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  1. this proves my point!!! had this gorah gone into a gurdwara/or try 2 read bowt sikhi in panjabi, wud he have gon far, had it not been in english? this is how we gona get more converts n inspire non-sikhs. Whilst at the same time promote gurmukhi via panjabi school. good for u goriya!
  2. LOL this man shud b given an award of some sort, but if u want him 2 b rewarded @ akal takht, u need 2 ask badal, not akal takht jathedar, remember badal runs sikhi now apparntly, not jus panjab, unfortunatly.
  3. wow thats incredible. paaji u shud of sed that it was an american shootin at sikhs, but it was also an american who risked his life for others in there (officer murphy). funny how no indian ever apologises like that 2 us for 84' init.
  4. guys where did this flag burning take place? is this in amritsar? if so, how bowt burining india flags instead, wat bandhars, it wasnt american flags on top of american tanks that bibi's waheguru/satnam kaurs gave their shaheedi infront of.
  5. im not gonna lie guys, jus lookin at that well spoken singh, any gorah wud think he a muslim, coz of his dhamalla style pagh, its very pathan in lookin isnt it. These yanks have been fed so many images of ayatollah n afghan rebels over the yrs, u can c y at first glance they shout "bin laden", but again, that doesnt excuse the fact that as sikhs we r 2 blame 4 not bringin n makin r religion more famous/well-known. But these gorahs need 2 educate em selves 2, and the media is tool, which need 2 help us, coz they,as seen the other day, made huge amounts of mistakes on air, with their comments.
  6. LOL yea, thats y he sees no shame in representin a party that attacked our most holiest place in a stage n pre-arranged hamla, gadhaar, he can do 1 , with his crap comments. he gives promotions 2 known politicians involved in delhi genocide of sikhs. Even that bandhar amitabh bachchan has come out with tatti today on his twitter, some1 feelin remorse r they?.... "Not in a mood to tweet any more after learning of the shooting inside Gurudwara .. let us all pray !!! "What is happening in US ..? another shooting of innocents..!! And inside a temple, a Gurdwara .. !! Pained and shocked beyond words" "Terrible news of shooting in Wisconsin, USA, inside Sikh Temple .. O ! Lord ! may all be safe ! This is terrible news !" good 2 c a lot of apnay r givin it back 2 him 2, regardin his role on doordarshan tv in 84.
  7. duno paaji, we ALWAYS get village idiyaat 2 represent sikhs or the pro-india bandhar sikhs, r enemies jus sit back n laugh
  8. soz bro, but the guy gets on my nerves, hes always disliked my posts, kinda gettin sick of his negativity
  9. im watchin CNN here in uk, WHY THE EFF do they keep mentioning hindus in this? i havnt heard anythin regardin cows/callin us an off-shoot etc, but y they keep mentioning hindus for? its doin my nut in. mugs, sorry 2 say it, but yanks r amongst the dumbest population on the planet, end of !! all english and canadians think the same 2, coz these shootings r so regular now, its a joke ting! we r ayyyyrabs n sand n***as 2 these yank gorahs.
  10. bro regarding wat sites, i reckon ppl like jagraj singhs "basics of sikhi" r off the hook, he literally dumbs n breaks it down for ppl. hes jus released new videos explainin how Guru Nanak could NEVER EVER EVER have been a muslim, excellent stuff, which cud educate, especially girls who r continuously told thats hes muslim, so u shud convert 2, which we kno these sullayys say 2 apnay kurriyan. Also listenin 2 katha from sukha singh, bhai manvir singh (a former contributor 2 this site), bhai parminder singh, all these guys can b found on youtbe, which is where majority of kids/ppl spend their time. Even katha from killa from sikh unit, altho his has bits of swearin in it, if u dont mind. http://www.youtube.c...r/basicsofsikhi (jagrajs youtube channel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SZvd5e8jEE
  11. bro i never sed no panjabi or no panjabi school, far from it. But im jus sayin, u want kids 2 actually learn sumink frm goin gurdwara, n need 2 stop it jus becomin a ritual? then things have 2 b done in english, coz if der parent aint teachin em no panjabi or gurdwara/sikhi etiquette, then wat gud is it wen an old geezer speaks panjabi 2 em, n it may aswel have been german? jus look at the langar videos i provided, where blacks n whites came n learnt bowt sikhi, for the first time. if the leaflets/sevadaars/boardings were all in panjabi,wat wud they have learnt? Look at mosques, they will do everythin they can 2 accomodate ppl who r of diffrnt backgrounds n languages. They wil do parchaar in english, jus look at all the undercover mosque documentaries on bbc/channel 4! tho they preach hatred in those videos 2 their sangat, but u notice its all in english? they kno thats how 2 get the message across. safe
  12. bro come off it, have u heard some of the paks tryna speak panjabi, mirpuri or urdu? its a joke, they r no where any better than us. Ask these muslims how 2 read/write in shahmukhi, urdu or pashto? they WILL ALL draw blanks, atleast some apnay have panjabi readin skills. Fair enuff they learn arabic 2 read koran, but how many can talk arabic tho? and actually understand wat is being said/read? This is y so many muslims dont really kno wat the truth behind some of wat the korans actually sayin, coz they r jus readin fake english translation, leavin out embarrasin/controversial stuff. Theres only 2 muslim communities who i rate, and r incerdibly jealous of, that is the pathans (very few in uk, but stil) and bangalis. Bangalis especially i rate highly, coz freshies or uk-born, they can converse ALLLLL day in bangla without puttin in english words, we shud copy der methods. i kno some bangalis who prioritise bangla before arabic! Pashto and bangalis r in my opinion ppl 2 b respected, in regards 2 their youth bein able in der languages. But regardin paks (urdu/panjabi/mirpuri), i have 2 disagree with u there, or maybe its coz we may live in diffrnt areas n experience diffrnt types. But i guarantee u dalsingh, u wont find uk born paks who can read/write in urdu/shahmukhi etc. regards 2 our own problems, wen i originally sed, english in gurdwaras, i didnt therefore mean, no panjabi school or no panjabi on display etc. i mean wen it comes 2 serious parchaar on stage, english has 2 b spoken, coz otherwise, u c r coconut youth will NEVER wake up and realise wat religion they belong to. Look at our parents generation, in uk, they hav got SERIOUS questions 2 answer as 2 how they have failed in gurdwaras. I dont think some of the ppl on this site (not u) have realsied, how coconut-ish some of r youth r. der r some who cant even say hanji, n only can say sat sri akaal, and thats it! Also wat if nonsikhs come gurdwara, wat will they experience or learn wen they cant understand/speak panjabi, imo, englis his the only way now, coz the damage thats been done already, could become irreversible if the dumb committees dont act. safe
  13. BORING NXT.... funny how u never had any come backs 2 any of the stuff i wrote in my post, coz they r near enuff facts. LOL and who is this "we" in feelin sorry for me, its just u saddo.
