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    Khoon vich haiga sikhi lai pyaar teh chadi khumari khalistan vasta.
  1. Do you see the word kanjree in the tuk, or vaisvaa, or baisvaa? then just dont believe that bibi Ganika was a prostitute because gurbaani doesnt call her that.
  2. Gangka WAS NOT A PROSTITUTE......where does gurbaani say she was a prostitute?...dont copy and paste from sikhitothemax now because s2tm added the word prostitute in the shabad.....The pujaris defamed her
  3. Sant jee explaining that Sikhs dont believe in bhooth preth and I hold sant jee very high in my life....AKaal hi Akaaal. LINK CLICK HERE
  4. fateh jaspaul veer jee, ਕਰਿ ਗਵਨੁ ਬਸੁਧਾ ਤੀਰਥਹ ਮਜਨੁ ਮਿਲਨ ਕਉ ਨਿਰੰਜਨਾ ॥ wandering all over the earth and bathing at sacred shrines of pilgrimage, people seek to meet the Pure Lord. Guru Mahraaj is saying that people wander all over the places and try to meet Lord. Some go teerath isnaan, some go to jungles and wander in jungles. Some do something else to meet the Lord. ਮਾਨੁਖ ਬਨੁ ਤਿਨੁ ਪਸੂ ਪੰਖੀ ਸਗਲ ਤੁਝਹਿ ਅਰਾਧਤੇ ॥ Mortals, forests, blades of grass, animals and birds all meditate on You (Waheguru). Human wandering in jungles to meet Waheguru is same as all animals, birds and plant life in jungles existing there. Guru Sahib is saying that wandering in jungles is useless. Faridaa Jungle Jungle Kiaa Bhaveh Vun Kandaa Morheh Vasee Rub Heealeeai Jungle Kiaa Dhoodayh Faridaa, what is use of wandering in jungles? Lord Almighty is within, what are you looking for in jungle? ਦਇਆਲ ਲਾਲ ਗੋਬਿੰਦ ਨਾਨਕ ਮਿਲੁ ਸਾਧਸੰਗਤਿ ਹੋਇ ਗਤੇ ॥੧॥ The Merciful Beloved Lord, the Lord of the Universe is found; O Nanak, joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, salvation is attained. ||1|| Company of saad sangat means company of Guru's gyan which is Gurbani. When a person understands and lives Gurbani, person understands that wandering in jungles is useless. Above quote doesn't indicate anywhere that animals, plant life or birds can do aradhnaa of Waheguru. Bhagat Kabir says how can a bull meditate on God? chaar paav dhue si(n)g gu(n)g mukh thab kaisae gun geehai || With four feet, two horns and a mute mouth, how could you sing the Praises of the Lord? oot(h)ath bait(h)ath t(h)aegaa parihai thab kath moodd lukeehai ||1|| Standing up and sitting down, the stick shall still fall on you, so where will you hide your head? ||1|| har bin bail biraanae hueehai || Without the Lord, you are like a stray ox; faattae naakan ttoottae kaadhhan kodho ko bhus kheehai ||1|| rehaao || with your nose torn, and your shoulders injured, you shall have only the straw of coarse grain to eat. ||1||Pause|| saaro dhin ddolath ban meheeaa ajahu n paett agheehai || All day long, you shall wander in the forest, and even then, your belly will not be full. jan bhagathan ko keho n maano keeou apano peehai ||2|| You did not follow the advice of the humble devotees, and so you shall obtain the fruits of your actions. ||2||
  5. Low opinions on animals? hahaha this is jokes brother, SGPC workers who are humans stay at darbar sahib 24/7 but didn't have positive energy build up and you want animals to have positive energy?hahahaha this is jokes. prithi chand was brother of Guru Arjan and read bani no positive energy built in him. i am not being ignorant just stating the TRUTH. reading gurbani without understanding and implementation has no benefit gurbani says so itself.. Sevak Sikh Poojan Sabh Aavhe Gaavhe Har Har Outam Baanee Gaaveaa Sunneaa Tin Kaa Thaae Paavai Jin Satgur Kee Aageaa Sat Sat Kar Maanee Follower Sikhs all come to worship and sing glorious praises of the lord only that person's singing and hearing is fruitful, the one who follows commands of Guru by accepting them as truthful guru nanak dev di jai ho...jai ho...jai ho
  6. Lets talk about Akaal Purakhs limits.... can god make a mountain which he can't even lift?....about that bull holding the earth?you are wrong science didnt prove that... GURU NANAK DEV JEE MAHARAJ proved it wrong. Guru Nanak dev jee said earth is standing on bull then what is bull standing on?science just gave evidence nothing else. of course universe is much bigger than we can see because universe is huge not because we can't see it. so if there is ghost we must be able to see it unless you mean ghost = people stuck in maaya e.g. k p gill, p k badal. how can animal feel bliss????????????? bliss comes from Gurbani by understanding it... how animals or plants follow Guru's teachings perfectly? Sevak Sikh Poojan Sabh Aavhe Gaavhe Har Har Outam Baanee Gaaveaa Sunneaa Tin Kaa Thaae Paavai Jin Satgur Kee Aageaa Sat Sat Kar Maanee Follower Sikhs all come to worship and sing glorious praises of the lord only that person's singing and hearing is fruitful, the one who follows commands of Guru by accepting them as truthful how will animal know what gurbani is?what guru is?what dharam is?what rehat is? even punjabis have trouble understanding Gurbani forget about the animals. this topic should explain that gurbaani is only for humans, just for humans.
