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  1. ROCKY GOT ENGAGED!! Rocky got engaged!!! LOL im so happy for him!!

  2. where are u heera?? ur admit thread misses u!!

  3. I think last week's assasination plot will give obama more votes...
  4. leave it up to the media to exaggerate everything... we will be fine...
  5. Very Interesting... Pass it On! http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/
  6. I think this is straying away from what the original poster was saying... I think the original poster was asking what we feel about an inter-religious relationship; for example where one person is a Sikh and the other person is of a diff faith...
  7. what an amazing thing to do, to give a child a shelter, a loving parents to grow up with.. i've always wanted to adopt a child... maybe some day it will happen a lot of respect to those who do it and do it with pure love
  8. it depends on which program you want to complete and also if the uni's you want to go to are actually offering that program.. then you have to find out of those universities offering those programs will transfer your credits and all that good stuff... sometimes they will transfer all, sometimes they will transfer most but might require you to make up some other credits... find out where you would ideally like to live.. then research universities/colleges in that city.. and find out which offer the program you are seeking... then when u find that out, contact the university administrators via email or phone and let them know your intentions and they will tell you the process to go through... also, remember that your marks might make a huge difference in whether they will accept you or not... good luck...
  9. it could be that all the writers in bani were of 'male' background... and for a male, the biggest temptation would be a female.. that could be why its regarded as a female character... however, i think its just metaphorically speaking... cuz we all know maya is just anything that takes us away from God... i would say the strongest element to derive our minds would be lust... which is why a lot of Bhagat Kabeer Jee's writings are taking against 'female'; which is not really against women, but the notion of "maya" which is given a feminine characteristic...
  10. at the end of the day you want somebody who compliments your spirituality and doesn't take you away from your faith (in our case, sikhi) in any way... Also i don't think it would be progressive to be married to somebody who does things that are against your beliefs (for example... if one person is amritdhari and marries someone of a different faith who cuts their hair or drinks or whatever -- or even something like 'ritualistic fasting' or whatever)... remember, marriage is a spiritual bond more then anything.. and yes, kids are a huge part too.. for those couples who are of diff faith, this becomes a battle ground and causes a lot of tension... one parent might want to raise the children with their beliefs, and the other with their own... and for the child it can be very confusing and harmful... just gotta do whats best for ur spirituality, in my opinion...
  11. I have to disagree.. India has a lot of natural resources/food resources and a LOT of military...
  12. i've heard a lot about this recently... so i did my own research about the topic... what do you all think? its not just a 'conspiracy theory', but its apparently been studied and 'proven' with documentation and testimony from those scientists involved in the creation of this 'virus'... apparently it was created by the American gov't (surprise surprise).. check this out... NEWS Releases: Dr. Boyd E. Graves' Research & News Archives 1999 - 2008
  13. The world economy is not going to collapse. This is a routine correction in the marketplace. It might be a little bit more strong then other recent corrections, but it will give way soon enough. In fact, this is a great time for investors to start putting money into the markets. However, one of the major challenges now that we are facing that we really haven't faced before is that the correlation between the major markets is getting more tight. For example, it used to be that if the US economy was going down, one of the other major economies would go up, and vice verse. But due to the increase of globalization the world economy is getting 'smaller and smaller' and are coming in line with eachother. Now it seems when one major economy starts to tumble, others are more affected by it then ever before. However, have no fear, the market upside is near The market is 'on sale' and will be back up in a matter of 6-12 months... might seem like a long time, but its really not. There have been far worse recessions in history and this doesn't compare. It just so happens that all these major companies (majority american) are going belly-up at the same time. But we in Canada are still pretty strong (WAY better shape then the US), and europe is still hanging in there. The markets will always go up-down-up-down; but that will always been in an upward direction (over the long term). In history, there has never been a decade with less then 10% returns, even if u take into consideration the last 4 recessions we've been through. So, moral of the story; don't worry, be happy Where there is great challenges, there is even greater opportunities
  14. I think its just practical. Think about it, especially when you have hundreds, even thousands of sangataa, you don't want any chance for there to be any 'hanky panky' goin on or some 'looking' or any of that.. Its most simple to keep men and women separated... Best to stop something (or at least limit greatly) from happening before it does... its no biggie though.. at the end of the day, our focus should be on Guru Sahib anywayz... not about who's sittin where or whatever... all these petty little things just distract us from the real important things...
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