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  1. Of course it isn't. I meant in the context of taking her life. Knew someone would say that... :rolleyes2:
  2. Maybe not celebrate her death but more the fact justice was done..
  3. Was looking for a good read based on spirituality (not necessarily just Sikhi based) Any recommendations?
  4. Express that you wish to develop your education. Education is important in this day and age. Ask why they wish to get you married so young. Your still a child and marriage at the moment should be the last of your worries. As been said before, Grandparents can have a vital role in influencing your parents decision also.
  5. Don't think it has anything to do with the sex of each person- whether it is a 'sikh' women and a white guy or a white women and a 'sikh' guy I just think its a clash of incompatible lifestyles including culture and religion.
  6. Most sense I have ever heard Tommy Robinson speak...
  7. Do you think something should be done about this?
  8. After the protests in Birmingham today, I found a quote on the Birmingham Mail website which I was confused about. It read; 'I'm actually quite baffled that there's a 'Sikh Division' of EDL' Then I found this... https://www.facebook.com/EDLSikhs What do people make of this? Are people already aware that this existed?
  9. Good in a sense I guess as it promotes Sikhi values of the dastaar.. but not sure of some of the things worn .. However I'm hardly a fashionista
  10. Simran, simran, simran and a little more simran... is all you need Oh and good sangat
  11. More of a Buddhist approach then really...
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