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  1. Who resides in the Sangat ? Guru. So the Guru is sangat and the sangat is Guru. So would you not want to serve our Guru the best you can? So what if people come to the Gurdwara for the food, make the best and let them come. Have big hearts guys, Guru tha langar sabho awaay, let them come the house of Guru Nanak is open to all. Tell you what, you moaners why don't you cook up dhal and roti at home for a week you will soon get chittar. This is Guru ghar, let it be the best you can, make the best and serve the best and Guru ji will smile on you. What is wrong with the proliferation of Akahnd Paaths and Sukhmani sahibs, you think people were doing a sin ! Why shouldn't they do paaths at the gurdwara and why shouldn't you make the best langar you can? Everyone has sharda and everyone wants to make the best . Bar humbug to the lot of yer! ?
  2. Ha Ha we don't have any problem going into a pub or a club or a betting shop, but WHAT go into place of worship? God forbid! It's is a place of worship. what you think they do there? Go by all means, listen and observe and be respectful, just don't participate in any of the worshipping of the statues.
  3. Being spiritual doesn't mean we have to be glum. Enjoy life, be happy , look at the wonderous nature around you. Make a cake, get your close family around you, recite the names of the Gurus and Shahids and cut the cake. Celebrate the fact that you have been given a human life. Celebrate the fact that you are born in a Sikh family. Celebrate the fact that you are following the path of your Guru. Celebrate the fact that your father is Guru Gobind Singh Ji, your mother is Mata Sahib Kaur Ji and you are from Anandpur Sahib. Why wouldn't you celebrate your birthday ?
  4. OP be very careful These JW will not stop no matter what you say or do and before you know it you will be snared. They make it their mission to convert you by being nice and kind. Don't fall into the trap, be RUDE if you need be , tell her to sling her hook, tell her to get lost! or she will not stop . They are a set way they first talk, then come into your house then invite you to their church and before you know it they got you. Stay with your Guru, no one it better !
  5. That is exactly the reason why Guru Ji went to Mecca, to break the rules of so called pious people who only payed lip service to worshipping the Almighty. When was Guru Ji ever scared to confront false rituals, Guru Ji went to Mecca to show the people the true path to God. It is written in Bhai Gurdass //'s are you saying they are wrong also? Guru Ji visited the centres of all the major eastern faiths. Guru Ji went to Varanasi, does that make Guru Ji a Hindu? Guru Ji travelled all the way to Nepal and in to the Himalayas does that make Guru Ji a Buddhist ? Only Guru Ji is claimed by all faiths, do the hindus claim Mohammad ? Do the muslims claim Krishan Ji? Glory be to Guru Nanak Dev Ji that all try to claim Guru Ji and the most amazing thing is that Guru Ji belongs to all of them, all they have to do is open their hearts to the love of Guru and the path is there to be followed.
  6. Bundha

    What to do?

    Benji, You can do paath for his atam, it will reach him. Do Chaupai Sahib Paaths or if you can do Sukhmani sahib paaths. Get his mother to do chaupai sahib if you cannot do that then just do 10 mins of mool mantra. It gets to them and helps them. When you see a funeral motorcade go by just say in your mind "Guru Ji I am going to do Chaupai Sahib paath for the atma of this body going by". Do Chaupai sahib ji, it will help the atma departed and you have done a punn and you will also get blessing. Just think, the atma who may never have done any paath at all and is stuck somewhere very frightening and they won't let it pass because it has no naam. You do chaupai Sahib, bani uchaared by Guru Gobind Singh Ji so the benefit is going to be immense , and as a result the atma is let through, how greatful will that atma be to the person who has just helped it, you gonna get big blessing !
  7. You have to ask yourself why are any of us here ? The majority of us are here because of our unfinished account. But instead of clearing that account and moving on to a better place we increase that account by doing bad deeds. We become attached to this realm and its false senses and illusions and so we get stuck in a loop – avoe - Jaoe . We commit karm and then that karm comes round and depending on how we react to it we either increase or decrease the account and so it goes on. Apay he beej apay he khaoe, Nanak hukami avoe jao. What we sow so shall we reap and within His hukam we come and go. Only until we grasp the pulla of our Guru can we look up and hope for some salvation. Even then it is not an easy journey. But the important thing is you have started the journey. “ A baby is born, breathes once and dies ” explain. Same sort of question as the OP and the abhramanic faiths cannot explain it.
