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    Should I Fight?

    Hahaha lol mehtab Singh
  2. hahah funny comment from GuptSingh.. but might be true ...benji this singh is on to you o_0
  3. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki FATEH .. I want to ask .... Someone in my family i found out today that my cousin got married to a Christian guy in anand karaj have they done Beadbi if did what should we do about this. We looked up online and it also said No it is Beadbi. .. We know its not allowed but were just making sure before we act Me and my brothers are pissed... We are definilty going to confront them if they have done Beadbi because we had told the brother of the girl that if not sikh don't allow anand karaj to happen until we find out for sure. Is a Christian allowed to get anand karaj with a sikh ?? we think no but just makin sure and if so what do we do my brothesr want to beat the crap out of the parents and the brother for allowing it but our dad said just to confront them with words what do we do ???? Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj
  4. THIS IS TRUE TOO BRO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you might have alot of flith on you
  5. These are the best adives I've ever heard!!!!!!!!! Mushrrom Ji Just like sunsingh said ask one sant to help you how tell them what your planing to do or your mind wants you to do, yes its hard and youll feel ashamed but whats the worse thing that could happen. THEN do ardass dont just give up bro no point !!!!
  6. Waheguru , can someone please suggest a good filter to buy ? I have one but I don't think it is any good . I live in Australia .. If that helps in any way
  7. It happens to me too .. any 1 know why ?
  8. Haha I know it was 10 years ago but this was a funny topic :D
  9. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh I am so sorry sadh sangat ji i haven't done much I got lazy and still am doing it :cry: jus to let you's no
  10. jio

    AUstralian Sikhs

    there are 5 singhs in brisbane they have big goals and there also brothers there young singhs between 14-18 i have seen them a couple of time i dont know if they went khalsa camp but they are great singhs they are following taksali maraydha at the moment everybody is helping them with rehit. even though they are following rehit perfect that i know of they always leaveing the gudhwara sahib learning something new. you boys should contact them
  11. Waheguru....Phaji/bhenji has said :D :
  12. im so sorry i havent started my internet has been stuffing up lately ... will be finished in 2 and a half days :D
  13. Which country do you live in?
  14. hahaha LOL ↑ .. i never noticed it . :sprint: yes sadly it doesn't let me login in too why's that?
  15. I didn't make it in English (sorry) and yes if you want me I would be glad to do it? just tell me if you want it full English paragraphs or you want me to put the Punjabi in as well? :biggrin2:
  16. Sorry... i would be happy to do one?? Would you like it with no punjabi and all english??? or punjabi and english together??
  17. waheguru ji... i don't know how.. im not good at computers lol maybe you can do ?
  18. ohh found out lol ... here it is.. if you would like it full english i would also do just ask Untitled 1.pdf
  19. Sorry for not posting back early :tongue2:
  20. Thanks savinderpalsingh. I finished it just now and have converted it into a pdf file and have place it in my phone. yay im so happy :toohappy: :feelingfree:
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