  7. veer its going somewhere its going towards right direction just read each post you will know....why close this topic?no one slandered anyone, non one is messing with panthic issues just doing veechar on gurbaani.
  8. gaj ko thraas mittiou jih simarath thum kaahae bisaraavo |1| guj = kaamee birtee = sexual desire traas = dukh = pain (mahan kosh) mitteyo = removed jeh Simrat = by remembering whom tum kaahay bsraavao = why do you forget such Lord? By remembring whom pain of sexual desire is removed. why do you forget such Lord Almighty? Bal Shutkeo Bandan Pray Kashoo Na Hoat Upaaye Strength is lost and bondage is placed. there is nothing that can be achieved Kaho Nanak Ab Oat Har Guj Jeo Hoh Sahaaye Ab = now Oat = protection Har = Waheguru Guj = kaam Jeo = being Kaho Nanak Ab Oat Har Guj Jeo Hoh Sahaaye Now, Oh Lord! Grant me protecton from kaam by being merciful.
  9. ohh prava ja sofay teh beh ja keh.....Why dont you first bring sikhi to those who left sikhi in the first place? like kids these days who were born in sikh families but are cutting hair and smoking and akaal knows what else they do....so forget about preaching it o your gawandi instead preach to your brothers and sisters like me....start off with me. I totally agree with you but we need to take a more proactive approach in spreading Sikhi. We live in a modern world why not expose are neighbors and others we come in contact with to Sikhi. Its a common misconception that Sikhism is not a missionary religion. We have had missionaries since the beginning of the panth. One of the first is Bhai Gurdas Ji and the 19th century Singh Sabha Movement all were missionary. They spread the faith to any one that was a seeker of truth.
  10. I challenge Guru Arjan dev jee which is not true and evil thought of your evil mind. You don't understand Gurbani and say others are questioning Guru Arjan dev jee? Only thing being questioned is your own belief. If you think you are Guru Arjan dev jee, we can put you in same category as soda baba. However, truth is that you are challenging quote of Guru Granth Sahib Ji by saying just 1 tuk. What you mean by just one tukh? Even one letter of Gurbani is dear to sikh but no you dared to belittle whole line by saying just 1 tukh. Also, as for the quote you posted, proper aarths are done in this thread. Go through it. If English is hard to comprehend, I can posts aarths in Punjabi. People like you don't love Gurbani, don't understand Gurbani but have ego to say others are questioning Guru Arjan dev jee. How do you know Guru Arjan dev jee is questioned? Did I say that tukh is wrong? If I didn't then why do you make junk out of frustration? Just because your narrow minded sikhitothemax, copy paste aarths are being proven wrong? So doing proper translations of Gurbani to educate others is questioning Gurbani now? Do you know what questioning means?Explanation doesn't mean question by the way. Check any dictionary It is opposite to question. Also, by making text large in quotes doesn't mean you know tukh meaning inside out. Also,What do you mean by shardaa? What is definition of shardaa based on Gurbani?Shardaa doesn't mean faith. It means wish. Sikh doesn't need to wish anything. Guru is our everything. We don't have any wishes because we have Guru. Some people wish to see ghosts, some wish to love maaya, some wish to wait until end to remember waheguru.Gurbani says Shardaa Man Kee Poorai clear indication that shrdaa means wish... how a pathar will get across when pathar doesn't understand Gurbani?Gurbani says Gur Bin Mukat Na how will pathar take Guru.....will pathar have to take khanday kee pahul?sant baba have started reading Gurbani to sugar cane what is next? Amrit and kirpaans for rocks, sugarcane, animals, etc.? SIKH SANGAT IK BENTI HAIGI......ANYONE WHO WANTS ME TO SHOW JANTAR MANTAR OR GHOSTS(BHOOTH PRETH) PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I WILL PROVE IT WRONG...I CHALLENGE ANY AATMA/BHOOTH/PRETH/JANTAR MANTAR TO COME MY WAY AND I WILL SHOW THEM WHAT I AM MADE OF? I AM SERIOUS SANGAT JEE I CHALLENGE MASTERS OF BHOOTH PRETHS TO SHOW ME A BHOOTH ATLEAST? If you mean bhooth preths like KPS GILL then I agree he is a bhooth.
