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  1. WELL SAID.. IT IS SO SWEET OF YOU, GUEST KAUR JI .. It is not easy to think the way you do...you are truly in love with Waheguru.. And yes, I agree Waheguru is testing us and most of us fail the test.. We should not worry about what anyone things.. All we should we care about what Waheguru ji think of us.. It is not that easy but Hath jod key Parnaam to those who are walking on that path
  2. Yes... we are glad to have this Sangat's support here You are doing great veer ji..Keep it up
  3. Veer ji.. I am smiling while reading your reply.. You are really lucky to have a beautiful family.. your supportive wife, lovely kid and Waheguru I am glad to know you will keep your kes and dastaar.. Veer ji, we all get weak and lazy here and there.. but then we have to remind oursleves.. Khalsa oh jo karey nitt Jang And that jang is with our stubborn mind.. I am vegetarian now but used to eat eggs for all the ''health benefits'' and for the taste but after listening to kathas and reasonable thoughts, I have stopped from long time.. and if I even try to eat, they smell and taste weird.. It is Waheguru's kirpa.. Trust me, We can be so healthy and calm if we consume veggies, fruits and vegetarian diet.. I have experienced it and that is why I am sharing it with you.. I don't have all the facts and logical points for veg vs non veg.. coz then we get into that extreme stuff..lol So, balance is the key but I am pretty sure being vegetarian is beneficial.. Anyway.. I am happy for you veer ji.. WAHEGURU
  4. Totally... When we experience it, only then we can understand it
  5. Beautifully explained.. So much to learn..Thank you
  6. I agree with TuhadaDass ji but not sure about the meat part.. I feel Singh Khalsa 1984 needs a balance like he even said it.. First he was into drugs, alcohol, etc which is the extreme.. Then he was into Amrit, Khalistan, vegan..Extreme again.. I would say he is so lucky he is still doing great.. Thank God he got such a supportive and lovely wife.. I have been through some hard time in life and used to cry at nights.. not eating well..It was really bad.. I was being so negative... Then I started Paath, Naam Simran.. It was so helpful..my days got better and I sleep in peace.. Shukar hai Waheguru da.. I was also thinking of Amrit but I took my time to see if I will be able to do it and it was hard.. I started thinking of taking amrit and it is gonna help me at the end.. otherwise I will be stuck in maya like these poor humans around me..but I am not strong enough at this moment... The thing is when we start something new, we are motivated...but motivation doesn't last for too long.. Also, I was having some ego issues because I started thinking I am not like those people who are doing bad..I do paath...so I am better... in a way I used to tell myself.. I am better than others because I am doing good stuff... Haumai ... Finally, I have relaized before taking Amrit.. I need to get ready for it.. I need to worry more about inside rather than my physical appearance.. I need to be humble.. I need to focus on my karams..my thoughts.. I started listening to Kathas, Gurbani and I have realized that we need to practice lots of naam simran and need to have compassion for others... so I have decided it is better to take time rather than rushing things... So Singh Khalsa ji... Please don't rush again.. First you have decided to be Amritdhari..now going back to Mona.. Later on, you might regret again.. I don't agree that you are living a lie if you will keep kes and wear dastaar.. It is a respect that you want to show our Guruji.. Living a lie. Being fake... You are telling stories, kind of convincing yourself to go back to that Mona appearance.. You are not being fake... you are trying harder.. please keep it up.. Lets say you will go back to that mona look... So, isn't that being selfish? When you needed Guruji's kirpa.. you did Naam Simran, Amritdhari life and everything... Now that your life is on track, you want to leave that Amitdhari lifestyle...that lifestyle was so helpful for you.. You should not worry about what others think or say.. I am sure they talk now as well that a gangster is becoming Amritdhari and all... You are not here to please people.. you are here to please your soul Now that you have proper Sikh appearance, please keep it.. and please try to do naam simran.. It will give you peace.. So... Either you have to live a lie..according to your perspective.. or you have to be a selfish.. that is what I feel.. You can decide but please think and take your time... Veer ji, please don't mind if you think I have said a lot... just giving my opinion in general Some days, I don't do paath.. I feel so bad all day.. I guess it is my Soul crying for soul food .. I just want to make sure that I do naam Simran everyday..praising Waheguru..being grateful and having good karams... Waheguru Mehar Karey...
  7. Well said.. You are safe and at peace.. thanks to Sikhi.. Keep your Kes and Dastaar.. doing simran and nitnem will give your strength..will take you to the right path
  8. Well... That downvoting won't change anyone' perspective.. Especially when that perspective is made up based on humanity
  9. That is right... Loads of assumptions and his suggestions are not helpful at all.. He needs to understand that nobody is perfect.. Good reply REDOPTICS
  10. Excellent reply..I agree with your veer ji..
  11. Kaur...Love your reply girl... well said.. I mean if we can suggest to marry white girls because they are sweet and will listen to their husbands....then yes..why not marry white guys who will wash dishes and baby sit your kids.. I mean this is the definition we have for gorey lok..lol I believe we should not assume things.. sometimes we enjoy Instagram, facebook, coz it is relaxing..we get lots of updates, news, etc there as well.. but yes we should limit the use and private life is something we should keep it to ourselves.. And all the comments above about red flags, leave this girl, is not helpful at all. We will have many issues in life such as problems at job, challenges in studies we can't simply leave everything... Our Gurus made us strong enough to face it..fix it if possible.. Everyone has flaws...We all need someone to encourage us for improvement and if we can be someone's motivation... then it is great
  12. True..being good doesn't mean no one will harm you.. I guess taking more precautions is a part of our karams too.. The point about Universe tries to balance is really interesting.. It makes sense if we think that way.. Plus good and bad is all defined by us.. According to Gurbani, once we start seeing all as same..no good or bad in it..only then we can set ourselves free.. easy to say it but pretty hard to follow that.. I appreciate your feedback.. Thanks a lot..
  13. Right.. We should have compassion for others.. Bakee Karmaa di khed taan hai hee.. Waheguru Mehar Karey
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