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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, I really appreciate it!! I have had my eyes tested recently and everything is OK! I have always had anaemia for as long as I can remember, but I never experience these sorts of severe constant headaches before tying a dastaar, and I still don't when I tie my hair in a plait....but I will definitely take on your advice and make sure that I consult the doctor about this again!! He is aware of my headaches and has only ever told me to take supplements!! To the veerji above, I really appreciate that input because sometimes I feel that they are a result of a lack in my spiritual life!
  2. "Melbourne: A Sikh man was found guilty of domestic violence and sexual attacks against his Indian wife by a court in New Zealand. The man was yesterday found guilty by a jury at the Napier District Court on multiple counts of rape, assault and threatening to kill for a series of attacks against his wife in 2012. The man cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the victim, who came to New Zealand from India after marring him, NZ Herald reported today. The jury spent more than four hours deliberating on Tuesday and yesterday, before returning guilty verdicts on eight charges and a not guilty verdict on one charge. The court heard the man kept a 45cm-long knife by their bed to intimidate and frighten his wife into having sex. As well, he physically abused and threatened to kill her. Police in Hastings said the Indian woman, who broke away from her arranged marriage to tell them of her husband's recurring sexual attacks and beatings, was particularly brave, the report said. Police detective Rob Parker said it showed domestic violence and that type of abuse "exists in all facets of society, it doesn't matter the culture or the demographic". "...this complainant has been particularly brave. She had no one to turn to. Not only was she battling the cultural aspect, but she was in a foreign country," he said. " http://www.ndtv.com/article/diaspora/indian-origin-man-found-guilty-of-domestic-violence-rape-in-new-zealand-495224 Although this is disgusting, funny how NDTV have gone out of their way to label him a "Sikh" man.
  3. Brushing issues like this under the carpet because they were found innocent in a court of law means nothing. What about all the people found innocent in Indian Courts despite being clearly responsible for murdering Sikhs in 1984? We are a strong and proud community and our Gurus have left us a beautiful legacy that we should be promoting to the world. We can only do that once we solve the issues and misconceptions we have amongst ourselves. Many people think Sikhs are a hypocritical joke because of this incident and quite frankly I don't want this stain on us in the international spotlight, but I also don't want to be an <banned word filter activated> that denies it ever occurred if it did like I previously have. Many of my Punjabi friends even think Amritdhari Sikhs are terrorists and have brought up the Air India bombing before and I've just brushed over it and didn't do any research because I thought "no that can't be true we were framed". Now that I am though, questions are arising. We need to stick together and figure out how to solve these issues. Sikhi believes in justice, not revenge. Justice is bringing someone who has done wrong to justice and making him pay for his actions. Revenge is taking it out on people who had nothing to do with anything. I know many years have passed and we may never know the full story, but I think as young, educated Sikhs we should no better than to just decide not to talk about it.
  4. Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I apologise if this topic has been discussed countless times before, I have read previous discussions and done by own research on this but have failed to any real conclusion and am thus turning to SikhSangat for help. I came across the Air India Flight 182 incident whilst reading up news and facts about the recent incident of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. As far as I am aware, the Air India Flight 192 bombing was conducted by Babbar Khalsa members in retaliation for Operation Bluestar. I am unaware of how true this is and the details surrounding it, but considering one of the men Inderjit "Singh" Rayat has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and to making the bomb I assume this may well be somewhat accurate. As I don't live in Canada, I was unaware of this whole thing. I googled Inderjit Singh and my word, all I could think of was how can a man who looks like that do something as horrible as this! Looks can be so deceiving, he looks like your average Baba Ji. As a Sikh, I am honestly DISGUSTED if this was done by Sikhs no matter what the reasoning. I admire our shaheeds like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and Sukha Jinda so much, I admire Bhai Hawara Ji and Balwant Singh Rajoana Ji, but these Singhs never went out of their way to kill innocent people. However, bombing a plane and killing 300+ people for no reason is beyond me and disgusts me to the core. It makes me ashamed, it is embarrassing. I can never ever see Guru Gobind Singh Ji condoning this behaviour in any way or form. It is not Sikhi. Please tell me this was not done by Sikhs. Please tell me it was a conspiracy. Please tell me Inderjit Singh Rayat has been framed, and that innocent looking face isn't the mask of a mass murderer.