  8. Just to throw a spanner in the works lads! In Gurbani it says that Gurus were PARGAT. - Satguru Nanak PARGATIA, mitti dhundh jagg channan hoea. It never says Satguru Nanak jummia, it is PARAGAT - pargat is not same as taking birth. In other places, PARGATIA maradh aggummra, variaam akaala, Vahoe Vahoe Gobind Singh appay Gur-chailla. It never says jammia or taking birth, if it was birth it would have said but it says manifest.
  9. The main thing is that he died a Sikh, how amazing is that ? Of all the underhandedness, the deceit, the manipulation, the isolation, the brainwashing that he had to endure, BUT still he came back to his true father and died a Sikh, is that not amazing. They converted him to Christianity and made him live his whole life as a Christian . Okay, he didn't live a true Sikh life, but can we blame him for what he went through? In the end he was our brother, our Singh, Guru-tha-piyara. Is that not something we should feel good about ? Just look outside your window and you will see a dozen bozo's who are supposed to be Sikhs but look more like musslay, they have mothers and fathers, they have friends and family and good advisers, they go to Gurdwara yet they have not chosen Gurus path, Duleep Singh had no one, absolutely no one to lean on , no shoulder to cry on, all that pain and anguish pent up in him for all his life, yet at the end he became a Sikh, for whatever reason, he became our Bhai and died a sikh. I know you guys will never be happy, but is that not something you can maybe begrudgingly see was a pretty amazing thing ?
  10. So, one of you would like to give Duleep Singh a thuppar and the rest of you would just diss him. Must make you feel so big as Sikhs. This was a 9 year old child who was ripped from his mothers arms, taken away from all that he loved and was isolated. No mother, no family, no friends, no advisors, nobody to give him any guidance. He was surrounded by evil people who manipulated him for their own means, he had nobody to turn to. They then set him up with a paster. He manipulated him and slowly his brain was washed. He had no choice, he was a child surrounded by those who just used him. The british let him loaf about and do his thing, renovating his house etc but kept a close eye on him and never let him meet any other Sikhs. Is this what Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us? Did Guru Ji give Sujjan Tagh a thuppar? Rather than say, if I met him - I would give him a huge hug, taking away the pain and suffering he endured for all those years - you would give him a thuppar! Where are your feelings as a Sikh? Your compassion, your empathy, your understanding of his situation? Is this what todays Sikhs are like ?
  11. Sant Bhagwan Singh Ji Khalsa - Essey Preet Gobind Sioo Lagee. Raag changes galore !
  12. One pangtai explains it all - Apay beej apay-he khaw, Nanak hukami aavo jao. What we sow is what we reap. Simples. When we do bad karam we do not care, we go ahead and do them. When those karam come round and we have to work through them, then we cry and howl - I am such a good person, I do my paath, I do sewa, I never done anything wrong, why is this happening to me. We forget those bad karam we did. Maybe we did them in a previous life but those karam made in ego and karodh will come back to haunt us. Guru Ji got nothing to do with it, we are the makers of our own misery.
  13. Bhaji, Ask them to recite Japji Sahib. This is minimum. Ask them to recite Jaap Sahib, Amrit Sawaya, Benti Chaupai, and Anand Sahib. This will give you a good indication as to their avastha. Tell them that as part of their appointment they will also be expected to clean sangat shoes and toilet duties. This will give indication of nimarta. Bhaji I would refrain from calling it "My Gurdwara", it may be just a figure of speech but we need to have nimarta ourselves also. Even when something is yours always say it is not yours , it is Guru gifted, it is blessed by Guru Ji. Gurdwara is Gurus.
  14. Guru Arjan Dev Ji was Guru, Guru Ji could have blessed Mata Ji with a child, but instead told mata ji to seek the blessing of Baba Buddha Ji, but why ? The reason is that sant/mahapursh are Guru Ji's beloved. They are so close to the Guru that Guru Ji will bestow honour to them. In Punjabi we call it Vadhyai. Guru Ji bestows honour to them with things that they can quite easily do them selves. Like a father pushing forward the son and honouring him to do something rather than doing himself. Just like Guru Ji asked Mian Mir Ji to lay the first stone of Harmindar Sahib, they bestowed that honour to a sant/mahapursh. This is how close sant/Mahapursh/Bhagats are to Guru Ji and we should take a lesson from this sakhi, do utmost respect of these spiritual souls , Guru Ji is very happy with them and if we respect them Guru Ji will be happy with us.
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