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  1. I can understand Bhenji, the panth is full of hypocrites who on one hand say it's necessary to keep kes and then turn around with no shame and say that bibian with a lot of facial hair need to get it sorted out. What sort of message is that sending to the girls in our panth!?!
  2. I've seen your posts in the other thread too....don't mean to be rude veerji, but just because you yourself cannot accept a bibi with that much facial hair, it doesn't mean other Singhs won't. There are many Singhs who can't, but there are also many Singhs who can, will and DO. Secondly...I have never come across a singhni who has a holier than thou attitude because they keep their kes....generally being able to keep their kes to that degree and overcome societal norms/pressure/bullying etc is a sign of a pretty high avastha...they obviously do a lot of baani and have a lot of faith in Guru jee - this baani and faith also helps them remain humble. You seem to have many preconceived ideas and are clearly trying to point fingers at them from all angles. I'm sorry if I have misinterpreted your posts but that's what it looks like. Fair enough you don't accept such facial hair but keep your prejudices to yourself. It's hard enough for singhnis with facial hair having to deal with taunts from other cultures but then have to deal with apne raising fingers too!!!
  3. Fortunately, bhenji doesn't need your support....she has brilliant sangat and a brilliant fiance who support her...not to mention immeasurable kirpa!!!
  4. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but what can be done about the self-harm issue now that it has been brought to the forefront? Is something lacking in parenting skills? Are parents not raising strong children? I don't mean to be rude, but when I think of Shaheeds and other historical figures, they faced so much but never felt sorry for themselves and gloated in their own misery. We are definitely surrounded by exposed to such media more, but if we had the same faith and sharda and endeavoured to instill that into our children would we still have the same problems? It's hard growing up as a teenager in the western world, definitely. Children are easily brainwashed by the media - but how to we make them strong enough not to care? I know many children who wear bana and do bani and are proud of it at Gurdwara and smagams....yet when in among western children they feel ashamed....their pride depends on the environment they're in....how do we create more Balpreet Kaur's so to speak?
  5. "And there’s a fine Sikh family too, the Jawandas, both the parents charming doctors, though even they miss how unhappy one of their daughters has become, so tormented by Fats about her hairiness, both in person and on Facebook, that she cuts herself." For some reason, not really liking the sound of this book!
  6. http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/world/jk-rowlings-adult-novel-divides-critics/story-e6frfkui-1226483035194 It's an adult novel apparently. Not appropriate for all ages, unfortunately.
  7. Bhai Parminder Singh: Bhai Manvir Singh: Bhai Sukha Singh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OF7CwRX9Jqo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SniQtLT97Xo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgTuB2kspo8 ​Bhai Anterjot Singh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9krela1PuPk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-DptGsRdnE Pls add to the list all!
  8. I find it is impractical for me too, but that doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. As a girl though, I don't go out of my way to talk to Singhs, and I would expect that most Singhs wouldn't go out of their way to talk to their 'sisters'. This is what is meant by Bhai Harnam Singh, if contact isn't necessary, it the chitchat is trivial, then why bother with it? There's also two ways of looking at the avoidance issue. Firstly, you can confront the 5 chor and fight them that way, although personally, that wouldn't work for me as more times than not, I would fail that task (e.g. moh is something that is a very big problem for me on a personal level, but I can't really avoid my family lol). Secondly, you could try avoid them at first, and build up your jeevan until you get to a point where exposure has little to no effect on you. If Sikhs are meant to partake in the world, why do most Gursikhs discourage watching movies/listening to music? Because it promotes the 5 chor, and thus discouraging that behaviour is pretty much saying 'avoid that which will attract you to dust'. Avoiding eye contact is the same thing, albeit a different approach.
