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  1. Veer ji... Thanks a lot for the motivation..
  2. kaur


    Practicing forgiveness will help a lot.. That is how we will find peace.. Stress, some pain from past and bad memories are the root causes of cancer is most of the cases.. Letting go and living in the moment will heal all.. WAHEGURU
  3. kaur


    So true.. sarab rog ka aukad Naam..
  4. Yes Inder veer ji..I was thinking the same.. it is pretty decent and interesting for most of the women..
  5. Veer ji I have contributed.. you can't simply see it as we have different perpectives.. it is totally fine to discuss about the main issue but it seems many are making fun of someone's character.. Veer ji..as a part of Sikh Sangat, I don't wish to see any strong word such as hatred on this forum.. We simply shared our thoughts like you did.. and yes veer ji..you have more knowledge than I do.. Please go ahead veer ji and give helpful advice.. that is our goal anyway Veer ji..I didn't mean to cleverly frame anyone..I wasn't helpful enough I guess..but you can be..so go a
  6. It is quite upsetting to see how people label women as Gossip Girls and Drama Queens these days... Guru Nanak Dev ji taught us so much about respecting women... with beautiful quotes.. and women had similar issues that time as well.. But just to make life easier, we ignore to solve the problems and blame women for sharing their dukh sukh..
  7. When I saw that..I felt like writing the same as it seems the topic about figuring out partner's profession has changed to figuring out partner's flaws..sad to see that..
  8. Hmm.. yaa.. Office related job sounds respectful but lots of things happen in Offices too... Trust is the main key here...
  9. Well said.. Guru is our guide..
  10. You have a beautiful soul.. Being vegetarian, honest and treating everyone equally is not easy these days.. you are doing great.. Yes, Kaam (lust) in one of the 5 vices and Many of us are doing it these days... but not many are aware of it... Waheguru ji love their children.. you are trying to be a better human.. It is Waheguru's Kirpa that you have realized what is wrong and right... it is Waheguru's kirpa that you feel bad about certain things and it is Waheguru's kirpa that you want to be better human Please don't go so much into your past.. Enjoy your present...No more regrets
  11. Wow... What a beautiful reply Dashmesh Nihang Ji.. I just finished reading the story of Ajamila... really interesting .. Thank you
  12. Sat Sri Akal veer ji.. It is nice that you want your partner to be in independent and financially stable.. I am pretty sure she can get a decent office job with her BA degree... if not Managerial, at least Admin, Secretarial.. Hairstyle and cosmetics.. I would say 90% of the women like this stuff.. but having passion for this kind of stuff is not that helpful for a better career.. I am not here to criticize any profession but I feel she will have higher changes of growth (financially and confidence wise) if she gets into Office related jobs.. You know there are lot of other
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