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  1. wikipedia lol, although I believe its from the 2011 census. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethnic_groups_in_the_United_Kingdom British indian: 1.45 million British Pakistani: 1.17 million interestingly, other asian (dont know what this means) is numbered at: 860,000 ???
  2. Why do the demographics of the UK show that there are more indians than pakistanis? I always thought there were more pakistanis, as nearly every town and city in the uk has a pakistani population... any explanations?
  3. you <banned word filter activated> if you do that theyll run away from home.
  4. your an a****** its people like you in the west london community who didnt help this lady for so many years... you got some nerve. Where was the gudwara committee for this lady? They dont mind taking ££££ for anand karajs tho. They could have prevented this 20 years ago if real singhs knew about this... I hope that chippy still isnt open? Whats it called?
  5. This sukhvirk geeza was trolling basics of sikhi a while ago. I think he deleted his facebook account. Hes a sad person he looks like an evil scientist proffesor in his pictures ??? he also looks like a tamil tiger i think he may be hindu punjabi.
  6. What about a free kashmir without sharia? Isnt this what kashmiris really want or is it just join with pakistan? problem is, who will govern this free kashmir? Cant these radicals be re-integrated back into their sufi ancestral ways?
  7. Why does no one raise this issue? Are parents really happy that their kids do this? Why dont they stop them? What happened to arrange marriages?
  8. its not always the people, its mostly the gov and armies and their egos. Lets not forget India are no saints themselves.
  9. paaji you have a point there. Lets not forget hindu hill rajas exist today because of us and the reason kashmiri isnt 100 percent muslim is because the hill rajas boot licking the british and backstabbing us. Kashmiris are certainlly converts if you look at their faces they look the same as the hindu rajas of jammu and border areas, it just everyone has an assumption all hindus look dark like the rest of india but this isnt true.
  10. kashmiris were orginally sufi until pak made them extreme, sufis were the ones on our side in history, hopefully they come back to sufism as they just want freedom like us.
  11. bro they will but theyre not fully ready to take amrit whilst still doing things like drinking etc. Remember mona and singhs went together to the protest so I still think they should be allowed anand karaj, just test them before and make them sign a document. This will cut out the mata teek and kara people. Ideally everyone would be amrtidhari including me but sadly we are not.. I agree with you though it should be the goal of every sikh to one day take amrit, this should be taught from a young age but when you have families who tell their kids dont become an amritdhari what hope do we have?
  12. non amritdharis still follow sikhi they just arent fully commited but they do believe in the guruji. I think the only problem is punjabi athiests not mona singhs, but the question should always be asked 'do you believe in sikhism' before any marriage.
  13. we sikhs need to be careful a lot of kashmiris in uk some might retaliate against us for any attack, the ones who put sikh and hindus together.
  14. O look its pp02 and all the other names hes signed up with. No problem yaaaar (although punjabis dont use that crappy language) we respect other faiths, we help poor muslim in muslim countries and everything believe it or not, but we stand up to the haters whoever they may be... and btw we also love the muslim girls
  15. I know of some young pakistani girls who have run away with kaleh and goreh,, they just hide this.
  16. Been a while just thought id get your opinions on whats happening there and should we support it? Is the stone pelting right? If they somehow do get freedom what about khalistan?
  17. people who run the gudwara arent amritdhari, I know as its one of my relatives :/
  18. a lot of guys are scared of the girls brothers. Wish our lot could do that but they dont care who theyre sister/daughter gets up to with.
  19. makes sense now.. apologises as I was a bit skeptical at first as never thought it would happen. Well cant believe its come to this.. one of my distance relatives is a member on the board of a gudwara in leamington, absolutely disgusted. Memba my mum asking him about the langar hall and meat, think he made up some excuse, it was years ago. I woulda thought with such a large sikh community in leamington they would be more into sikhi than interfaith weddings!
  20. any proof hes pakistani? Loads of punjabi guys also have that dari and hairstyle and get mistaken for pakistanis too.
  21. problem you got is the younger generation are educated here but they end up being athiest.
  22. Disgusting. Apneh back home make me sick, I would give them a huge smack for doing that if I saw it.
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