to meet others and so many are marrying through that circle (right or wrong is irrelevant in this topic).
  6. Let's start again. I (the emphasis being on I with the expectation that my personal views are respected as everyone is entitled to their own harmless view) go to the Gurdwara any time of the day and any time of the month and year. I respect Harmandir Sahib rules that women cannot do sewa in certain places etc and if this is because women menstruate then I respect that reason as well if that is the reason. Therefore, if I am on my cycle I will choose to continue to do langar sewa but will choose not to do chaur sahib sewa at the Gurdwara. No one has insulted anyone's sisters. I was being accused of that simply for having an opinion on a topic which we are all openly to discuss. There is no research to be done. If I don't feel 'clean' then I apologise from the bottom of my heart for feeling that way. Read carefully, I have been saying throughout that you assume Kully. You seem to just turn it back on me. LOL about the placenta. I won't go into detail about where the blood comes out of you do your research there. I stated an opinion now please let's get over it and in English class we were always taught not to use exclamation marks as they would suggest that you are shouting but that's also a teacher's opinion which is irrelevant.
  7. If I was angry I would be speaking as Kully does. I am not angry and I am not hurt. Where have I said I am hurt? Now you are both not reading my posts properly which is why you write what you do. Yes it is up to the individual and I still go to the Gurdwara then. You say you 'can' even understand the point I am making so then that's good we understand one another's view points. When women give birth the baby is taken away to be cleaned. You don't give birth and then go straight to the Gurdwara to matha tek you would tink oh better clean the baby first. You are not dirty as in no one can touch you etc. Also being on a forum where people make accusations and use exclamation marks for a small disgareement says a lot about us sikhs and your responses just further support my point. This is the youth of today. If we don't agree with you you are ignorant. You are naive and you just insulted our sisters.
  8. Kaljugi its not always of course but I am irritated that a lot of men including sikh men try to do all they can to impress girls. Ranjeet Singh it is not amusing but it is a fact. Everyone turns up dressed as a sikh on the wedding day. You cannot ban people from marrying unless they are sikh otherwise you need to be prepared for all the other problems: people 'becoming' sikh for a few months just for the anand karaj if the person must follow one important rule in sikhism of not cutting hair then the rest of the important rules also need to be followed. No one is going to accept that a sikh should just tick the outer appearance boxes. What if he has criminal convictions etc. Also I just dont think the Gurus would have turned away anyone of any religion to marry according to sikhism. I dont disagree with what everyone is saying I just think there would be many problems along with that.
  9. I don't feel hurt. I am saying people like you can easily hurt a young person with your immature attitude. That is the problem with you you don't read anything. I did compare periods to urine. This is pathetic. I don't care if the urine comes from the bladder or somewhere else - I say its not clean because of what it comes out of. Does everything need to be spelt out to kids? I would say that when a woman is urinating its kinda not pure. The person is not impure the blood is, the urine is. Why do you need to bring great women into this? I didn't call the women impure this is plain dumb. You have so much anger in you - what's with the exclamation marks - do some paath. LOL if I call your mothers and sisters dirty then that doesn't make me naive it makes me rude - how old are you? Or perhaps we can end this topic here and next time I will remember that we are not allowed to give our views on a sikh discussion forum lol.
  10. LOL every groom comes to the wedding wearing a turban with a kirpan so hard to prove. A lot of women prefer non turbaned 'sikhs' these days but banning them from the anand karaj is perhaps a step too far as then they will say why is the other person allowed to get married in the Gurdwara who is amrit dhari but eats meat and then the meat debates start etc etc LOL. I think the real issue is not that all sikhs are allowed to marry at the Gurdwara but that many girls prefer guys that are non turbaned. If girls prefered turban guys they would all be tying turbans.
  11. The job you do doesn't matter as long as you do a job that is not morally 'wrong'. Be a cleaner. Work in a shop as a shop assistant. Become a shelf filler. Do a job that you do well and then work your way up to something even better. Once you have some savings go back to college or uni and do what you want to. You need to get up and try to improve every little part of your life because little things give you a lot of happiness. Find a small job earn money and learn to spend that money wisely and go out and make friends. Join local groups. Get to know people. Be friendly - not overly though. Your life paused go and restart it. If your car shuts off you don't just sit in it you turn the engine on again dont you?
  12. lol she is not acting hastily. I think you should try marriage counselling together to be able to voice your concerns and maybe take it from there. May sound silly but it is not - why don't you take a hukamnama for advice? Guruji does give the best advice
  13. I simply said that I don't think a woman is completely pure when she has her period. So I don't agree that she can do all sewa. Where did I say she cannot go to the Gurdwara? Are you all reading with your eyes closed. I am not being naive. I am a woman I have a period yet I am naive, ignorant etc - how does that make sense? If I agree with many other sikhs that women should not do 'some' sewa when they are on their period then I am sorry for having that opinion. I do go to the gurdwara and would think it is wrong if a woman didn't go at that time. That is the problem with us sikhs we just insult anyone that doesn't agree with us and we think we are being polite. I don't care I am just sitting at the back of the computer typing but some young sikh comes to a gurdwara and is told 'we can all agree you are naive' would feel so upset and feel like she is being bullied. As sikhs we are supposed to have love for everyone but on the forum I see a lot of insults, and some of think it is cool to be rude and get support from other members for their pathetic opinions. If you are still playground kids I can understand the need to appear cool.
  14. ignorant - have you had periods? Urine is dirty and blood from there is all clean lets bathe in it. Sorry to be offensive but I dont agree
  15. I agree when you marry in Gurujis presence then why is divorce on paper alone. Why not go back to the Gurdwara and agree it there or have some sort of agreement there..... or argument lol.
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