  5. any coverage on sikh channel or other sikh channels? waheguru...
  6. What is happening to our community? Living in fear for her son: The mother-of-five who woke up one morning to find her little Mikaeel had vanished Ever since the appalling moment when she realised Mikaeel was not in his bed, Rosie Kular has been enduring her own private agony. She has been comforted by her mother and specially trained police as both officers and members of the public search for her three-year-old son. Indeed, it is impossible to imagine what has gone through her mind since 7.15am on Thursday when she realised the little boy was missing from the family’s first-floor flat. +5 +5 Ever since the appalling moment when she realised Mikaeel (right), three, was not in his bed at their flat in Edinburgh, Rosie Kular (left) has been enduring her own private agony So who is Miss Kular, the 33-year-old mother of five whose family have been catapulted into an unwelcome spotlight? She was brought up in a detached house in an upmarket part of Edinburgh. Her father Gurbux, who is from India, died aged just 43 when she was in her teens. Her mother Harjinder, 60, has since married twice, most recently to Dr Bangarpet Krishnaswamy, 69, a GP originally from Bangalore, who also develops properties in Scotland. More...Missing Mikaeel, 3, hasn't been seen at nursery for a month: Huge hunt by army of volunteers for child as police speak of 'grave concern' for his safety He is the director of East Neuk Healthcare, which owns a 40-bed nursing home in Anstruther, Fife. The family live in a large two-storey detached home on a small upmarket estate, with a navy Jaguar and dark blue Volvo parked in front of the property. After studying at comprehensive Balwearie High School in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Miss Kular went to Fife College and graduated with a HND in beauty therapy, which she now uses to run her own mobile health and beauty studio. +5 Among Miss Kular's friends was Mohammed Omar Abdi, 25, who was killed in a gang gun battle in Edinburgh last year. Both pictured, above She works full time and has also been listed as a director at an IT company. For a time she was a customer services assistant with a gas company. At 24, and heavily pregnant, she married Omotoso Adekoya, a Nigerian taxi driver who had originally come to the UK to study. Three months later she gave birth to son Tarun, their first of three children born in four years. David was born in 2006 and daughter Renuka came two years later. The relationship broke down, however, and although the couple are not divorced Mr Adekoya lives in an apartment near Miss Kular in Edinburgh. His mother said he is a ‘gentle person’ who was so devastated by the breakdown of his marriage that he has not met anyone since. By 2010, Miss Kular gave birth to her fourth and fifth children – twins Mikaeel and Ashika, who have had no contact since with their Pakistani father. +5 After studying at comprehensive Balwearie High School in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Miss Kular went to Fife College and graduated with a HND in beauty therapy, which she now uses to run her own mobile health and beauty studio Among Miss Kular’s friends was Mohammed Omar Abdi, 25, who was killed in a gang gun battle in Edinburgh last year. Abdi, the son of a senior Muslim cleric, was often seen at Miss Kular’s family home and posed in pictures with her on Facebook. He was gunned down during a high-speed chase between two rival gangs in the early hours last May. Abdi was facing drugs charges at the time after officers found a ‘significant quantity’ of crack cocaine and cash during a raid. Six men face trial accused of killing him. +5 Members of the public assist the police with the search in the Silverknowes area of Edinburgh for missing three-year-old boy Mikaeel Kular yesterday Miss Kular, in one online posting, says of herself: ‘Just me, myself and I... oh yeah, with a brood of five monsters, six if you count the man indoors!’ In another, she adds: ‘Work full time which is a bit crapiola but it’s got to be done eh!’ Miss Kular links to various groups promoting local parties and DJs on Facebook, and writes on Twitter that ‘boring is only a state of mind’. After a busy evening a couple of years ago, she posted: ‘I’m good, slightly hungover lol but nothing I can’t handle.’ And in another online message, she said she was ‘still alive... just!’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2541557/Rosie-Kular-The-mother-five-woke-one-morning-little-Mikaeel-vanished.html#ixzz2qiPgIwnI BREAKING NEWS: Body of young boy recovered in Fife and one person detained by police searching for missing toddler Mikaeel Kular The body of a young boy has been discovered in connection with the search for Mikaeel Kular Mother-of-five, Rosie Kular, 33, has been detained in connection with the death, according to Sky sources Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said the investigation will continue and thanked public for support Hundreds of local volunteers helped in a search for the boy who disappeared 48 hours ago Officers sealed off communal bins as they continued the search Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2541111/Body-young-boy-recovered-Fife-one-person-detained-police-searching-missing-toddler-Mikaeel-Kular.html Waheguru waheguru waheguru. Baisti for the Punjabi community.
