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  1. Singh if you have any questions please raise them at your local even as all these questions will be pooled and answered collectively at each event...So again instead of being creating problems why not participate...? Or if you feel the need to get your question answered first please send your question to Sikhyouthforum@hotmail.com thank you.
  2. NEXT WEEK... Friday 17th May ...the SikhYouthForum will launch in 5 locations across the country!! Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Southall. Creating UNITY in our community.....Get involved!! The forum will have a NON-judgmental and interactive approach in educating us about our faith & history and will also provide support and solutions to problems that our community face. The Forum will start with the Sikh National Anthem, followed by a short presentation on the days topic, followed by an interactive open discussion(s) and ending with Chaupai Sahib and Langar..!!
  3. Just to let you all know that I am in this photograph and was at the show, and the question as to why there are no Sehajdhari in the photo..?! This is because there were none at the SYP show...! However, If any Sehajdhari wish to attend the meeting they will be held in most local Gurughars (see Image) and are MORE then welcome to attend and are encouraged to attend the meeting as they are apart of our wider Sikh Community..! So instead of CREATING A LOAD OF CRAP get down to your local meeting and be apart of the SIKH YOUTH FORUM....!
  4. This Fake BABA/SANT using Shabads to promote himself... http://www.hariomgroup.org/gurunanak-jayanti
  5. Was informed today about Karni Nama & read the English translation...& WOW.....BLOWED AWAY.....DHAN DHAN BABA NANAK JI :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:
  6. Is this the place in Handsworth, Birmingham..? Nxt to Soho community center..?
  7. Sorry People I thought I had posted this up earlier but didn't upload for some reason :stupidme: Please Spread the word as we will be there all week...!
  8. Khalsa Ji, We have gained permission to hold A PROTEST VIGIL outside the Indian High Commission, Birmingham, UK...This protest will take place each day from Tuesday till Friday...Between the hours of 8.30 till 6pm....! As planning & getting permission has take a long time PLEASE let all family & firends know about the VIGIL...and get them to come along...! PLEASE SANGAT JI, we want to use this opportunity to PROMOTE THE INJUSTICE IN INDIA AGAINST SIKHS, AND INJUSTICE AGAINST BHAI RAJOANA JI & TO ABOLISH CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN INDIA..! And not just standout side shou
  9. DEMOCRACY...MORE LIKE MOCRACY..! Justice for Sikh's in H'INDIA.. INDIA OPPRESSORS OF HUMAN RIGHTS..! Justice for Sikh's in H'INDIA.. MINORITES IN INDIA = ______???? (NOTHING) Justice for Sikh's in H'INDIA.. REMEMBER 1984 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE...? Justice for Sikh's in H'INDIA.. REMEMBER 1984....? WERES OUR JUSTICE..? Justice for Sikh's in H'INDIA.. Any good to you..?
  10. Please expand on what you mean STOLEN...? As I lived up the road from the old Studio on the High Street...& Things being removed from the studio..!
  11. Folks that Agree this was wrong should voice their oppinions on the DM facebook site for the world to see.
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