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  1. Hello Paul singh ji In my first yr at western i took bio, psych 20, chem, physics 28a & 29b and calculus. Fist yr courses are almost same in med sci and health science..except health sci 22. I have all the above books except health sci one, but 2 of my friends have that book as well... let me know via email if you are interested.. igulati@uwo.ca
  2. waheguroooooo thank You so much jasdeep veerji may you have a gursikhi jeevan
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am posting after such a long time :lol: ....but anyways.... I WAS HOPING IF ANY GURSIKHS GOT AUDIO ON THESE 5 SHABADS.....I HAVE BOLDED A LINE IN EACH SHABAD FOR EASE OF RECOGNITION These are some truly awesome and inspiring ones. :e: I have Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji's Mari Khalon Mojarae[sHABAD 3]......but still any supplementary track would be awesome... Thank You again for your help ji Bhulchuk maaf SHABAD 1 SHABAD 2 SHABAD 3 SHABAD 4 SHABAD 5 Waheguroo JI
  4. veerji i will make one and post it here and send it to you via email satgur haon vaareya............one who gave me this oppertunity :WW: i hope you get a lot of responses veerji
  5. i will do ardaas today that may god give you gursikhi jeevan :HP:
  6. i think the answer is 18.....took me a while @
  7. sry for the inconvenieve....sangat ji
  8. alli can do is edit...why cant i delete them....or maybe i just dunno
  9. sry i am trying to delte but all i can do is edit...repeadeted posts due to folowing error on SS We apologise for any inconvenience
  10. the dhilla kachera part is really funny :nihungsmile:
  11. omg.....this is disheartening and disgusting....i am sure the majority have no clue about the preparation of VARAKH....thanks for letting the sangat know....
  12. goes mentally retarted and starts to.............
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