  11. Bibi I have used Gurbaani as my back up to translate that tuk and what have you used other then reading translations online and copying and pasting? But I will do arths for the tuks that involve the word ghost in it because I don't want to go through every tuk and do arths, I am studying for my finals as well hehe. Translation above is wrong from whatever website you got it from. Guru Sahib doesn't say anywhere that there is ghost after death Guru Ji uses the word Kahesan meaning that it is said that soul becomes bhoot after death. It doesn't mean Guru Ji believed this philosophy of ghosts Guru Ji says it is said which means Kahesan . Calling a ghost is different from being a ghost. label is different from reality doesn't mean there is ghost. sauda baba claims to be guru doesn't mean he is guru. same way someone calling someone a ghost doesn't mean that being in ghost. first of all does it mean we can think whatever we want before and just remember Waheguru before death? does it mean being a prositute is a lifeform and not an action?there are many women that go into prostitution temporarily so that translation is not accurate. Bibi like I said I am busy with finals or I would do arths for this shabad because this shabad requires alot of time which I lack at the moment or I would've done arths of it.
  12. pjs veer jee I dont care what you write or say but I do love your kundiya mucha haha I am working on mine might take another year and half to get them kundiya but yeh keep it up....Buraaaah...P.S. Debates are good to clear things up man no worries doing arths is fun, makes your mind strong and your mucha kundiya as well.
  13. Cool water, talking to you is like talking to a wall. I said give me gurbaani tuks where it says guru jee was given shade by a COBRA not a passage that I have been reading since 2nd grade in my divinity class. If guru jee and cobra were the only two things then who recorded this miracle because I am sure mardana wasnt there and nor were you...you think I am still in 2nd grade that I will look at the painting and read that small passage? you know SANTOKH SINGH said the snake was actually white but in your picture it shows a black snake hahaha Gurbaani says souls travel through different lives then how would a snake know what he was in his previous life. Gurbaani says no one know where being came from and where it is heading. Do you know what were you in your last life?Anyone can hear gurbaani but its about understanding it and not just hearing it.....Also snakes dont have ears...haha
  14. The shabad you mentioned MAIN BANJARAN RAAM KI is a long shabad and takes a while to understand it deeply. Remember gurbaani does alot of comparisons to make it easy for us to understand but people take it in a literal sense. I've read the shabad and its pretty long to be explained properly. But for right now I will do my best. The shabad draws comparison of the devotion of the animals which doesnt mean that animals listen to gurbaani or jaap naam. for example koel loves mango so we should love waheguroo like koel loves mango. Deer loves grass and other vegetables in jungle and a deer cant live without it so we as humans should not go without waheguroo, doesnt mean deer gets mukkat by eating grass. Bibi you have done arths wrong for this tuk...samud shah sultan girha sethi mal dhan keree tul na howae je tis manoh na visreh This tuk really means wealth, emeperors, kings, etc. have no meaning for those devotees of waheguru who don't forget Waheguru. because these things are worldly to them and have no significance thus being like an ant.. Plus what does the existence of ghosts have to do with gurmat?are you getting more people on here into veham bharams or you want to take these things out?I have described what a ghost is as per Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I don't care what someone else defines the word ghost as. I will define it as defined in Guru Granth Sahib JI. Guru Granth Sahib Ji describes ghost as Maaya Moh Preth Hai Kaam Krodh Hnkaaraa.DO YOU AGREE WITH SGGS JEE?
  15. Bhagat Kabeer jee said it doesnt matter to him if his dead body was burned, buried or thrown in the river.... Jay Mirtak Kao Chandan Charravai Ous Tay Kahahu Kaval Fll Paavai Jay Mirtak Kao Bistaa Maahe Rulaaee Taa Mirtak Kaa Keaa Ghut Jaaee|| 3|| some of the reasons we burn bodies cuz its good for the environment and takes up no space...dont forget cremation was way before religion came to existence in india....so I am glad Sikhs kept it alive...well you are probably stepping on kesh right now in your house...because hair fall regardless the length of it..so make sure where you step in your house and try to collect all the hair in your house and do sanskaar with alot of ghee..?theek a hair of an amritdhari singh contain amrit in it, 5 singh put amrit in kesh while amrit sanchar. how is it respectful to throw ur hair in garbage? whats wrong with burning them? u think its ritual then why the dead bodies are burned? why u juz dnt threw them in rivers? if u cant do efforts for collection ur hair and cant bear the bad smell then dont feel very happy. u think desi ghee got wasted on hair? why people waste om dead bodies? u r forgetting that we r sons of shahe shahen shah guru gobind singh ji, we r royal coz we belong to royal family. i wud suggest to buy sandal wood and burn hair with that with more desi ghee. when guru gobind singh je went to see shaheed singhs in battlefield, he removed his pavittar charana da joda only because he dnt wanted to walk over from kesh of singh with his jode. this shows us how to respect kesh.
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