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  1. disguised

    Can I Eat It?

    haha i'm jst playin!!!!
  2. wow.. i thougth u were much older..
  3. yeha well i'm glad this is my last year... were lookin at the human bodu and it freaks me out... <_<
  4. well.. today... i was at the Y woprking out and then did some biooo.. and then i have to right a essay on euthanasia... so i was comin g up wit a thesis... but kinda got sidetracted wit facebook and this... so yeja.. <_<
  5. disguised

    Can I Eat It?

    okk no but its true.. they make gum thts gelatin free.. it wayy better than juicy fruit... and i'm pretty sure there is one in england/uk if thts where u guyz are from... search it on the internet...
  6. hahaha yeha.... sadly it has been tht loong... jst busy wit skewl.. and quite frankly i have better things to do... but dont wrry i'm bck sort of...
  7. wow its been liek 3 years since i started this.... <_< so howz everyone doin..???
  8. disguised

    Can I Eat It?

    okk.. but this is a secret... there is only one type of gum tht doesn't have gelatin in it so unique and sophisticated, but classy.. andd u find it and retrieve it from the willy womka gum factory... and its an everlasting gum as welll.. with lots of flavour tht never runs out. <_<
  10. <_< aww thanks... mann i remmeber when i was a kid tht i'd eat monter inc cereal .. they were blue and purple.. bahahhahahah but yeah shes me idol.. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. yeha it really does.. glad its not my domain... <_<
  12. well. i admit tht if i study the cardiovasicluortyyyyyyy watever system ... i'mhj goonda FREEEEEEEEEEAKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkndak
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