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  1. Golmaal?? Nahiii. Jkvlondon's on my wavelength! Amar Akbar Anthony. 1970's
  2. Unfortunately I'm not one of the lucky ones :'(
  3. My name is Anthony Gonsalves. Passport below.
  4. Oh what a blog. As though people have nothing better to do than to point out the faults of others ey. Whatever happened to "bhulan andar sab ko abhul guru kartar"?
  5. You have your reasons for doing what you're doing, I highly doubt any of us could comprehend your situation. But running away from your problems will not solve anything. By all means take a break, go to Darbar Sahib, reset your spiritual state. Do an ardas, ask for guidance. Beg for help. I'd hate to be in your shoes. But who knows what's around the corner? I won't sit here judging you. Maharaj will resolve your affairs. I wish you luck.
  6. "Singhni should look upon her husband as Parmeshwar". ?
  7. I think it's Taksal maryada (don't quote me)
  8. It's the very last thing you should do before you sleep. Some say you should read it whilst seated on your bed facing your pillow.
  9. Lmao I remember that one ?
  10. Wt f?? How'd you even leap to these conclusions?? Cray cray!
  11. You haven't mentioned if you'd actually met this girl. If so, how did she come across in person? Did she seem interested then? Happy/smiling/shy or quiet/miserable. If it's all just been over the phone then it's hard to say if she likes you or not. I mean can you like someone you've only ever spoken to over the phone?? Infatuation maybe. If you haven't met her a few times, I'd back right out of that. 7 years is a huge age gap. I'm assuming she's the younger one. Be very considerate with your next move. This is someone's daughter, someone's sister. If you need to call it off, make sure you've tried your best to make it work first. Go meet her if you haven't already. See how you guys get on etc.
  12. S4NGH


    Just out of curiosity, how old are you? Where you from?
  13. S4NGH


    Am I allowed to comment?? Troll much??
  14. S4NGH


    Our full faith should be in Guru Sahib alone, not in these babay/self proclaimed sants. We alone are guilty for putting these people on pedestals and then when they fall off them, we're hurt, we cry, our faith shakes. Also the recording could be anyone. Personally I wouldn't put it past any of these 'limelight' babay. Listen to their Katha, take what's good, leave what's bad. And ALWAYS REMEMBER, they're humans just like the rest of us. "bhulan andhar sab ko abhul guru kartar".
  15. Have you seen the purpose built Gurdwara in Dubai?
  16. Ruined a completely valid point with that ending. Please refrain from sharing such thoughts in future. Bare in mind that your sisters use this forum too.
  17. What is this "ect ect"? I always thought ECT was a type of psychiatric therapy which essentially uses electrocution to provide relief from mental disorders. It's a therapy I'd heavily recommend to "britain First" supporters. "indian community of Sikhs and hindus" ey? Thankfully, I'm not a part of that community so they can keep their respect to themselves.
  18. I think MisterrSingh has answered OP's question so well to the point where there is nothing any other member could possibly add. ADMIN JI, time to shut the post. ?
  19. Please create an account. Pm me please
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