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  1. does he actually travel with the field hockey team,
  2. governments label people terrorists, because its usually in their best interest to do so, its odd, the american soldiers that fight in iraq are called heros, but the individuals that fight for iraq against american soldiers are called terrorists, the US government has catorgrized all the fighters as terrorists,
  3. btw, we should continue this on the last forum,
  4. Khalsa4ever, answer this, jesus was son of god (a division of god), and god takes up a human form, we as sikhs don't believe god takes up a human form, so how can we say he was, guru also warned us about fakes, sant ji said, a muslim should be a good muslim, a hindu should be a good hindu, and a sikh should be a great sikh, so as far as a sikh is concerned, jesus is not relevant,
  5. if sikhs want to stop bollywood from portraying sikhs as idoits, then maybe they should stop watching them, and supporting bollywood,
  6. looks like all of you are blaming this on a few sikh, who started the violence, instead of staying united, and standing up to the media, and all the anti-sikh people, it's seems that some of you feel that everyone is justified in attacking sikh, after a few sikhs started some violence, pretty sad,
  7. hey, ADMIN, how come my last post was delated Admin Note: Because you write in such a way that presumes the guilt of these two INNOCENT men. Your way of writing is very deceptive, and not only JUSTIFIES the atrocity but also lays blame on the two gursikhs on trial. Anyone who considers such behavior acceptable is someone we do not want posting on our board and therefore giving Sikhs a bad name. Consider this a warning for now.
  8. no guru talking about jesus (the one and only son of god), i haven't heard of a saint ever mention him, its only moderates who go around talking about him,
  9. SGGS, what if average joe, claimed to be a prophet, do you eat during the month of ramodian, then why do you celebrate jesus christ's birthday, btw, haven't we already talked about this,
  10. what are you talking about, theres no proof for sikhs he was sent by waheguru,
  11. hey guys, maybe all this is just a lesson, not to judge anyone after watching the news, :T:
  12. i would disagree with you AK-47, what the muslims have gone though and still do in the world, is of a much higher scale then what is going on for sikhs, btw, so many sikhs are targeted only because they are confused and thought to be muslims,
  13. and just to add to what paul_84 said, who are we to say they're any less of sikhs, waheguru, knows more then the courts will ever,
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