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  1. can sum1 please explain to me how posting facts about a religion from there holy book is an insult? So anything said about sirsa leader is an insult? if sum1 is pushing jhoota sauda why can't we respond with cut or paste or repeat in order to extract an answer that people don't know how to answer? why isn'y there freedom of expression provided we don't say hatred towards innocent people? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br9cUP8A_Uo
  2. thats the thing chatanga veer. if we post quotes from the Quran that gets reported + peeps get blocked+banned by mods because posting quotes from the quran is deemed an insult. despite one billion plus muslims believing in whats posted similarly if jhoota sauda dude does a rape we can't say anything as that would be deemed as hatred or insult of sirsawala
  3. Should Sikhs be aloowed to post any facts about Sathya Sai Baba or Jhoota Sauda or Narkswami? Or should we just shut up because someone will call that an insult against their religion? By posting direct quotes from Sathya Sai Baba or Jhoot Sauda or Dera wale how does that insult them? It exposes them yes but just by posting quotes from them doesn't insult them, surely? It we exposes bad things done by founders of dera or religiions, is that an insult? Can mods highlight to sangat a single thing which they consider as an insult? People can't expose Devi worshippers doing Havans or Laxmi Puja. Those posts get trashed. People can't expose Jinnah for wanting all of Punjab's Gurdwara's in Pakistan. Those posts get trashed. People can't expose Dhunda and Ghagga as heretic atheists. Those posts get trashed. People can't expose Gurinder Dhillon and Radha Swami. Those posts get trashed. People can promote Mormonism but when a rebutttal from the Book Of Mormon, those posts get trashed. Tomorrow people say something against Indira Gandhi, i expect those posts will get blocked. After that it will become a crime to insult Suraj Mani or Tytler or Sajan Kumar. Then the goons who burnt up SGGS Ji in Sahnewal will become holy cows as criticising them will be deemed an insult. Then saying anything jhoota sauda, narkdhariwale, bahnariasaala or even Satya Sai Baba or David Koresh will be a crime? Laying bare the truth is not an insult or is it? Not a single thing was said against any innocent follower. Most know that followers aren't as bad as the rapists and pedophiles they follow. But by posting quotes from their own religions then that no way is that an insult. If the truth offends then there must be something wrong with the truth of the lifetime of the God-Man involved. I welcome any1 that hates Sikhi to posts any ang of SGGS Ji and then show that as an insult. Let anyone in this world show any link between the Guru's and slavery, rape, murder, pedophilia, wealth and empire. Is there a critical difference? The internet is about freedom of expression. Especially when based on facts
  4. mitt romney once said that dinosaurs were a Tv hoax by peeps who just wanted to diss the Abrahamic faiths (and the words of god, joseph smith, jesus, moses, muhammad + abraham couldn't all be totally wrong)
  5. Ok Mod Veer Ji, i suppose i get too hot headed when i feel that Sikhi is being challenged. Sorry But it would be cool to know what all the members think about dinosaurs and women's rights in different faiths
  6. Ok Auzer bro let's brush Islam's contradictions under the carpet + how about u teach us in this intellectual section a comparison of women's rights in Sikhi as compared to Islam? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-JaFagZ3xU Also bro inferiority complex refers to when peeps think they are inferior to sombody or something. I assure u that all those don't believe in circumcision and Muhammad-ism do not feel there belief systems are in any way inferior to Islam **MOD NOTE** PANTHER- If you want to debate Islamic practices, then merely make a thread and ask why does Islam do this or why do they do that. See how not many can reply to what you're saying? That's because you keep repeating yourself. I'm not saying what you're copy pasting isn't true, but at least be specific and objective. Make a new thread if you want to post it.
  7. It's true the human body was naturally created with hair and a foreskin. Those that believe Allah does not make stupid mistakes choose to keep their hair and foreskin as a sign of there submission to Allah. Those like Muhammad who were fashion conscious and had an ego decided to shave there upper lip as it was a fashion trend like the Muslim in the video Best answered by proactive above but should humans be allowed to eat other humans they kill because we have the biological ability to digest other humans which presumably Allah gave us. Anyways i thought Islam did not belive in Evolution or Dinosaurs and claimed that Adam was born around 6,000 years ago according to the ancestry of the Qureshi caste traced back to Adam via Ishmael that Muhammad accepted. Basically Muhammad and Islam believe in the Bible's theory of how humans appeared supposedly 6,000 years ago with Adam & Eve near Israel rather than where all the world's scientists say proactive clearly explained that no contradiction but in the meantime could u explain the contradictions listed below **MOD EDIT** Don't copy paste the various contradictions in Islam. If you want to, you can start a new topic and mention specifics. Copy pasting doesn't achieve a debate. Leave this out of the intellectual thread please. Thanks.