  14. Lol bro, note taken. i only asked coz sumtimes i speak wit ppl on here thinkin dey r angreji, only for em 2 b canadians or yanks.
  15. bro chek dis video out, i think its a wicked idea, havin a random langar, where it teaches non-sikhs about wat langar is, this is literally takin r religion out for others. all the sevadaars r english speakin youth, leaflets n boards r all in english. look at how many non-sikhs r there, who have learnt bowt sikhi, u never kno wat this event may have done for some1s potential 2 become a better human, or even become a sikh, who knows. Sikh parchaar needs 2 revolutionise itself, these guys have done wicked with this.
  16. cheers bro, i duno wat 2 believ 2 b honest, im keepin my opinions open, so im not dismissin Uk London paajis claims or even wat i wrote. like i mentioned in my 1st post, ive never heard any1 ever discuss this, whether ppl r scared of upsettin ppl, i dont kno, but does any1 have any katha from a sant or quotes from gurbani or dasam granth etc thanks for every1s input so far, we can all learnfrom/teach each other.
  17. shut up u mug, we have had many discussions on this before, and A LOT of ppl have agreed that english parchar is the way. if that isnt the case, then tell me WHY sarb from 'rajona tv' is so succesful? why is jagraj singh of 'basics of sikhi' so succesful? why is bhai parminder singh of north america so succesful? why is bhai sukha singh (gravesend) an absolute LEGEND with his parchaar? Why is kam singh from sikh channel/sangat tv youth show on sundays the highest viewed show on sikh channel last yr? Why is bhai mohan singh (the most respectable sikh in uk right now), able to get his message across to the public ? The answer 2 all these is because its in ENGLISH, but middle class pappus like u think every1 was born with panjabi dictionary in their mind, will never understand this. Tell me when White/black/eastern european/non-panjabis etc ppl come 2 the gurdwara lookin 4 possible guidance 2 their starvin souls, wat r they supposed 2 do wen nutin is available in the worlds neutral language, english?? then they aks a giani, n he cant speak english then wat? Many ppl, who r not born in sikh families, n others who r born in sikh families. hav transformed from sinners 2 members of the khalsa, coz of the internet, which is in ENGLISH! look at how muslims cater for EVERYONE!! they have even recently released a quran, written in gurmukhi panjabi. U and master tara singh r of the same breed, very short sighted of potential, pappu.
  18. thank u bro, n well done for ur info n contribution.
  19. thanks for the feedback guys, BUT.... theres a story in Guru HarGobind's time, wen he met a MASSIVE python/snake, and there were small keeriaa (ants/creatures), who were eatin away at this snake. The sangat asked Guru Ji, how can these ants be able 2 eat away at this snake like that in such great numbers, and why is this happening? Guru Ji sed this is happening coz the snake in his previous life was a fake baba who talked sh!t bowt Guru Nanak (King Of Kings), and those smalle ants r his chelay (followers). He Sucked their blood (money) as a fake baba, now those ants (chelay) r suckin his blood (literally). Also in the Times Of Guru Gobind Singh (King Of ALL Kings), there was an animal (not sure wat, maybe a rabbit??) and Guru Ji told His Baaj (falcon) to go after that animal n kill him immediately. Sangat was shocked and sed why he instructed this act of his baaj. Guru Ji sed that, that animal in his previous janam/life was a liar/cheat who asked for money from my baaj (who was a human in previous life aswel), with no intentions of ever payin it back, and in the end NEVER paid it back. Therefore he instructed his baaj 2 kill that animal as payback, BUT ALSO, as he ordered the killing he also liberated that animal (as acceptance for their forgiveness), c how great our dad was? Also in the battle of chamkaur, a sikh asked Guru Ji wat will happen 2 the soldiers of the mughal army who r just human at the end of the day, n may not b evil, but r jus doin as they r told etc Guru Ji sed, every dushman soldier that gets hit wit my teer (arrows) will be born into a sikh family in their next lifetime. Surely the king did this so they can work off their bad deeds, init? So surely we believe that our present predicament/situation, bad or good, is dependant on our previous life? btw regardin disability, n whether its a punishment from previous janam, i stil dont kno.
  20. speak english at gurdwara with english parchar ,end of!
  21. does mohan singh of SAS know of the 1st "rumour"? we need 2 make sure EVERY case is reported and protested. our community is pure pappu-fied, where ppl keep this 2 themselves, rather than gettin help. There was a girl reportedly sexually abused in bedfordshire few months back, n the sangat protested, so the manchester community shud do the same.
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