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  1. Brushed under the carpet. Out of sight out of mind. Pity.
  2. Why did you start drinking? You mentioned it's a recent thing having never really drunk before... So what started it off? Why do you drink? Create an account and feel free to send a personal message veer. It would help you to be open and discuss this issue in detail so we may help as best we can.
  3. There are both good and bad jinns. They have the ability to worship God too. Apparently. It's all very confusing and relies on a number of hadiths- the authenticity of which is questionable. Thankfully we don't need to worry about any of that! Even the Arab Jews of old were known to use the name Allah. I'm not sure if it was exclusive to the Quraysh. But I see your point. I'm sure they have an argument for it.lol This is exactly why we should consider ourselves so lucky that our Guru Maharaj took out the time and had the foresight to pen everything down themselves. We rely on nothing but our Guru. They rely on a book (Qur'an) which has only very recently been standardised (Cairo edition 1955), Hadiths- the authenticity of which are highly questionable, and the Sira i.e. Biographies of the prophet Mohammed. None of which were written or compiled during the time of the prophet himself. It's mind boggling really that he didn't have this foresight. Same applies to Jesus.
  4. Penji we shouldn't rely on arguments made by Christian apologists. Read Surah 53:19-22 for yourself and you'll realise the above argument is in clear contradiction. The moon god (also known as allah) is said to have 3 daughters al-lut al-uzza and manat. The pagans worshipped the moon god allah and his daughters. The Surah in question actually rebukes the pagans belief regarding the daughters. No where in the Qur'an does it actually tell anyone to worship anyone other than the one God, Allah. It also specially states that Allah has no daughters or sons or partners. Why is the moon God and his daughters mentioned but hindu Gods etc are not mentioned? I don't know. I'd assume it's because the Arab pagans called their moon god allah and so they were mentioned to distinguish between him and Allah the Islamic God. Whereas hindu beliefs are very much in contrast to Islam. I've not really looked into it tbh. My assumption is just an assumption and shouldn't be relied upon either.
  5. Hilarious. Typical preachy bakwaas. Without any historical evidence he's just another barking dog. With a terrible stutter... And a pent he long outgrew...
  6. We know that polytheists were present in Mecca at the time of Mohammed. Idols were worshipped around the Kaaba. Whether any of the polytheists were Hindus is unknown and since the idols were destroyed, we don't know if they were of Hindu deities. It's a possibility. The Qur'an + Hadiths do not mention Hindus by name. Pretty certain Mohammed would've come across them though. Aha I don't know about racist but he certainly despised the polytheists who had taken over the "house of God" i.e. Kaaba.
  7. Hit the nail on the head. And if ever we find ourselves being questioned, or in a debate with someone of another faith, we'd at least have an understanding of their angle, perhaps even a response.
  8. I don't know man. If my results showed I was somehow any percentage european/white, I'd be pretty blumin disappointed...
  9. S4NGH


    I always thought that a sword/knife/weapon becomes a kirpan only when it is in the hands of an amritdhari. Otherwise it's just a bladed article/weapon... In the middle east they have a similar looking Khanjar dagger. As a community, we are by far the most easily offended these days. It's no wonder these people keep instigating us because they know they'll get a reaction. Free publicity for the film and Fernandez. Theres no such thing as bad publicity right? My 2 pence.
  10. Let the dog bark. He's obviously not here with a genuine desire to learn. His head is stuck too far up his behind.
  11. Is there an audio of Santji saying this? Could you please share? Thanks ji
  12. Ha ya Welsh sheep sha... That's crazy man. Could you share the link of the test you took? I'd like to give it a go
  13. What's dumb is your closed mindset. Again and again gurbani tells us Guru and God are one and the same, there's no difference. And yet you keep fighting your lost corner as though you somehow have more intellect than Guru? Yeah it's pretty obvious who's dumb here. It's fine to come here and ask questions with a genuine desire to learn but your lack of decorum proves otherwise. Keep your Christian missionary/ Muslim dawah arguments to yourself.
  14. Who? The bob cut Bahmani? With her "fateh" trying to drown out the roaring Singh. He'd stand with the Singh no doubt... BoS really isn't what it used to be. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ.
  15. Interesting though no Muslim Scholar would make the claim that Krishna was for certain a prophet since Krishna is not mentioned in the Qur'an or Hadiths. Seems like the work of RSS et al.
  16. 52 hukums of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaaj. Study and gain knowledge of other Religions and their scriptures. But keep firm faith in Gurbani and AkalPurukh.
  17. Ah man that made my blood boil. Hitting him with her flyer?! Cmon. Whatever happened to the HAPPY HOLY HEALTHY bs?! And then threatening the Singh with arrest... Jeez lousie
  18. Notice Bhai Baldeep Singh trying to shut him up. What a disgrace. I don't expect much from the 3HO's but Baldeep Singh... Hmm
  19. Might want to brush up on the Christian Trinity. Christians do indeed believe jesus was/is God. The father, son and holy spirit all in one is God according to Christian belief. However... This is a clear contradiction to earlier Christian writings and the old testament... But that's a story for another day
  20. I agree with you. I also didn't say that ji I was quoting "Guest Guest".
  21. Why did God come in 10 forms. Each Guru played a different role and yet the same. They completely changed a system, a culture. Turned it all on its head. To change a people's culture takes time. Rome wasn't built over night? From Guru Nanak Sahib ji to Guru Gobind Singh ji. It all lead to the Khalsa Panth. A slow and steady process. An evolution. A gradual development. At the time of Guru Nanak Sahib ji the sikhs were not ready to pick up arms. They were far from being able to rule themselves. Fast forward to Guru Gobind Singh ji, we become a sovereign people. That takes time. To change a mindset, break a centuries old culture takes time. The rest of your questions were answered perfectly by Kira.
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