  9. A quote from Se Kinehiya: "This incident gave Baba Ji such great fortitude and willpower that, for the 34 years he lived amongst his family and the village, he never looked upon another woman with bad intentions. He would go about his daily work, in and around his house, with his gaze lowered, in respect and humility. As a result, of this thinking, lustful thoughts would never arise in his mind or cloud his conscience. Except for his mother, Baba Ji would avoid trivial chitchat with other women.......He did not feel any temptation from desires, in attaining spiritual heights. He believed that the eyes play a major role in making our mind wander outside. Whatever a man sees with his eyes, is received by the mind and under the attraction of materialistic things, the mind then wanders outwardly. The more we try to control this extrovert nature of the mind, the quicker we'll be able to concentrate our mind on meditation. All spiritual achievements are proportional to the concentration of our mind. It is essential that the mind be controlled, by restraining the eyes" (pgs 47 and 48). Veer Ji, it worked for Sant Harnam Singh, there's no reason why the idea should be brushed off as silly and laughed about. These were the bachans of Mahapurakh, not just silly old me who knows nothing and is in no state to be giving advice to others. It may not be practicable at all times, but when it can be, then why not?
  10. tried looking for the source (it was a blog post) but couldnt find it again. I did find this however: "Although they were ex-communicated from the Panth : Sukha and Jinda cut their hair before becoming shaheeds. They were ranked in the top 10 hitlist by India's FBI police. And they wanted to get General Vadiya back from invading the Golden Temple. I still beileve they were shaheeds, and they should still be labelled as Sikhs. They cut their hair, early that morning by themselves with a knife, and trimmed their dharis. Then went to the bank, handled their business and never cut their hair again. Even in jail they grew it back out, they asked for Amrit, but, like always some Sikhs argued against it, and they were not given Amrit." (Post #9 at http://www.sikhsanga.../4065-kurehits/)
  11. Wait, was Longowal on the other side!? I know he was killed by a Kharkoo but I've always been told it was a case of misunderstanding! That letter doesn't show him in a very favourable light though...sorry if this is off-topic.
  12. I've just read somewhere that Sukha and Jinda were actually excommunicated from the panth and were not allowed to receive Amrit whilst in jail before their Shaheedi. I obviously am unaware of the complete circumstances that surrounded their Shaheedi (I know they assassinated General Vaidya, and rightly so in my opinion), but don't understand the whole idea of excommunication? Two questions, why were they excommunicated and what is the process of excommunication in our panth (i.e. how does the Panth go about excommunicating someone). Please correct me if my information is wrong, I've only read this from one source.
  13. Oh thank you so much! I can understand Punjabi! I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me understand this concept Veerjee. Maharaj Kirpa Karan!
  14. Excellent points, will definitely try these. Although not sure if I'm alone in this, but the reason I generally have a problem waking up at amrit vela is because I'm always cold IN bed, and expect that it will be colder outside of bed lol and so I lay shivering in my rajayee rather than getting up. Usually by 7ish the sun is up and warms the room up. Any way to overcome this?
  15. You can talk about it, or you can experience it. I haven't experienced it myself, but I'm assuming there's no A, B, C to it, and no step by step routine....just something one automatically experiences once their kamaai or bhagti has reached a certain level? In other words, jado Maharaj di kirpaa hoyee, udho aapeyi patha lag jaana how rom rom rom simran happens! Correct me if I'm wrong please.
  16. That simran is too chardeekala! Bibi Dileep Kaur also has a version of this (you can find it on Sikhnet)...don't know the keys though
  17. I think you should chill out C'mon Veerjee! There's more important things to worry about then a girl who likes you! Spend the time you spend worrying japping naam and watch how everything resolves itself
  18. I've recently started becoming a little wary (not necessarily scared) when alone in the dark too, but jap naam or put Kirtan Sohila on repeat (I recommend Kirtan Sohila sang by Bibi Rena Kaur...you can find it on youtube, may Bhenji forever remain at the Blessed Charan of Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji)....it soothes the mind and helps you sleep
  19. You and I are like peas from a pod. Keep yourself busy at home and loneliness won't touch you. I usually read books, youtube Sikhi things, try learning kirtan, listen to kathas, or just talk to family members...day passes like water from a jug to a cup.
  20. Look down and don't look into their eyes....I think Sant Baba Harnam Singh Rampur Khera Vale used to do this (don't quote me).
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