  7. Ravi Singh from Khalsa Aid posted this status: "SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM INSIDE PRISON: Sangat Ji. I had a call today from one of the Singhs who along with several other Singhs is locked up for the Leicester incident. His asked me to ask you all to do an Ardas for them as they will appear in court on Friday for sentencing. Please DON'T make any comment about the case! Please feel free to leave a message of support. It was good to hear from the Singh , he told me that they are all in CHARDI KALAN !!" Can someone please shed some light on what is going on for the sangat who live outside of the UK and are unaware? Why are our Singhs in jail in the UK? Has something been happening at the protests? Bhul Chuk Maaf
  8. This. Now with the Boston attack it's unlikely we'll get a lot of media coverage anyway...it pisses me off because it's like the world only cares about loss of life when it's about white people. I know in my country, when the Winconsin shooting happened it was shown once on each news channel at one time and never mentioned again...when all the other tragedies happen where the majority of the victims were white people it was all over the news for days on end. Same goes for the white people on my facebook. When the winconsin shooting happened the only people posting about it was sikhs and muslims, "brown" people per say. Not a single white person. Now my newsfeed is flooded with messages of sympathy and sadness expressed at the boston attacks. It's not that I'm not devastated about it, I am. It was tragic event, loss of innocent life always is but it's like certain lives are valued by the western world more than others...and that value is seemingly based on skin colour and background...the Winconsin shooting happened on American soil too so it has nothing to do with countries...all to do with ethnicity.
  9. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/bhullar-security-up-time-with-family-cut-to-10-minutes-from-4-hrs-per-day/1103163/1 So so sad...article says he only weighs 57 kg at the moment. Inhumane bastards.
  10. http://www.dnaindia.com/india/1822536/report-badal-opposes-death-to-bhullar-congress-furious
  11. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Khalistani-terrorist-Bhullar-likely-to-be-hanged-secretly/articleshow/19549814.cms I am unsure as to what to make of this news...security has obviously been stepped up in Punjab as a number of reports are coming through confirming this. Police presence has been increased in cities like Jalandhar and Amritsar, and the Akali party has asked for army presence in punjab as per unconfirmed reports. Does this mean that the execution is likely to happen in the next few days? What can be done? Who can directly intervene? Organisations such as Amnesty International clearly hold no weight in this issue. I feel like the only avenue is pressure on the Punjab govt and Indian govt...whether that be via the Akal Takhat or other international govts...but we don't have much time. We really need to act fast...are the Sikhs in Punjab even aware of this? I have not seen any news about protests there as was in the case of Balwant Singh Rajoana?
  12. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Khalistani-terrorist-Bhullar-likely-to-be-hanged-secretly/articleshow/19549814.cms Vaheguru
  13. Won't help. I posted on his account about Professor Bhullar...they all got deleted and I got blocked. No point reaching out to those puppets.
  14. I posted on Sukhbir Badal's facebook page about Bhullar Ji...he deleted my posts and blocked me. Lol.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/amnestyglobal/posts/587115671306159 PLEASE give posts like the one above on the amnesty international facebook page a lot of attention and post on the page yourself too! If there's only one or two posts with no comments they will likely be overlooked!
  16. too many of these disgusting sorry excuse for a human beings are cropping up in our community!!! he's already dead...it was a murder-suicide.
  17. http://www.news.com.au/national/terror-left-sargun-ragi-nowhere-to-hide-and-she-was-killed-by-her-estranged-husband-avjit-singh/story-fndo4cq1-1226491011296
  18. http://www.news.com.au/national/terror-left-sargun-ragi-nowhere-to-hide-and-she-was-killed-by-her-estranged-husband-avjit-singh/story-fndo4cq1-1226491011296
  19. I can understand Bhenji, the panth is full of hypocrites who on one hand say it's necessary to keep kes and then turn around with no shame and say that bibian with a lot of facial hair need to get it sorted out. What sort of message is that sending to the girls in our panth!?!
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