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  1. By just saying this does not happen in east west north south won't work.... Ur defensive nature is remarkable.. Y after intercourse men is considered Naapak...coz he came in contact will women Yes women r not allowed to enter mosque. ...in India but she can go to dargah...... OMG women were more n men less hahahaha...If I look India I don't think this was the situation or this is the situation or this will b the situation Our Guru GURU NANAK DEV G said..So kyo manda aakhiye jis janme rajan..... Y to call her bad....she is the one who gives birth to king n warriors Think about it if the
  2. Ok you say the post was edited OK fine.... So answer me then : I have some Muslim friends I go to their home on eid coz they call me to celebrate... I am against some religions but i still luv humans.... So I have some friends in Muslims both girl and boys. I have seen in their homes : 1) When women are having their menstruation, They are termed as impure. In ur language NAAPAK - Why? 2) Why they are not allowed to enter in Mosque? Ya i know they can visit Dargah... But y not Mazzid? 3) Why women sho
  3. Oh thats great.... u made my work easy... U r Kudi :excited: Hail u oh Kaur - I know what my Guru teach me... I know what I am upto.. Yes i am childish coz I am Stubborn to not to tolerate unfairness... My Guru teach me to respect other religions.. Yes i do respect them.. But they teach me to fight against violence. My Guru teach me to not to discriminate but they also teach me to go against these acts. I am Female and I am Evil for most of the World's Religions... Its my right to hate those who says I am evil creation of God :omg: In this kaljug I am Blessed to be Sikh and yes I b
  4. This world and most of the religions discriminate between Males and Females - I am OP of this Thread I am a Female..... I question some religions of this world for the way they interpret women........... Buddhism Says: “Women can be the cause of great suffering. If desire is destroyed, there will be everlasting happiness. The dead snake and dog are detestable, But women are even more detestable than they are.” Christianity We can easily find quotations of women’s oppression from the Bible , for example, I Timothy 2.11-12, where it says “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. B
  5. Areyyy....y getting angry dear... Everyone is racist here..... N yes me too n I m proud to be I have some personal problems with some religions.. Because of gender differences....I will have another thread started...tomorrow...will surely invite there to discuss racism Being a girl/female...It is blessing for me by Akal Purakh to b blessed to b sikh n daughter of that person who is unbiased...
  6. Veerji read his post carefully....he said SALI first to me....... If someone is abusing tell them not to do so..... I respect ur opinion though.....I will take care not to repeat these acts....the line is "Chawlein kiddan mardi sali huh
  7. U know the way u r asking questions...admins of this forum will put u under quality check.... Bhul gya jad m keha c..I m daughter of Shri Gobind Singh g Thanks no more conversation... U do carry on with others....
  8. Status oh.... Je m dasta ki m kide ch ha te tu araam naal guess kar sakada meri age Saaleya m bewkuf disdi tenu By the way I m from ur fav country INDIA bechara Pakistani
  9. Hahahaha rabb da sukhar aa eh loki mainu hun ni puchde hun....pehla mainu puch puchke jaan khage c Whats there in age? N yeah I have friends who r pathans n hussiens....kamils...I luv them coz they r exceptional muslims for me...apart from them I hate majority of muslims Bechara pakistani
  10. Hey will be my friend? N yeah tall guys r always handsome dear :D
  11. Guru Gobind Singh ji di kudi aa......dardi ni kise to..... Huh........bechara PakistanI.......
  12. Bechara pakistanipunjabi ......... All jumped on single person hahahaha...... Well few weeks back I was posting against muslims n people jumped on me n were busy teaching humanity....now they r busy collecting evidences against muslims........ The difference is I m blunt n rude to speak n others keep patience n r polite while speaking......
  13. This is what I wanted to say but I was not able to..... Thanks onlyfive thanks alot :)
  14. Dhun hai Dhun hai Dhun hai Mera Panth Khalsa Dhun hai - Mera Panth Not Guru Panth :D
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