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  1. Does Sikhi have a guide on how to Govern a state if we as a people ever achieved one? Meaning, what is its stance on Capital Punishment, or how how do we deal with the criminal element?
  2. Can a non amrit dhari prepare an amrit dharis food? Or prepare Langar at the Gurudwara?
  3. "and put the hood on and try to act black" I never understood that why not say trying to act Puerto Rican, or act Mexican, I mean they all have huge gangs to.
  4. And dancing removes that jewel?
  5. How would these Sikh go about figuring out the Year 2012? Also what significance does Kalki Avatar have to Sikhi? Is there any being other than Whaeguru who we should have anticipation for? Will the Kalki Avatar "wipe out evil" like it is written in the Judeo-Christian religions? Do we really need any more than the Pavitar Bani of the Guru to Guide us?
  6. My Question is, in Christianity Incest is considered a sin, correct? My question is when Adam and Eve conceived their children did they not mate to produce more offspring who in turn mated producing more offspring? So arent we all In fact Brother and Sister and cannot, due to the law of incest not marry?
  7. 149323[/snapback] ummm wasnt Jesus crucified thousands of years before Sikhi came into being?
  8. Militant those quotes you posted said nothing about a tilak. You again have no right to call anyones beliefs stupid. Also yes Im a lost soul just like you, unless your enlightened?
  9. "I do not have the survey. But consider this: India is one of the top 10 countries that has highest national debt. India is in top ten worst countries for gender inequality. India is one of the 124 third world countries that are still developing. After 58 years India is still 3rd world and you expect Sikhs to have all the solutions ready so they can just go there and setup a first world country? It is not “Khala Jee Da Vaara”. Transportation system sucks, lot of corruption, not too much privatization of business (though slowly changing). Many areas in UP do not have electricity. This may be the case for some other states but I do not know. So India has problems just like other countries even after independence and for sure so will Khalistan." India was freed over half a century ago, it was a different time then. Now you need military might to have a free country. India is on a fast track to become a dominant Superpower, it has a strong emerging Middle class. India also is a openly democratic Country unlike Pakistan which heavily uses religion to influence its politics, and Pakistan remains a stagnant nation. "Did they always have money? Making money and building economy is a slow process. Their major resource is oil which we will not have but there are always other ways to build economy which include but to limited to clothing, sports, computers etc etc. My point was to show that no country has everything. One has oil other doesn’t. We have water, electricity, lot of food and many small industries. We can certainly build larger industries and invite foreign companies to invest and do business in Khalistan. Indian government never tried to look for resources in Punjab so don’t know what resources are available. Our major resources are being abused and misused. Pakistan is finding many stocks of natural gas and other resources which we can import. We have to look for them in Khalistan." Actually they had huge oportunities to make money. Yes the economic process is slow for developing nations, but so many succesful businessman reside in Punjab who I hardly think would side with a seceesionist movement. We have waters that are haveily contaminated now, what gain could we recieve from that? Foreign investors would hardly come to a volatile fledging nation, if that was the case Afghanistan would be flooded, Punjab has nothing more to offer than call centers. "But we agreed that the discussion was about aftermath of Khalistan which means after the movement. Are you assuming that they will live in Khalistan but will not support it? If they don’t support us they can leave the country. Do you think after we get Khalistan people of Punjab (esp Sikhs) will turn against us (Don’t assume that the government is unjust and oppressing)?" My point was we would always have a divided nation, Punjab is not fully a sikh population, and even the sikhs there might not agree. This post is very long and Im in a hurry. India right now has a Muslim President, a Sikh Prime Minister, and a Sikh Commander of the Army. I fail to see where right now we are being prosecuted. Relply more later.
  10. Since your so sure of it Militant, why dont you post the "quote", I mean there has to be reasoning behind your thinking.
  11. Thanks Bilja for your power trip. I never INSULTED khalistan if you read it carefully, and I will never insult sikhi. However if I say some some harsh words to a friend of yours who shares your fanatic beliefs then Im moderated, haha thats fine brother. You sure turn a blind eye when someone blatantly insults another religion, but for some reason you ldont mind attacks against other peoples faiths. Your not a superior to me and I wont bend over for you, I wont apologize for what I said, I find it hard to swallow when someones accuses me of being a Indian Governments supporter, or calls the Indian Sarkar my masters, why didnt you moderate that? The onesideness is shown though, ahah typical. Dont worry Bilja do what you need to to satisfy yourself, Im here to learn about Sikhi and discuss, you however want to simply promote politics, have fun I stay the same Gurfateh
  12. Sikhs are loving and open people, who show compassion not Ignorance.
  13. Yes it is about an elderly man being victim of police brutailty, yet you turned it into a political issue. Edited
  14. "should i keep you updated on what i'm doing? from your posts your a gov't tatoo for all i know. In this day and age we have to be smart. I'm not going to list what i have done to date just because some character i have never met asks me to on the internet. There are a few people on this forum i know personally who i woudln't mind discussing what i have done or haven't done. your not one of them." Im really sad that Im not in your Internet Khalistani Club, really I am. As for me being a goverment "tattoo" I just have to say please stop smoking whatever your smoking, its making you paranoid. Im sure youve hacked many sites, and sent many emails, but in the end no one has benifited from you internet movement. Also this thing where calling everyone a Government Agent, its getting really old. "I'm sure I have done more than what you have done for the rights of african americans in america.( you brought up blacks being beaten by police, like i brought up the murder of sikhs in india). are you in the NAACP? do you know jesse jackson?" lol who said im a black rights activist? Ive never said anything advocating a black movement, your posts get more and more amusing as you get more frustrated beta. Fateh
  15. I admit my knowlege of bani in very limited, forgive me. However I agree that that refernce alone does not mean we follow creationism, as you said Khalsa Veer ji. This man is obvioulsy here to incite a argument and preach christianity superiority.
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