  8. Bro if u believe that zakkah tax and jizya were equal then pigs might fly and Muslims might be allowed to eat pork. Jizya was ten times higher than taxes paid by Muslims and thats why all the rich castes were actually the first to convert to Islam. Who needs Sufi's when discriminatory taxes and forced conversions did the main job of converting Punjabi Hindu's pretty effectively? Imagine if African Americans all paid 25% tax and WASPS paid 2.5%. Pretty soon every town+village would have hundreds of Michael Jacksons. And then they could claim they straightened there hair and had nose ops not due to racism but due to the influence of Sufi's
  9. Auzer bro, imagine if white America ethnically cleansed all of its African-American population off in the year 1947. And by 2012 only 0.01% of Americans were black. Would it matter how such a tiny minority lives + what they say? The tiny population of Sikhs still trapped as a powerless minority in Pakistan know better than to open there mouths as thats the only way they survived since 1947 by staying under the radar. The best way educated Punjabi Muslim brothers can help Sikhs is in the following way. Pakistan is the only glue that holds India together. The minute Pakistan becomes an independent Balochistan, independent Sindh, Pakhtunwa, literally Azad Kashmir and independent West Punjab ... then India will disintegrate overnight ... as people will see that there is no united Islamic threat called Pakistan any more ... just that all peoples only want freedom to self-rule and speak there own language. So long as Pakistan stays united and Urdu potentially one day destroys the Pashtun, Baloch, Sindhi, Kashmiri + Punjabi languages in Pakistan ... then that means India will try extra hard to stay as one central state due to the threat of Pakistan The ball is in your court Bro. Thanks for educating us how great Pakistan is and how much it has done for Sikhs since it launched its extermination program against Sikhs in 1947 .... but now your job should be to splinter Pakistan ... in order to help us Sikhs. As a disintegrated Pakistan comprised of smaller independent states will help bring Khalistan, independent Gujarat etc closer. Whether Khalistan should include western Punjab up to Sri Nankana Sahib + all our historical Gurdwara's etc is another topic i suppose
  10. Chatanga Veer, Nawaz Sharif wasn't Arain he is from a family of Kashmiri Brahmin converts. Just like Allama Iqbal was also from Brahmin family + was instrumental in creating the idea of Pakistan. Zia was Arain who called himself a peasant's son, compared to Bhutto who was Rajput that Zia hanged Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan wasn't Pathan but was from the Hazara caste. As the Pathans totally hate the hazara caste for there oriental features. Khan means King in the Mongolian language so all castes have adopted it as a surname in Pakistan. Pathans who are Aryans even adopted it. Plus all Punjabi Muslims as Khan sounded more royal than there Hindu surnames. There are Jatts called Khan, Rajputs called Khan, Gujjars called Khan etc, etc so it doesn't have anything to do with Pathan
  11. Cool bro my family are from Jalandhar too. I'm really sorry that due to Jinnah's demand for Pakistan your family had to migrate to Pakistan. Yeah General Zia was also from Jalandhar. Cool that u are actually from his same Arain caste. As you're Arain did your family by any chance migrate to Faisalabad? As my brother has an Arain friend whose family went there. People from the Arain caste are very good people i know that. I read in this book that by the 20th century over 95% of Arains had converted to Islam and only 2% were still Hindu and 3% had become Sikh as its a famous Punjabi farming caste that converted en masse to Islam during the time of Aurangzeb thanks to a famous convert soldier in Aurangzeb's imperial forces. The reason for the onion jokes is that the Arain caste were apparently the best caste in Punjab at growing vegetables. That's cool that your family converted so long ago in history and that oral history is still passed down the generations. These stories are sad
  12. But Jonny Veer if jhoota sauda wala or Satya Sai Baba or enemies of Waraich pind wale do something that is well documented then by pointing it out the truth it doesn't mean its an insult. Just because people reported how Waraich Gurdwara was smashed down its not insult against the founder of Swami religion. If we post from NarkSwami or Jhoota Sauda holy book and NarkSwami or Jhoota Sauda katha's its not an insult The Truth can never be considered an insult Veer
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